Know About Sixty Business Park Mall in the New Administrative Capital

Edge Holding offers its second project in the New Administrative Capital, which is Sixty Business Park project in the New Capital, which comes on an area of ​​33,000 square meters and was designed according to the latest methods, to suit many commercial, administrative and medical activities.


​​Sixty Business Park is built on 2 acres, and it overlooks an 80-meter-wide street, in front of the cinemas complex in the government district and the National Library, and the average area of ​​commercial units is about 54 square meters per unit. 


As for the average areas for the administrative units For Sale in Sixty Mall Business Park , they start from 56 square meters, with an ultra-modern glass facade, and a back facade on a large garden.


Sixty Business Park mall is designed as a building consisting of 7 floors, in addition to an underground garage, and the ground and first floors are designated for shops, restaurants and entertainment activities, and from the second to the sixth floor are for administrative offices in Sixty Mall Business and headquarters, and the seventh floor is for medical clinics  for sale in the New Capital , in addition to a roof with many activities recreational, restaurants, and green spaces.


Prime location for Sixty Business Park Mall


Sixty Business Park mall is located in the financial and business district, specifically in plot No. 12A2, steps away from the Central Bank of Egypt building and the Monorail station, and against a large green area of ​​18,000 square meters, in the middle of the banking and large financial institutions area.


The financial and business district is characterized by being one of the first neighborhoods in which work will officially begin after the opening of the new administrative capital as it is a government neighborhood in which all official institutions, local and international banks, financial institutions and the largest high-speed train station are located, next to the presidential palace, the capital’s airport, and the Ministry of Finance.


Design of Sixty Business Park Mall


Sixty Business Park mall in the New Capital is designed with modern glass facades that suit commercial, administrative and medical activities alike, so that the ground and first floor are designated for commercial units, entertainment, and service activities, and the rest of the floors are for administrative units and the last floor for medical units, taking into account the green spaces in the whole building through gardens small hanging scattered in many areas of the project.

Various Areas of Units for Various Uses


Edge Holding Company was very meticulous during the design of the Sixty Business Park project in the New Capital, especially with regard to the distribution of units on floors, while preserving the privacy of every activity, whether commercial, administrative, or medical.


Where the commercial units  in the New Capital on the ground and first floor came to include restaurants, shops, cafes, and recreational activities. The second to sixth floors were allocated to administrative units, and the seventh and last floors to medical units, clinics and medical activities.

The area of ​​the commercial units starts from 54 square meters, while the area of ​​the administrative and medical units starts from 56 square meters, and this is the reason why the project is called the Sixty Business Park, as all its areas are close to or exceeding 60 square meters a little.


Advantages of Sixty Business Park Mall in the New Capital


  • A wonderful view of an open area of 196 acres that includes many recreational activities
  • In addition to the headquarters of the most famous banks and financial institutions in the government district
  • Two minutes away from the Egyptian Ministry of Finance
  • It overlooks a long tourist walkway
  • Back view of a large 8-acre garden


Quality Services in Sixty Business Park mall


Whenever the business has excellent services and luxuries for customers, it becomes an attractive location that helps market your store, clinic, or project whatever it is, and among the services that are in Sixty Business Park:


  • Central air conditioning that reaches all units
  • Hotel services in all roles
  • Meeting rooms of various sizes and equipped to the highest standards
  • Restaurants areai n New Administrative Capital
  • Children’s play area
  • Garage and parking lot
  • Technology security services
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Internet service for all units
  • Management services for all mall facilities
  • Regular maintenance of all units


Background Information on Edge Holding Company, the Real Estate Developer of Sixty Business Park Mall


The real estate developer of Sixty Business Park mall is Edge Holding Company, an Egyptian-Saudi company that was established in 2018 as a result of a great cooperation between two of the largest Arab real estate companies, namely the Saudi Al-Mashareq Company and the Egyptian Al-Burouj Company.


The company used the various experiences of the two large entities, and made use of all of this to launch in Egypt through many projects in the New Administrative Capital, which represents the most important investment projects in Egypt now.


Both companies have a long history, as Al-Mashareq was established in 1978, and it has achievements in many fields, including energy, real estate, various construction, project management, and others, while Al-Burouj was established more than 10 years ago and specialized in real estate project management and planning in Egypt and the Middle East region. It has many projects, the most important of which is in New Cairo.


Among the most important past works of Edge Holding Group is the administrative, medical, and commercial towers project, which is a sign of the New Administrative Capital and one of its most important projects.


Competitive Prices for Units in Sixty Business Park Mall


Sixty Business Park Mall includes 3 types of units of different sizes, with an average price that suits the size of the investment in the New Administrative Capital, and with a guaranteed return within the coming years.


The price per square meter in commercial units starts from EGP 136,000 and reaches EGP 139,000, while the price per square meter in administrative units starts from EGP 42,000 and reaches EGP 47,000, and the price per square meter in medical clinics reaches EGP 42,000.


Facilitated Payment Systems for Units of Sixty Business Park Mall


Edge Holding Company provides 3 payment systems for clients wishing to invest in its project in the New Administrative Capital, where the prelude to booking starts from 0% and reaches 15%, and the repayment period reaches 8 years, and the regulations in detail are:


  • 0% down payment and installments up to 5 years
  • Pay 10% down payment and install the rest over 7 years in equal installments
  • Pay 15% and install the rest over 8 years in equal installments


With the possibility of paying the price of the unit in cash directly and receiving the unit fully finished or semi-finished for the administrative and medical units, while the commercial units are without finishing.

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