Monorail, the fastest means of transportation in the Administrative Capital

Do you dream of riding one of the fastest electric trains in the world? Do you think of being transported by Monorail in the  New Administrative Capital? 

You can now go to and from the Administrative Capital by this Monorail 

Monorail, the electric train, is one of the overwhelming projects that are being worked on in the new Administrative Capital to develop the transportation sector.  

The project aims at connecting the new cities to Cairo with safe and comfortable means of transportation to ensure the easy transportation to and from them, and to ensure that they are not isolated from the important areas.

Beginning and end of Monorail 

Monorail is the name suggested to the fastest electric train in Egypt. It is a heavy intensive means of transportation operating upon a suspended concrete platform.

The train works in only one direction, either in the direction of the new capital or outside it.

In fact, there is more than one Monorail; the administrative capital Monorail and 6th of October City Monorail.

The administrative capital Monorail starts from Nasr City to the new administrative capital with a length of 53 km.

And 6th of October City Monorail starts from Giza to 6th of October City with a length of about 42 km. 

Monorail stations

The line of the administrative capital Monorail consists of 22 stations:

«Stadium – Hisham Barakat – Nuri Khattab – 7th District – Zakir Hussain – Free Zone – Field Marshal Tantawi – Cairo Festival – Al Choueifat – The Air Force Hospital – Al Narges District – Muhammad Najeeb – The American University – Emaar – Al Nafoura Square – Al Barwa – the  Central Ring – Muhammad Bin Zayed – the Regional Ring – Al Massa Hotel – Ministries District – the Administrative Capital ».

While the line of 6th of October Monorail consists of 12 stations, namely:

«Bulaq (Gameat Al Dewal) – Ring Road – Mariotia – Mansourieh – Desert Road (Cairo-Alexandria) – Hyper One – Juhayna – Urban Communities Authority – Al Hosari – Dar Al Fouad – Industrial Area – Express Train.

Monorail and Nasr City    

The administrative Capital Monorail passes through many important districts to which this train gives many additional advantages, especially when it reduces the traffics in all Cairo’s districts 

The train passes near Nasr City and Al Asher bus stop, and near the airport through the two stations of the stadium and Hisham Barakat, which makes it easier for all the residents there to travel to and from the administrative capital.

Being near to Al Asher bus stop means being near to transportation to all parts of the Republic.

The free zone in Nasr City is by nature one of the vital areas in Cairo. Its importance will be increased after having a special station for the electric train which connects the new capital with the major headquarters of international companies and factories in the region.

Monorail and 5th Settlement

Monorail of the new capital will pass near one of the most important malls in the 5th settlement that is Cairo Festival Mall.

This means the importance of all the housing units located in a compound such as Cairo Festival City, Lake View, Hyde Park and Katameya Heights will be increased.

Al Narges district is one of the best and finest districts in the 5th settlement. It is one of the stations where the electric train “the Administrative Capital Monorail” stops.

This makes that all its near residential units will be the best investment for the future.

It is also one of the best places to stay there as it will be nearer to the new capital and its huge projects.

Al Choueifat district is one of the train’s stops with all its luxurious compounds.

As well as Al Teseen Street, which is considered as the most important and most famous street in the 5th Settlement. The train will pass through Al Teseen Street through the American University Station.

Can you imagine what would happen to such a region when you come near the new capital and the movements and vitality that may occur in the real estates of such this region! 


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