Know about Picnic Park Compound in 6th of October City

Picnic Park CompoundThe Sixth of October City is one of the most important cities that was characterized by urban planning, distance from the hustle and bustle of the capital, and low population density, which made it a target for those looking for calm and quiet living. 


This was achieved by living in its streets independently or belonging to one of the successful residential complexes that the city has recently become famous for. 


Among the residential compounds in 6th of October City: Picnic Park Compound, located in the October Gardens area and next to the Clubs area.


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Prime Location of Picnic Park in the 6th of October City


The Picnic Park residential complex is located in October Gardens, near the Clubs area, and is adjacent to many important projects and facilities, the most important of which are:



Picnic Park Compound is also close to some of the main roads and axes in the 6th of October City, including Fayoum Desert Road and Ahmed Zewail Road.



Types of Units in Picnic Park Compound


The Picnic Park project is one of the residential complexes that have been designed in a practical engineering way, taking into account the spaces and distances between the buildings and each other, in addition to providing green spaces to add a lively touch of the spirit of nature to the place so that each residential property overlooks a private garden, and each residential building contains within the complex.


There are many apartments in Sixth of October City of different sizes, specifications, finishes, and prices as well, with great flexibility in the specifications of each unit, so that those interested in looking at properties in Picnic Park 6th of October have a great opportunity to get what they are looking for.



Available Services of Picnic Park Compound 


The Picnic Park residential complex is characterized by a package of basic and necessary services that must be present in any residential complex, the most important of these services are:


  • A security team is available around the clock to secure the residential complex
  • A private garage to park the cars of residents and visitors throughout their stay inside
  • Each apartment building is equipped with an elevator to transport residents from one floor to another
  • An intercom device is installed in each apartment building to facilitate communication with the residents of the building, and to achieve the safety factor
  • The residential complex is surrounded by some clubs, malls, and all other services


Educational Services near Picnic Park


The 6th of October City is characterized by the presence of a large number of schools and universities that provide a distinguished educational service. And Picnic Park Compound is located near some of them, such as:


  • Pioneers Language School
  • Middle East Canadian European School
  • Nefertari International School
  • Winchester International School
  • Egyptian Nile School


Picnic Park is also adjacent to some of the most important Egyptian universities, such as:


  • Misr University for Science and Technology.
  • October University for Modern Sciences and Arts.
  • Zewail University of Science and Technology.
  • Al-Ahram Canadian University.


Medical Services Near Picnic Park Compound


6th of October City includes many medical clinics and hospitals that provide treatment services in various specialties, including these hospitals:


  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital, which includes many specialties such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and others. It is located along the 26th of July Corridor, next to Misr University for Science and Technology.


  • Al-Zohour Hospital, an investment hospital with intensive care, emergency, and other specialties, is located in the third neighborhood in the Seventh District


  • Al-Safwa Hospital, which includes departments for more than 100 medical specialties, is located in the first district near the Al-Hosary Mosque


  • Al Wadi Hospital, which includes different specialties, is located in the first district of Hosary Square


  • Dar Al Oyoun Hospital, which offers the specialty of ophthalmology and surgery, is located in the service axis of the Eighth District.



Commercial Services and Entertainment Services in Picnic Park Compound


There are many large commercial malls in the 6th of October City that contains branches of international stores and a group of restaurants and cafes. Among the most famous of these malls:


  • Mall of Arabia
  • Family Mall 6th of October
  • Degla Gardens
  • Mall of Egypt


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Areas and Types of Properties in Picnic Park Compound


The spaces of the properties offered for rent in Sixth of October City in the Picnic Park residential complex vary, and the internal divisions available within the buildings of the residential complex are:


  • Apartments on the first floor: consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a rectangular reception hall, and a balcony


  • Apartments on the second floor: consisting of bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a rectangular reception hall, and a balcony



Advantages of Living in the 6th of October City


  • The 6th of October is characterized by a great degree of calm that makes its residents enjoy great comfort away from the noise and hustle, and at the same time the area is lively and its surroundings, despite its calm, are active and cheerful.


  • The area is distinguished by a distinct division, as each neighborhood is divided into residential neighborhoods, which in turn we find digitally divided from the first to the properties of the twelfth neighborhood.


  • The 6th of October neighborhoods have a well-thought-out architectural organization that makes them low in density, where we find the height of the buildings in the 6th of October does not exceed a few floors, in addition to the distinguished architectural character in them with European designs that make the buildings an attractive and unique interface.


  •  It provides a large transportation network, as the 6th of October area can be reached from several different areas in each of


  • Distinctive residential compounds, including Dream Land, Palm Hills, Haram City, Royal Hills, New Giza, Picnic Park, and others.


Famous Residential Complexes in the 6th of October Area


6th of October City includes a large number of closed residential complexes, the most important of which are:


Sun Capital Compound


 It was built on an area of ​​550 acres to include various residential units in Sun Capital, such as apartments, twin houses, and penthouses, overlooking the Giza Pyramids.


LakeFront Compound


 It was built on an area of ​​37 acres to include apartments, stand-alone villas, and duplexes. It is located near Al-Wahat Road and the Ring Road and within walking distance of the Media Production City.


The Axis Compound


 The Axis Compound was built on an area of ​​50 acres, and contains apartments and penthouses, and is located near Sheikh Zayed City, the International Airport, and Lebanon Square.


Palm Hills Compound


 Palm Hills Compound contains all types of residential units and is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, near the Gezira Club.


Mountain View October Park Compound


Mountain View October Park Compound is located on an area of ​​54 acres and is close to the Shooting Club, Juhayna Square, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, and Nile University.

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