4 reasons to move to the New Administrative Capital

New Administrative Capital is the city of future

In this article, we will provide you with full information about the New Administrative Capital, and the top reasons why this city is considered as an ideal choice for those looking for areas that contain various services, housing, administrative malls, offices, companies, green spaces, and residential complexes away from the congestion of big cities.

Among the most important services offered by New Administrative Capital, there are:


Housing is one of the ideal services in New Administrative Capital, as it contains modern buildings, integrated services near the residential compounds, wide green spaces, installment payments and other payment methods that ease the purchase process for customers.

It also provides different segments of prices, categories and locations of residential compounds in the residential neighborhood of New Administrative Capital.

One of the advantages of housing in New Administrative Capital is that it is an appropriate opportunity to choose housing next to workplaces, companies and offices within the Capital without the need to return to Cairo, or travel to neighboring cities.


New Administrative Capital is an attractive opportunity for local or foreign economic investment, as companies, and institutions are investing in huge commercial businesses and new constructions to establish large commercial projects.

Job opportunities for youth and business owners

Projects in New Administrative Capital are a good opportunity to employ young people in the construction and engineering sector, buildings, decoration, and others, as well as attracting investors looking for areas that guarantee the success rate of projects and businesses according to the availability of labor, land, construction and flow in the purchase of housing compounds and administrative offices.

Administrative offices and corporate headquarters

Many small, medium, and large-sized enterprises have started to rent and buy offices in New Administrative Capital. The nationalities of these companies vary depending on ensuring the success rate of projects within the city, as it is considered as an attractive area for projects and businesses during the next five years, especially the companies from the Gulf and foreign market, who are interested in investing their business in new cities and projects.


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