Mastro Mall by Marota Real Estate in the New Capital


Mastro Mall in New Capital


Marotta Real Estate Development Company has established the Mastro Mall project next to the most prominent compounds of the New Administrative Capital, which extends over a land area of ​​about 5350 square meters, and the mall consists of 5 floors, in addition to a ground floor, and includes shops and the construction percentage in the project is 30% of the total area of the land and is characterized by its unique design and the abundance of service facilities in it.

Location of Mastro Mall in the New Capital 


What distinguishes Mastro Mall most is its location in the promenade and entertainment area, specifically in front of Al Masa Hotel in the Downtown New Administrative Capital, which is an area designated for commercial malls only, as the promenade and entertainment area includes commercial malls, all of which consist of a ground floor and 5 repeated floors, and real estate is limited to The Downtown area has shops, restaurants, and cafes.


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Advantages of Investing in the New Administrative Capital


Many factors and advantages motivate many investors and capital owners to start their commercial activities in the New Administrative Capital, which is considered one of the largest and most famous modern areas in Egypt and extends over  ​​170,000 acres.

The types of buildings in the New Administrative Capital include commercial, residential, administrative, and medical properties, Which made it the focus of attention of investors and buyers from all over the republic and worldwide.


The New Administrative Capital includes a group of the most important landmarks such as the Green River Project, the Olympic Village, the City of Arts and Culture, the Central Park, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque. 


Background Information on the Developer of the Mastro Project


Marotta Real Estate Company: a fruitful partnership and a long experience in the field of real estate development


Marota Real Estate Development Company is the first Egyptian-Syrian partnership present in Egypt in the field of real estate development, and this partnership is between the Egyptian businessman Tarek Khalil, who has experience in the field of real estate development of up to 15 years and is specialized in building and managing commercial centers, in addition to its experience In the field of real estate development.


Available Services in the Mastro Mall Project


Mastro Mall in the Administrative Capital provides all the basic service facilities for business owners, including:

  • A privileged location in the Downtown area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital’s real estate
  • Expansive car parks covering an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters
  • 24-hour security, guarding, and CCTV cameras
  • Electric elevators that facilitate the transition between floors
  • The mall was designed by Egyptian engineer Raef Fahmy
  • . It is located near Al Masa Hotel and the Green River


Types of Units in Mastro Mall Building in the New Capital


Mastro Mall provides perfectly designed commercial shops and is equipped with all the facilities that corporate owners need. Mastro Mall in the New Administrative Capital was designed in the form of a ship, with outdoor spaces allocated to restaurants on the ground floor, and other outdoor spaces on the upper floors, designed ideally.

It also has all the facilities that entrepreneurs need, such as fire alarm systems, security systems, surveillance cameras, and car parking, along with the upscale lifestyle it offers to everyone. 

The buildings in Downtown Dubai are also one of the most famous commercial areas in the Administrative Capital, as it includes a wide variety of diverse commercial activities in various fields.


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Various Areas of Units and Modern Designs in Mastro Mall


Units in Mastro Mall are modernly designed based on the highest international building standards. The units are also provided with luxurious finishes and are surrounded by a wide variety of service and recreational facilities.


The areas of the units on the ground floor start from 36 square meters, while the spaces of the units in the repeated floors start from 47 square meters.


Advantages of Investing in A Mall


Investing in a commercial mall is one of the best types of profitable real estate investment. Where buying a store inside a mall provides you with many services and facilities that you may not find anywhere else, such as:

  •  The presence of dedicated parking, guarding services, and maintenance services available around the clock
  • Fire alarm systems
  • In addition, investing in a mall allows providing a high return on profit, where you can benefit from the commercial unit if you have your own project, or rent it and get a fixed monthly return, and in the case of renting it will be to companies and not to individuals, which means that the process will be more smooth Because companies tend to care about their image, and therefore they will take care of the property and manage it properly. In addition, most companies tend to pay the rent on time, because they do not want to lose the place.


Choosing the location of your commercial unit in the New Capital is also very important, as you have to choose a lively area that serves residential neighborhoods, schools, and universities, which is what Mastro Mall enjoys, located in one of the most important areas of the New Capital, with Inside Downtown.

Advantages of Investing in the New Administrative Capital 


The New Administrative Capital is an ideal destination for those wishing to start a new project or expand their business, as it will become a primary destination for business, tourism, and stability at the same time. They are perfect. An example of the advantages of real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital is the abundance of real estate types in it, all of which are classified as luxury properties that emulate the best international standards, in addition to the availability of a large number of properties with flexible payment systems to meet all budgets.


More Information about Downtown in the New Administrative Capital


The Downtown area in the New Capital is considered the link between the Administrative Capital and its various neighborhoods, as it is one of the most important main areas in the capital. For sale at the best prices in the Administrative Capital.

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