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Brief information about New Sohag

In this article, we introduce  New Sohag City to you. Modern economy depends on gathering a large number of investment opportunities in one place; by establishing new cities or what can be called a complex of huge and different investments. Egypt has founded a number of third generation cities; like New Cairo, The New Administrative Capital, and New Aswan; which are supposed to accommodate the increasing urban sprawl on agricultural areas and offer job opportunities for residents.

New Sohag City is characterized by its strategic location; as it’s considered the west gate of Sohag governorate as the new city is  8 km-away from it. Presidential decree No.(196) for the year 2000 has identified the area of the city to be 30,982 feddans. The area was then decreased to be 29,516 feddans in accordance with prime minister decision No. 1623 for year 2015. After that, a forest of trees, with an area of 834.8 feddans, has been added to the new city; increasing the total area of the city, after presidential decree No. 214 for year 2016, to (30351.04) feddans. 

City’s general outline

New Sohag city is located in the heart of the strategic outline of Sohag governorate; with the help of the road networks that connect the city with old Sohag. Both are connected by a road of 8.3 km, and another road which passes in front of the city with the length of 14 km to Cairo- Aswan Desert Road.

The outline includes the old mass with an area of 2,240 feddans, north eastern expansions with an area of 1,520 feddans, and southern expansions with an area of 9,900 feddans. The city is divided into:

  • Residential areas
  • Service areas
  • Industrial zones
  • Educational facilities
  • Entertainment places

Housing sector in New Sohag City

The residential projects in the city are expected to accommodate 790,000 inhabitants in 2050, up from currently 5,000 residents. Residential projects in the city vary to include (national, social, investing, and free) housing projects. 

New Sohag encompasses 2,489 pieces of land. The government has announced its social housing project in the city, in May  2015, for apartments with an area of 90 M2. So far, 20,359 residential units have been constructed in different types of housing; other than investment projects, at a cost close to EGP 1,000,000,000, among them are:

  • Executing 7,296 social housing units in 3,00 residential buildings
  • Constructing 486 national housing units
  • Implementing 686 free housing units

There are a number of apartments available for immediate housing, including about 5,050 social housing units, 2,507 for Ebny betak project (for which 152 pieces of land are allocated), 1036 family housing units, 301 economic housing units, 276 upper-middle housing units, 270 condominium housing units, 6805 Iskan Misr housing project units, and 1,389 high-class housing units (for which 196 pieces of land are allocated);  with a total number of 10,268 vacant units.

Services sector in the city

The most significant privilege of third-generation cities is the availability of a comprehensive system of services; as the government works on providing them with all the requirements of electricity, gas, sewage, water, roads, and others.

The city encloses 48 service buildings; 45 of them have already been executed; some of them are:

  • Commercial markets
  • Mosque
  • Children’s club
  • Sporting clubs 
  • Police station and fire units
  • Nurseries and elementary schools
  • Medical units
  • Large garden

Transportation networks in New Sohag City

There are a number of buses to transport citizens outside the city, in addition to numerous minibusses and buses for transporting citizens inside the city.

Water utilities in New Sohag City

Water pipelines have been installed with the length of 183 km, and the city is provided by 6,400 cubic meters/day. In addition, a 200-millimeter line was constructed from the Balfoura surface plant to transport 2,000 cubic meters/ day of potable water to the city. The purification plant was commissioned with a capacity of 35,000 cubic meters/day as a first stage.

Sewage system in New Sohag City

145 Km Sewage networks have been executed. Due to the lack of a sewage system, a 4800 m3/day sewage lifting station and a sewage drain station were implemented to meet the needs of the population.  Irrigation networks have been also executed with a length of 15 km. 

Electricity services 

Electricity networks have been executed with a length of 788 km.

Communication services 

3,491 main and secondary civil lines, 2,219 main civil lines, and 2,469 civil lines have been installed. 

Roads in New Sohag City

Road networks, of a length of 147 km, have been constructed. 

Cultivation and gardens in New Sohag

  • 15 feddans are allocated for landscaping. 
  • Establishing islands and some city’s main axises with a length of about 25 km.
  • A garden for national housing, and a garden separating between Ebny Betak project and the Young Investor project; with total areas of 5.25 feddans.
  • A garden for national housing, and a garden separating between Ebny Betak project and the Young Investor project; with total areas of 5.25 feddans.

Hospitals in New Sohag

 Major hospitals are being constructed, among them are:

  • Hospital of Sohag University on an area of 8,000 M2, at a cost of more than EGP 500,000,000.
  • Orman Hospital on an area of 6 feddans, at a cost of LE 712,000,000.
  • Children Cancer Hospital.

Level of investment in the city

City investments* are estimated to reach EGP 3,040,000,000; which are distributed as follows:

  • EGP 2,500,000,000 are allocated for Utilities 
  • EGP 430,900,000 are accounted for Services.
  • EGP 1,100,000,000  are allocated for cultivation.

New free investment zone in the city

The total number of industrial lands is 307 pieces; with an area average of 500 M2 for each piece; 303 pieces of them have been allocated; 265 of which have been licensed, and 25 factories of them have already been operated. 

* It is worth mentioning that real estate prices are always changing, and we are keen to update the price list of neighborhoods to keep the consumer informed about the changes in the real estate market. The prices mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019. We also measure the demand indicators through Aqarmap index.

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