New Al Alamein Project: A Smart Coastal City

Most young people aspire to live in an upscale and integrated services neighborhood for a better life for him and his children. What if all of this is found in a coastal city where he can spend his summer vacation, and live the rest of the year in its magical climate? This is what you will find in the New Alamein city.

The New Alamein city is one of the most important fourth-generation cities, with an area of 50,000 feddans.

The importance of the city is due to its location on the north coast, which attracts tourists and buyers who love its coastal atmosphere.

The city is located on Alexandria Matrouh International Road, at 48 km, but it is administratively within the Matrouh governorate. 

Location of the New Alamein project

The city boundaries start from Wadi Al-Natroun to Al-Dabaa, and transfer the Alexandria-Matrouh Road from Kilo 33 to Wadi Al-Natrun to be the entrance to the city.

New Alamein City distribution map

The city is divided into three segments: a tourist segment on the Mediterranean, a residential segment south of Alexandria Matrouh International Road, and a historical segment.

And it is divided into several sectors:

  • A residential sector of 10,000 housing units
  • A coastal sector that includes the hotels neighborhood, the center of the city, the distinctive residential neighborhood, the conference center, the Gardens of Al Alamein neighborhood, tourist housing, the Lake District, and the exhibition grounds
  • An urban sector of universities and a regional service center
  • The archeological area consists of an open museum, an international park, a recreational area, hotels, as well as port services

New Al Alamein Is Connected to the Cities 

Although the city was built in the desert, the developers of the project made sure to connect with the cities around it so that they would not be isolated, thereby attracting investors and buyers to them.

The cities near Al Alamein are: Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, and Cairo, so here are the common ways between them and the new Al Alamein project.

New Al Alamein is about 104 km from Alexandria to the west of Alexandria, and 116 km from the international road; it takes an hour and a half by road between the two cities.

It is also possible to take a car or Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh train which passes by Al Alamein.

New Al-Alamein City is about 359 km from Cairo, it takes 2 hours and 45 minutes through the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road to Wadi Al-Natrun to Al-Alamein, or 3 hours and 15 minutes through the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and then the new coastal road.

You can take a bus or train to Marsa Matrouh that passes by Al Alamein, or a plane from Cairo Airport to Al Alamein Airport.

The Most Important Landmarks of the New Al Alamein

Al- Alamein Towers

This project came as a supplement to 5 towers in the region, but what distinguishes them is that they are the tallest towers in the Mediterranean region, with a length of 170 meters, equivalent to 74 floors, to be the entrance to the city.

Al-Alamein towers are about 15 meters away from the other towers, the most important thing that distinguishes them from other towers is luxury. They are the city’s facade.

Each tower includes the first 5 floors of the entertainment areas. Between every twenty floors, there is a floor with a swimming pool and hanging gardens, we also find that each floor has 22 housing units.

City Corniche

Its length is 14 kilometers, i.e. its length is close to the Alexandria Corniche, which leads companies to take advantage of this wide area on the northern coast, and turn it into a paradise through several investments, the most important of which are:

  • Improving the beach area through the establishment of the yacht harbor
  • Implementation of 5 beach barriers from the eastern side
  • Paving the tourist path with a length of 7 kilometers
  • Provide garages and bike paths
  • Natural lake
  • Area for restaurants and cafes

Al Alamein Military Museum

If you want to enter the World War II atmosphere as if you were living its story, you should visit the Al Alamein Museum.

The museum is located in the archeological area near the Latin neighborhood and includes:

  • Halls for Military holdings, battle maps.
  • The open spaces are full of weapons, armored vehicles, and aircraft.
  • There are murals at the museum hall narrating war stories in detail, carved pictures of army commanders, figures of commanders and soldiers, as well as their possessions.

The Most Important Neighborhoods of New Al Alamein

The number of neighborhoods of the new Al Alamein project is 14 neighborhoods, and the types of housing vary between social, middle and distinguished, to include all Egyptians, and among the most important neighborhoods of the city:

Latin neighborhood

The Latin neighborhood is located on an area of 450 acres near Heritage City, Colleges Complex, and Theaters. It is designed on the feature of ancient Alexandria, as its style is taken from the ancient Greek and Roman designs, hence its name.

The neighborhood includes 12,000 housing units, with areas ranging from 100 square meters to 185 square meters, and buildings not exceeding 8 floors.

It includes many service facilities, the most important of which are: hospitals, mosques, a huge library equivalent to the Library of Alexandria, a hotel zone that will compete with Dubai hotels, a mosque, and a church.

Western towers

The number of the towers is 15, and each of them is planned for a height of 41 floors, so far the 26th floor of most of the towers has been completed; due to the increasing buyers’ demand for the towers area, the developers started to prepare for the construction of 10 new towers.

The unit’s area ranges between 90 square meters to 350 square meters, at prices up to EGP 48,000, after it was EGP 33,000 pounds; due to the demand of buyers on it, most units overlook the sea.

The companies developing the project

The Arab Contractors – Hassan Allam Sons – Orascom – City Edge – Holding Company – SIAC.

The hotels neighborhood «Lake Al Alamein»

The neighborhood is located in the coastal sector on an area of 296 feddans, containing 15,500 hotel rooms.

Services available in the neighborhood: the commercial services represented in (sports clubs, commercial centers, and an entertainment city consisting of exhibitions, nightclubs and theaters), and a medical city includes hospitals with all specialties, clinics, and exhibition grounds.

Down town

It includes 40 buildings, equivalent to 1320 housing units, so far 15 buildings have been completed.

Townhouse areas vary from 90 square meters to 300 square meters, with a price of one meter reaching EGP 19,000.

Developers of the New Al Alamein city 

  • The Armed Forces Engineering Authority: responsible for implementing the city’s full facilities, including infrastructure, sewage, power grids, and water stations.
  • The Arab Contractors: they are assigned the coastal road project in the west of the city, which consists of five driving lanes and two service lanes south of the city.
  • As for the commercial center in the city, 5 major companies participate in it, namely: Arab Contractors, Samco, Orascom, Siac, and Hassan Allam’s sons
  • As for social housing units, the Ministry of Housing and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces participate in it
  • City Edge, developer of The Gate, North Edge commercially important towers, and Mazarin Compound

New Al Alamein Project: North Coast Paradise

We find that the New Al Alamein city is similar to the administrative capital in that it is a distinctly integrated city with services and facilities; it is one of the fourth generation cities and is considered to be one of the smart cities that rely on modern technology in all its projects.

The Most Important New Services of Al Alamein

Recreational services

  • It has vast green areas to maintain the purity of the atmosphere and improve the mood of its residents
  • It includes beachside entertainment areas, international restaurants, and cafes, as well as all-inclusive international shopping centers
  • There is a gym, spa and beauty centers for women
  • Sports clubs and a theme park

Cultural services

  • It has a 190-feddans arts and culture city, with cinemas, theaters and an opera house
  • It has a luxurious library equivalent to the Library of Alexandria
  • Al-Alamein Narrator Museum of the city’s history

Health Services

  • It includes clinics and hospitals with all specialties, pharmacies, as well as a medical center for physiotherapy

Tourist services

To properly use its coastal position in developing investments and attracting tourists, the developing companies started several projects, the most important of which are:

  • A tourist walkway about the length of the Alexandria Corniche
  • Handball, tennis, and soccer fields

Religious services

  • It includes a huge mosque and a huge church

Educational services

There are international schools, and universities such as Al Alamein University of Science and Technology, and the Arab Academy for Technology and Maritime Transport

Residential services

  • It has a variety of spaces and favorable prices for all classes
  • It has social housing projects and unique housing projects, totaling 5,000 housing units
  • There are 15,500 serviced apartments in the Hotels neighborhood
  • It has 4,500 units of beach towers
  • In addition to the 1320 housing units in the center of the city

Public utility

  • Drinking water production plant with condensation technology
  • Orascom Sewage Station
  • High-speed train to connect the city with the city of October 6

The Most Important Compounds in the new Al Alamein project

Mazarin Compound

It is located west of the North Coast on an area of 72 feddans at km 107 Alexandria Matrouh Road, about two hours away from Cairo and Marsa Matrouh by road, and about an hour and a quarter away from Alexandria.

Mazarin Village

We find that Mazarin Village has an area of about 706 feddans, meaning that about 20% of the village area is for the compound and the rest of the area is for water bodies such as artificial lakes and what similar to it and for green areas.

So that the residents enjoy the fresh air and charming nature.

We find that City Edge designed the U-shaped compound so that all the units directly overlook on the sea.

Mazarin: Redefining Welfare 

We find that next to the integrated services, it overlooks the sea directly with a length of 635 meters, to become the first compound on the Mediterranean coast.

The presence of the opera house, museums, conference hall and cultural center.

As for luxury, it is full-fledged with an entertainment area for children, spa, gym, health club, water games, international restaurants, and luxury hotels with distinguished services.

Services of Mazarin Compound

The presence of commercial areas such as supermarkets, malls, and grocery stores.

  • International schools and hospitals for all disciplines
  • A long walkway for all ages, along with a security guard, and a track and bike track
  • A different feature of the compound is that it collects waste in a healthy way
  • Surrounding the compound with a fence and monitoring all places to keep the residents safe
  • Provide elevators for each building

Types of Units in Mazarin Compound

One of the advantages of the compound is the small number of units and their wide areas, There are 296 units only. Units vary between chalets, villas, and Twin House. Here are the unit spaces:

  • The area of the villas starts from 360 square meters to 576 square meters
  • As for the duplex villas, they start from 324 square meters
  • The chalets start from 165 square meters
  • As for the apartments, they start from 136 square meters, the buildings consist of only four floors and one elevator

Prices of Units and Payment Systems

  • Meter prices in the compound are suitable for distinguished services, along with easy payment methods, long-term installments, and units receipt after 3 years of signing the contract
  • The price of the villa starts from EGP 9,000,000
  • Twin house starts from EGP 6,500,000 to EGP 8,500,000
  • Ground Chalet starts from EGP 5,400,000 pounds to EGP 6,400,000
  • The upper chalet starts from EGP 5,200,000 to EGP 6,600,000

Downtown compound

It is located in the center of the city, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is in addition to its proximity to important cities; it is located at a distance of 107 km from Alexandria Governorate, and away from Cairo by a distance of 261 km, from Marsa Matrouh by a distance of 184 km, and from Al Alamein Airport by a distance of 54 km.

 Besides, it is located near Al Alamein Gardens, the archeological area, Al Massa Hotel, the Palace of Culture and the Council of Ministers, which makes the compound a vital location that attracts both investors and tourists.

The developer divided the compound into residential units, commercial centers, entertainment areas and gardens on an area of 31 Feddans.

Downtown: A Full-Service City

  • The residential units feature sophisticated designs, equipped with central air conditioning, private garages, elevators, escalators and Wi-Fi, along with maintenance services throughout the day
  • Major shopping centers with everything the home needs of food commodities, home appliances, and clothes
  • Outstanding restaurants and cafes, as well as outdoor venues for parties and birthdays
  • Sports clubs with the latest equipment and skilled trainers
  • Wedding halls and conference centers
  • Gym and spa for all sports fans
  • International beauty centers
  • Amusement parks and gardens for children
  • The distinct infrastructure of electricity generators, drinking water network, and sewage network
  • Hospitals equipped with the latest equipment and the most qualified doctors, clinics and pharmacies, in addition to the Physiotherapy Hospital
  • To increase the security in the compound, surveillance cameras are available in all streets, even in garages, in addition to the security of the compound 24 hours a day

As for the vast areas, they were used to provide excellent green spaces to purify the city’s air, in addition to swimming pools for women and children, artificial lakes for swimming, and yacht rides.

Types of Units and Their Areas

  • We find that the compound is designed with a system, as each building contains 8 floors in addition to the roof, and each floor includes 4 housing units, two penthouses, in addition to two garages for each building
  • The penthouse area ranges from 322 square meters to 330 square meters
  • The area of two-bedroom apartments ranges from 157 square meters to 166 square meters
  • As for the apartments consisting of 3 rooms, its area is 178 square meters up to 185 square meters

Prices and Payment Systems

City Edge offers the best unit prices, with a meter price starting from EGP 18,000, which is convenient for city services.

The company provides easy payment and installment systems, which stimulate investment in it, where you can pay 5% of the unit price, and install the remainder of the amount over 7 years.

Developing New El Alamein Compounds Company Profile

City Edge is one of the most promising real estate companies recently, though it has earned the trust of customers by completing the projects assigned to them in record time and in high quality.

City Edge was established in 2017, in partnership with 3 groups of leading real estate developers in Egypt, namely:

  • New Urban Communities Authority with percent 60%
  • Housing and Development Bank with percent 38%
  • The Holding Company for Investment and Urban Development with percent 20%

This union added to the company strength, and earned it the confidence of buyers, which affected its projects positively, and achieved great success.

Previous Works of this Company:

  • Barouk City compound in the administrative capital
  • Zahia Towers project in New Mansoura
  • Etapa compound in Sheikh Zayed
  • The Gate Towers
  • North Edge commercial towers
  • Mazarin Village in New Alamein

* It is worth mentioning that the unit prices in the new Al Alamein project in the article are subject to change, and we are keen on Aqarmap to constantly update the neighborhood price list so that the consumer is always aware of the latest updates in the real estate market, as well as we measure demand indicators via the Aqarmap index.

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