Own your property in a compound in 6th of October

The 6th of October City is a new city built lately in Egypt for the people who like to live in a luxurious place away from overpopulation.

The 6th of October City is one of the most important cities built lately in Egypt in Giza governorate to solve the overpopulation issue in Cairo. And although the 6th of October is a new city, it is developing continuously and expanding, and in this article, we will talk about 6 of the best compounds on the 6th of October. 

Details of compounds in the 6th of October City

Trillium Compound 

One of the latest projects from Alhakim development famous for building residential buildings all over Cairo. 

The units of the compound are designed to oversee green areas and water surfaces across the whole project area while keeping the privacy of each unit with suitable spaces between buildings. The project composes of 58 buildings of five different models and 24% only of buildings. The models are duplex with garden, apartments, commercial buildings, apartments with roofs and administrative buildings. 

The compound has a unique position on the 6th of October City on a 35 feddans area beside Mountain View iCity and behind Alsaid Club and minutes away from Juhaina Square and Mall of Arabia. 

Services of the project

The project offers a healthy and suitable lifestyle where the green areas in the compound form about 70 percent of the total area, which offers comfort and beauty all over the place.

Residential units in Trillium Compound

The compound has different types of units which are: regular residential units, duplex units, and penthouses. The areas of the units in the compound range from 115 square meters and 330 square meters. The buildings represent only 25% of the compound area and are built with German technologies and modern style with the best quality of life standards. 

Payment methods

The average price of the square meter in the first quarter of 2019 for the unit in the compound is 8800 LE to 9800 LE, which differ according to the position and features, so the price of the units start from 890 thousand pounds with many payment facilities including paying 10% only as an initial payment and the rest on installments. 

Paradise Compound

Paradise compound is built on a 17 feddans,  The buildings of the compound are surrounded by beautiful green areas.

Paradise compound lies in one of the most luxurious places in Hadayek October near Degla Palms compound just minutes away from Rock Eden, Alashgar District, Dream Land and Mall of Egypt and  Zewail City for Science and Technology. The Ring Road and so the metro and Zamalek Club are easily reachable from there. 

Paradise compound offers a range of prices for its 1200 units available that are built as services, commercial and administrative units. The compound was divided into 4 stages; where the first and second are already sold and delivered while the remaining stages 3 and 4 are being delivered now.

All the units of Paradise Compound in the 6th of October are 85 square meters in area, with 3 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen at a price of 469 thousand EGP while the administrative and commercial units are 35 square meters in area at a 280 thousand EGP price with only 20% initial payment, 15% after 3 months, 15% after 6 months and the remaining on 48 months installments (these prices are for the first quarter of 2019). 

Rock Eden Compound

A project developed by Alabatal Group on a 34 feddans area at Ahmed Zewail Street on the 6th of October near Zewail City for Science and Technology. The compound is near the ring road and 10 minutes from Dream Park and twenty minutes from the Mall of Arabia.

Sun Capital Compound 

One of the most important projects of Arabian Company for Urban Development built on a 557 feddans area on the 6th of October near Zewail City for Science and Technology, 10 minutes from Sheikh Zayed and near Giza Pyramids. 

Sun Capital offers many services including a gym, a spa, parks, international schools, a mall, a Medical center, and a Fairmont hotel. 

Degla Palms Compound 

Degla Palms Compound is built on a 500 feddans area divided into 4 stages of development 125 feddans each with 18% for the residential buildings and the rest for services and green areas. 

The integration of all the services is what makes Degla Palms special with a Hypermarket, a mall, schools, social club and other services besides free transportation.

All the units of the compound in the first and second stages are formed of a ground floor and 5 similar floors with ceramic entrances for every building and private garage for each beside a pond between the first and the second stages. 

The third stage is formed of buildings on a ground floor and 3 similar floors while the garages and ceramic entrances are also available. 

The are of the units of Degla Palms is 80 square meters and the apartments have 2 rooms, a divided living room, a kitchen and a bathroom with half finishing delivery. 

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