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About New Akhmim

The Egyptian government is interested in Upper Egypt during the current period, in order to attract more investment for this region, create new job opportunities, and build urban communities absorb the population growth, such as New Aswan.

New Akhmim was established with Decree No. 195 of 2000 of the President of the Republic to be a window for Sohag. After that, the planning of the city was edited with Decree No. 1923 of 2015 of ministerial decision. The decision defined the borders of the city which is located at the eastern side of Nile River, at the south-east of Akhmim and from the north-west there is Al Nezyza Valley and St. George Grec Monastery.

It is 2 km away from the Nile River from the middle and south west, and the north-west border is 1 km away from the River.

The governor of Sohag has confirmed that Akhmim is the second new city to be established in the governorate. Also, It is one of the third generation cities that was built with the aim of getting out of the narrow valley area (Nile Valley), facing rising apartment prices, and creating more investment opportunities in the province.

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City Planning

The city has 3 entrances, as following:

  • The north-east entrance: It connects the city with Sohag-Red Sea road, 5.4 Km approx.
  • The north-west entrance: It connects the city with Sohag-Red Sea road, 3.5 Km approx.
  • The south-west entrance: It connects the city with Sohag-Naga Hammadi road, 3.2 Km approx. It is currently under maintenance as there is part of it overlaps with the state property.

The city location is featured with:

  • Near to both of Sohag and Akhmim cities
  • Near to the Industrial Zone of Al Kawther district
  • Near to Sohag-Red Sea road
  • There is an industrial zone to create jobs for the young in it

Housing Sector at the New Akhmim

The Ministry of Housing is interested in New Akhmim as it is an attractive city for the labor force in order to meet the needs of the industrial zone in Al Kawthar district and eliminate unemployment. Therefore, the ministry has allocated 1,632 apartments (68 buildings) in the social housing project in New Akhmim with an area of 90 m2 for the apartment, at a cost of EGP 240 million. The implementation rate is about 70% and is expected to be delivered by the end of 2019.

In addition, 40 buildings were constructed with a total of 8,00 social housing apartments Nut Model (El Bondoq model), for rent. It also offered 270 plots of land for social housing. The average price per meter in New Akhmim is EGP 660.

Services at the City

New Akhmim includes all the services that make it an integrated city. The following are some services that are under implementation:

  • Two medical units
  • A primary school on an area of 6,700 m2, with an estimated cost of EGP 15 million
  • Commercial Market
  • Police and Fire station
  • Triple Stadium
  • Quintet Stadium
  • An administrative commercial building to serve the social housing project (63 buildings) in the 55-feddan area.
  • A high institute for information systems and accounting has been allocated about 8,300 m2
  • Drinking water networks with a length of about 37 Kms
  • Sewage stations and networks with a length of 29.57 Kms
  • Irrigation networks with a length of 19.6 Kms
  • Modeled roads with a length of 70 Kms
  • Resurfacing the ring road at a cost of EGP 7.5 million
  • Resurfacing the north-west entrance of the city at a cost of EGP 12.6 million
  • Main telephone network

Breaking News about the City

  • Engineer Hossam Fathi, Secretary of the Head of Development Authority of New Akhmim, said that: “Electricity projects of the first phase facilities were completed by 85% of which cost EGP 150 million.”
  • The project of afforestation and planting the north-west entrance road is underway, at a cost of EGP 1.3 million.
  • Paving the road of the north-east entrance, at a cost of EGP 21 million, and resurfacing the areas of the social housing, at a cost of EGP 8.9 million.
  • Operating the networks of drinking water and sanitation with length of 19.4 Kms, at a cost of EGP 13.5 million.
  • In addition, lightening the north-west entrance of the city at a cost of EGP 3.5 million.
  • Work is still underway in New Akhmim, and with the accelerated pace of work, the first phase is expected to be completed quickly.”


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