Should Neighbors Affect Your Decision to Buy New House?


The current trend for many Egyptian families is to keep distance from their neighbors and minimize social contact with them or their personal affairs, however, this was not always the case for the Egyptian family traditions, as they used to pay care about neighbors before choosing a neighborhood. If you are one of the people that still care about this cultural heritage, you should then know the most important features of good neighbors.

Good Neighbors are Friendly

Although some believe that it is an ancient Egyptian tradition to introduce yourself and offer treats or any kind of beverage and food to new neighbors as a welcoming gesture, but it actually exists all around the world, even in Europe, as it’s customary in most countries that neighbors offer various kinds of desserts to welcome new residents.

Avoid Gossip

Gossiping is also a common habit around the world, especially in neighborhood communities. It is one of the most important things to stay away from, especially if you are a new resident, as the last thing you want is to know the bad secrets of your neighbors, as you may turn into someone with bad secrets by the same people. So you should avoid gossiping as much as you can, and be friendly to all your neighbors so you can understand the nature of each one of them.

Exchange Phone Numbers

Exchanging phone numbers between you and your neighbors, especially friendly neighbors, is a great benefit to both sides. If you are out of town, a good neighbour will keep you informed just in case if there is a big problem in your apartment, whether it’s about plumbing or electricity, while most landlords make the mistake of not participating in all tenants association meetings to discuss the problems they face and ways to solve them.

Organized Neighbors

Arranging and sorting out personal spaces between neighbours is more essential than having a good relationship. Whether its garbage left in front of your door or any kind of inconvenience, you must then notify them to what is bothering you in a good way to put them in the picture.

Do not Allow Mistreatment

Sometimes a friendly relationship gives space for some people to take advantage of you, which is common in many relations between neighbors. But be Careful! Being polite and friendly does not mean allowing anyone to abuse this when dealing with you in any way, you should talk to these people directly to avoid any kind of mistreatment.

Communicating with neighbors

Good communication between neighbors is a key to solve everything that may disturb mutual understanding. Your relationship with neighbors is not one-sided, but shared and also long-term, so care about your relationship with neighbors for mutual benefit.

These are some of the points you should keep in mind before choosing your new house, you also can find many other real estate tips in Aqarmap blog which will be handy before you choose to buy a new home and more.

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