Know More about New Cairo and Its Most Important Shopping Malls

The best commercial pleaces for shopping in New Cairo

New Cairo: The City that Never Sleeps 

Commercial places in New Cairo are considered among the best places for shopping in Cairo in general. However, it is considered as one of the best new urban, cultural, social, entertaining, sporting and commercial cities. 

The city is considered as a center for the upper class due to its fine housing services including luxurious and various units. 

The city has also the best compounds of the New Cairo or general services including shopping malls, places for entertaining and picnics, and many others which make New Cairo come at the top of the best shopping places in Cairo.     

Variety of Options

Shopping places are various in New Cairo; including cheap and luxurious shopping places, in addition to the districts of New Cairo which has the most important shopping centers in Egypt.

These places provide different services including restaurants and cafés which provide the best meals, desserts, and drinks. There are also entertaining places such as theatres, clubs, and entertaining games. Not to mention the largest and most luxurious commercial malls in Egypt that are located in New Cairo and all the districts of the city. 

The best commercial places for shopping

The First District in the Fifth Settlement

The First District is one of the distinguished districts in the Fifth Settlement. It is a destination for the elite class who has a desire in shopping and enjoying the commercial activities. It is characterized by having a distinctive geographic location, few steps away from Al Teseen Street and Al Chouefat Street. 

The District contains a number of commercial centers which are near the Court like Abd Alaziz markets. It is a large commercial complex providing all types of marketing activities 

Great Commercial Malls 

First Mall: It is one of the famous commercial malls in the district. It contains all types of commercial and administrative activities.  

G Out Mall: It is one of the great malls in the First District. It is located near the Gas Station and Al Farouk Mosque. 

Silver Mall: It is located near Al Hamd Mosque. It has the most famous types of supermarkets; such as Seoudi Market and a number of different health activities.    

City Plaza Mall: It is located in 17 street few steps away from Akhenaton School. It has all types of famous commercial stores. 

Al Katameya Mall: It is located near City Plaza Mall in 17 street. It has the most famous types of food and drinks shops.     

There are also a number of the other malls like Dream Mall, Dana Mall and Centre Golf Mall. All of them are located behind the New Cairo Court and they provide all types of services for the district’s residents. 

There is also “Cairo Festival City Mall” which is located in Cairo in the Fifth Settlement in the Ring Road at the Airport direction. It consists of several parts: Carrefour, IKEA, KidZania, a complex for commercial stores and a large area for restaurants. It has also a dancing fountain. 

The Second District in the New Cairo

The Second District is located between the Fist District and Al Narges 4. At its western south, the Fifth Settlement is located. The district is famous for a number of great malls; such as: (Sama Mall, Home Zone Mall, Merna Mall, Grand Plaza Mall). These great malls contain a number of household items, presents, shops, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarket, candy stores and others.

Shopping Places in New Cairo, the Third District 

The Third District is located in New Cairo, the south of the Fifth Settlement area and near Al Katameya Hights Golf Resort. 

This district is considered as one of the great districts, however, it has only one shopping mall that is Platinum Mall and located near Total Station for petroleum products and Al Masarawy Mosque. It has a number of shops, restaurants and household items. 

The Fifth District 

The Fifth District is one of the best commercial malls located in the area; including (Mercato Mall – Zena Mall). Mercato Mall is located in 44 street and it has all types of services including health, human and veterinary services. Zena Mall is located in 16 street and it has the most famous restaurants and cafés. It was designed to provides a number of great entertaining activities. 

The Banks Area 

This area is characterized by being located a few steps away from Al Teseen Al Ganouby, Al Shamaly street and Down Town Mall. This area has a number of great and famous commercial centers which contain the most famous shops and entertaining centers including Seller Star Mall, Mona Liza Mall, Mall 122, Arena Mall.       

The Extension of Al Teseen (90th Street) in New Cairo 

The extension of Al Teseen is one of the famous places in New Cairo that are frequented by individuals from different parts of the country to enjoy its great services. It has Concord Plaza Mall that is one of the largest malls in New Cairo. 

There are also different types of entertaining, commercial and sporting activities, in addition to Galleria Moon Mall in Al Teseen Al Ganouby street. It is located near Moon Mall and it has Americana Group in all its restaurants and cafés. 

There is also Hala Mall in Al Teseen Al Ganouby street and B 303 Mall; a mall containing a great number of commercial and administrative units and it is considered as a center for baby shops. 

In Al Teseen Al Shamaly street, there is Meeting Point Mall, Oscar Grand Mall, Mega Mall, Maxim Mall and Highland Mall. Maxim Mall contains the famous commercial chain “Spinneys”

Lotus District in New Cairo 

Lotus Cairo is one of the luxurious districts in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. It has a number of shopping centres which serve the compounds and the housing units located in the district; such as Lake View Plaza Mall and it is situated in Ben Zayed main axis, Mall Centro Egypt, Agora Mall and Walk City Mall. 

First Settlement in New Cairo 

It has a number of shopping centers associated with a number of housing compounds like Porto Cairo Compound which has Porto Mall where all types of shopping centers are located, in addition to Mirage Mall, Emerald Twin Plaza Mall. 

Third Settlement in New Cairo

It is one of the calm compounds in New Cairo. It has all types of housing; including economic and luxurious, it also has a number of general markets and centers for retailing. In addition, there are 2 malls (Future Mall – Mega Mall). Mega Mall is considered as one of the schooling malls which has a number of shops for school supplies. 

North Investors Area 

It has a number of malls like (Silver Mall – KEO Mall – W Mall – The Font Mall – Paradise Mall)

Diplomats and Al Koronfel District 

Clove Mall is located in Al Koronfel District and it is still under construction, however, the district has a number of luxurious shops that prove all types of commercial activities. In Diplomats, Arabella Mall is located and it is also a mall under construction. 

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