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OPAL Business Complex Mall represents a great investment opportunity for all those wishing to invest in the guaranteed profits in the New Administrative Capital, as it combines all the elements of success, whether in terms of location, services, division and design.


Rekaz Developments Company established OPAL Mall on an area of ​​4,000 square meters, with only 30% of the total area built, equivalent to about 1,450 square meters.


The OPAL project building consists of a ground floor and 10 other recurring floors, the first and second floors are designated for commercial activities, and it rises by ten floors in the form of two separate buildings. One of them is for the administrative units and the second for the medical units for sales in the opal mall, each of them has its own entrance, with a total of 220 units.


Many Advantages of OPAL Project in the New Administrative Capital


Rekaz Developments Company was keen to make its first project in the New Administrative Capital distinguished in all its details, whether in terms of location, view, design, diversity and internal services for it, down to spaces, prices it’s offer the best price for properties  in the New Administrative Capital, and even payment methods.


The company has chosen MU 23 to be a location for its project on the el-aml axis and next to the most important landmarks of the New Administrative Capital, a service area serving 50,000 housing units around it in many residential neighborhoods such as the third residential neighborhood R3 and the first residential neighborhood R1.


Design of OPAL Business Complex


OPAL Business Complex also features a meticulous design; although it contains commercial, administrative, and medical units at the same time. However, you feel as if each type of unit is completely separate from the other. The ground, first, and second floors are designated for service and commercial activities. The third to ninth roles are for administrative and medical units, with the administrative  for sales in OPAL Business Complex and medical units separated each as an entrance especially with different elevators and facilities from the other, with the last floor (the roof) being allocated for services, entertainment activities and restaurants such as the ground floor.


OPAL Mall is also known to be the highest building in the region with a height of 10 floors, so the one coming to the New Administrative Capital from the entrance to the Axis of Hope can easily see it, and the first areas will be inaugurated in the New Administrative Capital, which gives the project great importance and a higher value as a guaranteed investment.


An Ideal Working Environment in OPAL Mall

OPAL Mall provides an ideal work environment, whether administrative, medical or even commercial for sales in OPAL mall new capital. It provides each activity with every factor it needs to fully function. The mall is designed in a way where commercial units will ensure a permanent flow of visitors; as the project is located between the largest residential neighborhoods and next to the Canadian University and at the entrance to the New Administrative Capital, which means more visitors who want to shop, eat, and have fun.


As for the administrative and medical units, each one of them was assigned private entrance and elevators. These units were designed to make the project appear to contain 2 buildings, which provides an ideal work environment characterized by calm, whether for administrative offices and companies, or medical clinics, laboratories, and specialized centers.


Available Services in OPAL Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Inside OPAL Mall, many services are gathered that will contribute to the success of all projects within it, whether commercial, administrative, medical or entertainment activities, and the most important of these services are:


  • Central air conditioning that reaches each unit of the project
  • Escalators and 6 elevators
  • Open roof garden
  • Various entertainment services on the roof
  • Superior quality fire extinguishing system
  • Security, guard and surveillance cameras for all units
  • A large garage on the ground floor for workers and visitors
  • Health center
  • The gym is equipped with the latest devices
  • The project is partially powered by solar energy
  • Restaurants area on the ground floor and roof
  • A safe recreation area for children


Various Areas of Units Available in OPAL Mall


Because it is a large project and was designed to be the ideal interface for companies, private clinics and international shops, OPAL Mall includes many areas that suit all administrative and commercial activities.


As for the commercial units in opal mall considered one of the best commercial units for sales in the New Administrative Capital, their areas start from 25 square meters on the ground floor, on the first floor they start from 42 square meters, and on the second floor they start from 35 square meters, and are delivered without finishing so that customers have the freedom to finish the final according to their commercial activities.


As for the administrative units, their areas start from 55 square meters, and the medical clinics start from 37 square meters and are delivered with full finishing with air conditioners, and the delivery of the project is scheduled to start in the first year of 2022.


Competitive Prices and Facilitated Payment Systems for All Units of OPAL Mall


Rikaz, the real estate developer of OPAL Mall, was keen to offer units of its first project with the largest possible facilities and at reasonable prices for all customers, as the price per square meter of the project starts from EGP33,000 and reaches EGP96,000.


As for the price per square meter for each type of unit available in the mall; Commercial, administrative and medical, they are as follows:


  • Commercial units: The price per square meter for commercial units on the ground floor starts from EGP 96,000, and in the first floor it starts from EGP 70,000, and the second floor starts from EGP 60,000
  • Administrative units: The price per square meter in the administrative units starts from EGP 33,000
  • Medical clinics: the price per square meter starts from EGP 32,000 this price is the best price for Medical clinics for sale in the New Administrative Capital


Payment Systems for Units in OPAL Mall 


It is possible to own your unit in OPAL Mall through a down payment starting from 5% of the unit value and up to 30%, and paying the rest over various periods starting from 5 years and up to 10 years, in addition to a 10% maintenance payment.

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