Features of Life Garden Complex in 6 October City

Mini Compound Life Garden in 6th of October Gardens

Life Garden Compound in October Gardens is an integrated residential project that includes residential units with a mini-compound system and has many services, in addition to that it enjoys a wonderful location in the heart of 6th of October City, providing an elegant living and social environment that includes privacy, comfort, tranquility and relaxation for all residents.

Own your apartment with a small down payment in Mini Compound Life Garden in 6th of October Gardens, an integrated residential project from Al-Najjaren Company


Details of Compound Life Garden in 6th of October from Al-Najjaren 

Najjaren Contracting and Real Estate Development Company offers a residential project at the highest level in Life Garden Compound, which is distinguished by its location in the 6th of October Gardens, minutes away from Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia and DreamLand.

The types and spaces of the residential units in the compound vary to suit the different needs and tastes of customers. The spaces of the residential units inside the compound start from 90 square meters up to 180 square meters. Units in the Life Garden compound come semi-finished (clamshells, loops, electrical connections without wires and connections Major water and drainage).

The designs of the buildings and residential units offered for sale in Life Garden Compound enjoy a modern style, and the green spaces and distinctive landscape designs add to the attractive and charming views.

Information about the Real Estate Developer of Life Garden, October Gardens

Al-Najjaren Contracting Company that developed the Compound Life Garden is an Egyptian joint stock company and one of the distinguished companies in the field of real estate. These include the Fifth Settlement, the 6th of October Gardens and Nasr City, and it has also paid attention and efforts to provide all services, including infrastructure, facilities, malls, and all the services these cities need.

Previous Work of Al-Najjaren Contracting Company

Al-Najjaren Contracting and Real Estate Investment Company always strives to provide the greatest comfort to customers and create a new concept for life in luxury, which is a principle it has adopted in all its projects, some of which include:

  1.  Life Garden October Gardens 
  2. Lavert City October Gardens
  3. Life Garden Fifth Settlement
  4. Project Nasr City


Advantages of Living in Life Garden Compound in October Gardens

One of the most prominent features of Life Garden Compound is its vast area, which enabled the owner of the project to construct many residential and service buildings and allocate many areas for green spaces and landscaped gardens, which all add charming views to the units.


Services in Life Garden October Gardens

The company that owns Life Garden has been keen to provide all services that make life more comfortable, enjoyable and safe for customers, as the compound includes a school complex, and a commercial mall that contains a number of markets, pharmacies and shops, including the most famous brands, restaurants, cafes, a cinema, and a sport, social and cultural club.

Life Garden Compound is characterized by a number of other services, including playgrounds for children to develop their mental and motor skills, modern facades in the latest style that is resistant to weather factors, marble entrances at the highest level, intercoms at the entrances for more safety, electric elevators.

an underground level for garages for every residential building, special fences for each building for more privacy, a lighting system for buildings, beautiful landscape designs that spread throughout the compound, and places designated for holding barbecue parties, and finally, a medical complex.


Location of Life Garden Compound in the 6th of October Gardens

Life Garden compound site in the 6th of October Gardens lies next to Al Ashgar compound and Zewail University, as well as next to the Montazah neighborhood, the Italian neighborhood and the Intelligence Land. It is also located minutes away from Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia and DreamLand.


Price of Units of Life Garden Complex

The prices per square meter at apartment available for sale in life garden Compound are suitable for medium and above average levels, and in addition to privacy, tranquility and enjoyment of green spaces, the compounds ensure that you have many basic and entertainment services that suffice and leave no need to leave the city. 


Payment Plans for Units in Life Garden Compound

Life Garden, the owner of the Life Garden Compound, has provided all its customers with easy payment plans to allow the possibility of owning a private unit in an integrated residential project without incurring any financial burdens.

as it is possible to own a residential unit in the Life Garden Compound by paying a down payment of 20% of the total price of the unit and the rest shall be paid in installments over 6 years.


Advantages of Living in October Gardens

The 6th of October Gardens, which covers an area of ​​about 25,000 acres, is distinguished by its important location near the Wahat Road, 35 minutes from 6th of October City, and about 20 minutes from Remaya Square, and about 40 minutes from Sheikh Zayed City. The Ring Road and Fayoum Road are the closest roads.

One of the advantages of October Gardens is the availability of apartments for sale at economic and medium prices, to suit many young people as well as many Egyptian families, as the price per square meter for units in October Gardens for the year 2019 amounts to 4,278 Egyptian pounds, and the types of units and residential properties available in October Gardens vary between: apartments, villas, and shops commercial units and land.

The October Gardens area has a large number of schools and educational facilities such as a Smart School, October Gardens, and there are also a number of shops, restaurants and cafes, such as Hadramout Restaurant, Topkapi Restaurant and others, in addition to the availability of a large number of mosques such as the Montazah Mosque and Wajih Al Sharbatli Mosque, as well as churches such as the Archbishopric of Virgin Mary and St. Mark.

One of the upsides of living in the October Gardens area is green spaces and gardens in residential projects, which reduce the chances of air pollution. The area overall is characterized by calm and it will be a suitable choice to escape from the noise and crowds.


Compounds in October Gardens 

One of the advantages of living in October Gardens is that it contains many compounds and residential projects that have different spaces and types for residential units, such as:

The Beginning of October Gardens Compound, the Treasure of October Gardens Compound, the Utopia October Gardens Compound, the Spanish Quarter Compound and the Italian Quarter Compound and others.

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