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Mountain View real estate developer

Mountain View is considered one of the giant real estate companies in the region, and it is famous for its high-quality works and picturesque designs, and its most popular business in the Fifth Settlement: Mountain View 1, Mountain View 2, Mountain View City and Mountain View Katameya; and in 6th October: Mountain View Park and Mountain View Giza; In Ain Al Sokhna: Mountain View Sokhna, Mountain View Ras El Hekma.

Mountain View is one of the real estate development companies that follow international quality systems in all of its projects, and it is competing with the most powerful real estate companies locally and internationally, the company is still working on establishing a huge number of commercial, administrative and residential projects in order to include a new concept in the real estate field.

Mountain View Hyde Park compound 

Mountain View Hyde Park – Fifth Settlement is one of the finest residential compounds in Egypt, which is the perfect choice for all those who want to live in New Cairo in general, and Fifth Settlement compounds in particular. Mountain View Hyde Park is characterized by a number of major services, utilities and wonderful benefits that make it on the top of residential compounds. It is considered a high return investment project, because of its features that stand out strongly for everyone who hears this giant and wonderful project. The Mountain View project contains the latest types of architectural designs, the latest entertainment, and public services that individuals seek to live in, to facilitate the purchase of their supplies.

The compound was built by the world design experts, with the assistance of the best architectural consultants, who designed this compound according to the latest designs of architecture technology, whether in its residential units or in its entire design. The project extends over an area of ​​200 feddans, and was designed at the highest levels of modern architecture to attract all the elite and businessmen who are looking for an excellent housing, especially with the compound location in the best neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, and its unique Mountain American design in its residential units, that gives the compound a special character and provides tranquility and complete privacy.

Mountain View Hyde Park is also built through 10 phases, the first phase is built on 20 feddans, located near the largest medical, commercial, scientific and sports complex in New Cairo.

Mountain View Hyde Park – Fifth Settlement location

Mountain View Hyde Park is located in the center of the best neighborhoods in New Cairo; “Fifth Settlement”, minutes away from 90th  Street, one of the largest and most important commercial streets in Fifth Settlement, and 5 minutes away the American University, as it is easily accessible to and from it through the axis of Marshal Tantawi, the Suez road, and the ring road that connects the Great Cairo with each other; then we see that the developer’s company has chosen this site with great care, given that the site is one of the factors that attract individuals in the first place.

Units of Mountain View Hyde Park- Fifth Settlement

The compound offers a huge number of different housing units, which come with different designs and models to meet all the needs of individuals and families, as these units were surrounded by wide areas of open gardens and artificial lakes, as well as walkways away from motorways, with the aim of creating a healthy environment for all residents of the compound. The housing units allocated 20% of the total area of ​​the project, which varies between apartments, villas, Twin House, I villa and duplexes. The types of housing units are:

  • Apartments for sale in Mountain View Hyde Park, with sizes starting from 134 m2 to 275 m2.
  • Penthouse in Mountain View Hyde Park, with areas ranging from 165 m2 to 190 m2.
  • I villa, with areas ranging from 218 m2 to 324 m2.
  • Twin house, with an area of ​​372 m2.
  • Standalone villas, starting from 500 m2 to 731 m2.

Services of Mountain View Hyde Park 

The project provides a tremendous number of basic services and public facilities, which provide luxury and privacy for all residents of the compound, and for more comfort and safety, special pedestrian paths were designed throughout the compound, away from motorways. The first phase of the project is built on 20 feddans, located near one of the largest medical, commercial, scientific and sports complex in New Cairo. Among the most important of these services:

  • Sports club and playgrounds with wide areas offering all sports.
  • Swimming pools and artificial lakes built to the highest levels of purity.
  • Open gardens and landscape, surround all units to enjoy the stunning landscapes.
  • International schools for children and adults.
  • 24-hour advanced security system.
  • Commercial areas containing malls with the most famous stores, restaurants, and international cafes.
  • Entertainment areas for adults and children, and cinemas.
  • Crystal Lagoons and artificial waterfalls.
  • Areas for barbecues, exhibitions and seminars.
  • A great walkway for walking and biking away from car roads.

Payment systems in Mountain View project

Mountain View Hyde Park Compound offers a number of payment methods that suit all needs, by:

Advance payment of 10%, and the rest with installments up to 4 years.

Advance payment of 20%, and the rest with installments up to 5 years.

Advance payment of 30%, and the rest with installments up to 6 years.

Project Description

Choose your residential unit from among the many different models offered by the Mountain View Hyde Park project, located in the best locations of the Fifth settlement. Book your unit and enjoy many great features and services.

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