Know more about the most significant features of New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital, Egypt greater capital, has been planned to include a number of great and significant residential, financial, and governmental districts. Moreover, the new capital is characterized by significant features on which are we are about talking about.

It’s a smart city lies on 170.000 feddans, and it’s decided to be Egypt’s future capital with a number of 40.000.000 populations in 2040.

Your guide to the most significant features of New Administrative Capital 

Knowledge City in New Administrative Capital

The City of Culture and Knowledge; the largest cultural and knowledge edifice in the heart of New Administrative Capital.

On an area of almost 100 feddans, in the heart of the new capital, lies the city of culture and knowledge. This city is targeted to be a capital for art and culture in the middle east, and it has been designed to be an unprecedented architectural and cultural masterpiece.

Hence, it consists of a group of theaters, art and creativity centers, and an opera house modeled on the famous Egyptian Opera House, and it will accommodate 2000 persons.

 In addition, the city has a reception hall, excellently designed, that accommodates 2500 persons, and a small theatre with two halls with the capacity of 750 persons. 

The city also has Pocket Theatre with a capacity of 50 persons, Room Theatre, 3 largest theatres in the middle east, creativity center, recording studio, historic opera museum, and a musical and central library with the capacity of 600 persons.

The Green River; lifeline and heart of the New Capital

The Green River is the largest watercourse in the middle east. In has been especially designed for watering gardens and green areas of new capital’s all districts and compounds. 

This large river expands from the Middle Ring Road to New Cairo boundaries; starting from Al Fattah Al Al Aleem Mosque to The Regional Road. 

This river’s length, in the first stage only, is 10 km, and its second stage expands to another 25km.

The river is designed to simulate, by its flow, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and it will be enhanced, on the outskirts, by some of the rarest plants. 

A complete infrastructure shall be established for this river; one for desalination, a second one is for irrigation, and the third is for drainage. 

The river extends to Money & Business District, and its gardens extend to capital’s most important roads; Mohammed bin Zayed northern and southern axises.

There are also 6 districts overlooking the river, and it will be the breather and lifeline of New Administrative Capital’s residents. 

 New Administrative Capital’s Cathedral 

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is considered the largest cathedral in the middle east, and it has been designed with the capacity of almost more than 8ooo persons.

It consists of ground floor, nave, and a beacon with a height of 60m. The church is located in the east of Fairground in the south of capital’s central park.

The cathedral lies on 15 acres, almost 60.000M2, and it has been designed to simulate Anba Royce Cathedral in Abbassia .

 Al Fattah Al Al Aleem Mosque; the sun of New Administrative Capital 

Al Fattah Al Al Aleem Mosque in New Administrative Capital is one of capital’s architectural masterpieces. It occupies and area of 106 acres, with a hall with a capacity of 17.000 prayer, and outer precinct with the capacity of almost 8000 prayers.

Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque is characterized by its unique design that gathers between goodness of the past and future technology. Thus, it’s considered Egypt’s largest mosques. 

 The mosque has 5 main entrances for men and one for women. It has been fully equipped and designed with the most splendid and unprecedented types of international decorations. 

Al Fattah Al Aleem has 4 minarets with the height of 90m, each of them has one main and four secondary domes. The mosque has been designed on the model of Ayyubid and Fatimid architectures, and they were combined by the modern architecture art. 

The mosque includes a center for Quran inculcating on an area of 340M2, a well-stocked library on 360M2, 5 administrative offices, 3 secondary rooms, stores, and a meeting room with the capacity of 40 persons. 

The mosque has been also enhanced with a big medical center for medical and treatment services, a large library with an area of almost 400m, and a museum for divine manuscripts related to historical important and scarce codices. 

Foreign universities in New Administrative Capital

Many foreign universities have been designed in New Administrative Capital, and it will contain a number of major education centers on an area of 30 acres. 

They were also enhanced by a number of activities, like various playgrounds and services, in addition to their different designs. 

The Governmental District in New Administrative Capital 

this district includes governmental authorities and institutions, and it’s one of the new capital’s most significant features. It will include close to 18 ministries; as to which all presidential buildings, ministries, and the Egyptian Parliament shall be relocated.

Some of these ministries are: The Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Awqaf, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Military Production, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Supply and Internal Trading.

This district shall be established on an area of 1133 acres.

New Administrative Capital’s Airport

New Administrative Capital’s Airport is one of the most significant features of the new capital. It has been designed on an area of 33 km, and it is supposed to serve residents and passengers for boosting tourism, investors, businessmen, and statesmen movement.

The airport shall include a mosque and an area for public services. In addition, it has been designed using the most recent technologies of architectural engineering.

Expo City in New Administrative Capital 

Expo City is one of new capital’s significant features. This large edifice has been designed to include and accommodate all exhibitions and conferences.

Moreover, it will include hotels and showrooms with international technologies, conference center, and a reception hall with the capacity of almost 5000 persons.

The Medical and Sporting city in New Administrative Capital 

On an area of 100.000 acres, a medical and sporting city shall be established. This city has been designed at the highest level to achieve comfort and privacy.

It shall be enhanced with all comprehensive services and all types of developed equipments. It shall be built up on more than half of capital’s area to surround and completely cover the capital.

Al Massa Hotel in New Administrative Capital 

It’s capital’s largest hotel, and it’s planned to include conference hall, large mosque, luxurious mall, and a resort equipped at the highest level.

It’s worth mentioning that the hotel is going to be built up on an area of almost 10 acres.

The electric train; one of the capital’s most important new features

The Electric Train in New Administrative Capital is one of its huge projects. It shall consist of almost 11 stations to serve all capital’s residents. 

It will connect between the cities of Al Salam, Al Obour, Mostakbal, Badr, Al Shrouk, and The 10th of Ramadan. The project is decided to transport around 350.000 passengers daily. 

The Central Park “Capital Park” of New Administrative Capital 

On an area of almost 1000 acres, Capital Park has been established. It simulates New Yorks’ “Central Park”. It shall be built up on an area almost twice bigger that New York’s. The first model of the park has been built on an area of 7 acres.

It’s decided to be the green breather of all capital’s residents. In addition, it shall create a healthy atmosphere 24 hours a day in the heart of The New Capital City. 

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