Choose between the Most Well-Known Compounds in Alexandria

Living in a compound in Alexandria considered a good choice for those who seek luxurious life


Youth nowadays prefer living in compounds for many reasons including that many compounds offer a variety of unit designs, different payment plans, and many services and activities. If you are searching for an apartment for rent or buying in a compound in Alexandria so here are our choices of the best. 

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Details of the compounds in Alexandria:

Terrace Somouha 

The compound lies near Somouha sporting club just steps away from McDonalds. The project f was built on three stages that offer luxury and entertainment inside the compound. The apartments offered by the compound have area of 200 square meters with a starting price of EGP 13,500 for each square meter. 

The compound was developed by real estate investment company Solik which is known for its unique projects. 

The services offered by the compound include: 

  • Building management services 
  • Fire fighting systems 
  • Private garages 

Prices and Payment

The project offers units with different areas starting at 160 square meters to 300 Square meters at a starting price of EGP 2,400,000 (note that all prices mentioned in the article are for the first quarter of 2019)

Karma Compound 

This compound lies in New Sidi Bishr and extends on an area of 24 thousand square meters with panoramic views that oversee Nakheel, Mohamed Ameen and Mostafa Kamel streets. It is also near two famous hypermarkets which are Carrefour and Fathallah. 

The services and features offered by the compound include: 

  • Panoramic views 
  • High quality finishing
  • Green areas
  • Luxurious entrances 
  • Running tracks
  • Mall
  • Gym
  • Private garages
  • Kids area

Prices and Payment

The project offers units in various areas starting at 90 square meters at a price of EGP 800,000


One of the best and most famous compounds in Alexandria built at the heart of the city with many services and features. 

The compound extends on an area of 20 feddans at the heart of one of the most luxurious districts in the city which is Somouha district. It oversees both Antoniadis and Mahmoudia parks and it is near the agricultural road, the airport road and the sea road. 

The compound offers modern design in addition to a variety of units that does not include commercial and administrative units to ensure comfort for the residents. 

The services and features offered by the compound include: 

  • Privacy 
  • Gates
  • Service area 
  • Security 
  • Wide streets 
  • Landscape
  • Social club

Prices of Units in Antoniadis

Antoniadis project offers units of areas from 177 square meters to 330 square meters at a starting price of EGP 6,300  per square meter. 

Safwa Towers Compound

Safwa Towers compound lies at a unique position just minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Alexandria and its charming Montazah district. The compound lies on Alkasim street in Soyouf district near Carrefour and Fathallah. 

The compound offers apartments and duplexes with areas ranging between 100 and 160 square meters. 

The services and features offered by the compound include: 

  • International schools
  • Mall
  • Administrative building 

Cleopatra Plaza Compound

It’s one of the projects of Cleopatra for Real Estate, located in the Azarita neighborhood mere minutes away from Al Nozha Airport, The Biblioteca, and the University. 

Each residential building in Cleopatra Plaza includes 20 apartments of various areas.

As for the developing company, Cleopatra Group owns many successful residential projects and hotels, most famously being Cleopatra 6th of October, and Cleopatra in the heart of Nasr City.

The Most Important Features of Cleopatra Plaza

  • A unique view of the sea, gardens and amazing waterfalls inside the compound
  • A commercial area that includes shops, restaurants and cafes of all sorts
  • Areas suitable for administrative offices
  • Greenery and landscapes
  • Residential buildings influenced by the European style, areas starting from 200 square meters
  • Open areas perfect for running and other sports activities
  • Private garages for each building


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Alextend Compound King Mariout

The compound lies at 10 kilometers on El Kafoury road on an area of 20 feddans in Borg El Arab near Borg El Arab airport and Carrefour. 

The services and features offered by the compound include: 

  • Beautiful nature
  • Quiet atmosphere 
  • Gym
  • Kids entertainment area
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Running tracks
  • Green areas
  • Private garages 
  • Security
  • Pergolas
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Mall

Spring House King Mariout 

The compound has an excellent view of Lake King Mariout directly and it is only minutes from Khattab Oasis resort and Carrefour. The compound offers apartments, duplexes and villas with areas ranging between 165 square meters and 450 square meters. 

The services and features offered by the compound include: 

  • Modern design
  • Sports club
  • Swimming pools
  • Entertainment areas
  • Security 
  • Healthy atmosphere 

Miami Grand Plaza 

Miami Grand Plaza compound lies at an excellent location on Mostafa Kamel street in Miami district.

The services and features offered by the compound include: 

  • Excellent location 
  • Security
  • Mosque 
  • International schools
  • Integrated services 

Sawary Compound

Sawary is the latest project of the Saudi Egyptian Company for Development (SED) in Alexandria. It contains many luxurious units inside an elegant residential community. 

It has an excellent location at the intersection of the International Coastal Road and the Alexandria-Cairo desert road. 

It’s only a few minutes away from the Police Hospital and Carrefour Alexandria. Not to mention only 5 minutes away from the corniche and downtown. 

Sawary is going to be part of another residential city being built in the same area, New Alexandria.

The Most Important Features of Sawary

The developing company for the project is working in cooperation with the urban communities authority to develop the whole region, so you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands. This city will stretch from Carrefour Alexandria all the way to Carrefour Borg El-Arab, ultimately putting an end to informal settlements in this area. 

  • The compound was built on 417 acres through two phases; the first phase includes 15 residential buildings over only 10 acres, that is because a lot of the project’s total space is dedicated to landscapes and exclusive services 
  • Apartment areas vary between 119 square meters to 191 square meters
  • The area will include administrative offices as well as a business complex and a conference room, so it’s perfect for businessmen and their investments.
  • Inside the compound, you’ll find an entertainment area and areas made specifically for various sports. 
  • Schools of the highest standards
  • Shopping malls full of international trademark shops, family areas, cafes and restaurants of all sorts.

Green Smouha Compound

It’s located by the entrance to the Alexandria Agricultural Road. Green Smouha consists of 14 residential towers housing 520 units of varying areas, and it’s all developed by Green for Real Estate Development

The project is only minutes away from the heart of Smouha, and mere steps away from the governorate’s new building, Al-Ittihad sporting club, and Green Plaza. 

The Most Important Features of Green Smouha

  • Your privacy is guaranteed as all units overlook an open view
  • Super lux finishing for all units, along with 185 square meter villas
  • A hypermarket, and commercial shops exclusive to the residents of the compound 
  • A fully equipped medical center
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • Water lift stations for when it rains

Royal Plaza Compound

A great compound directly overlooking the Montazah gardens, and only 500 meters behind the first entrance to Al Mamoura beach. This compound was made by Al Halawani for Real Estate Investment, a company with a long list of successful projects.

One of Al Halawani’s other projects is El Shorouk Gardens, as well as the first ever eco-friendly industrial city by the name of iCapital.

The Most Important Features of Royal Plaza

  • Most units have a breathtaking view of the beach and the beautiful Montazah gardens
  • A 5-star hotel
  • A shopping mall built over 45,000 square meters, which contains Carrefour and many other family friendly cafes and restaurants
  • Security, maintenance, and cleaning services
  • A cinema inside the mall
  • Surrounded by services, an amazing location in Alexandria

Project Services

The project offers luxurious entrances, security, elevators, a mall and green areas. 

Prices and Payment

The project offers residential units at a price starting at 210 square meters and prices starting at EGP 220,5000. 

Pharma City Compound 

Pharma City lies in Somouha near the court and it is one of the most luxurious projects of Pharma Real Estate Investments. The project is also called the pharmacist’s compound. 

Project Services

The project offers security and guards, a hypermarket, a gym and a number of pharmacies. 

Prices and Payment

The compound offers similar residential units of 179 square meters area at a price starting at EGP 9,000 to EGP 10,000 for each square meter. 

Somouha Prestige Compound 

Somouha Prestige lies in New Somouha district near the court, Somouha sports club, and the governorate building. Somouha Prestige can be considered one of the best compounds in Alexandria and it was developed by One Real Estate Investments which has a record of successful projects.

Prices and Payment

The project offers various units with various areas starting from 124 square meters to 164 square meters at prices starting at 434 thousand EGP. 

Alsafwa Compound 

Alsafwa Compound is one of the best compounds in Alexandria and it lies in New Somouha near the court, Green Plaza, Somouha sports club and the airport. 

Project Services

The project offers security, swimming pools, sports clubs, cafes, restaurants, and elevators in the buildings. 

Prices and Payment

The project offers residential units starting at 130 square meters and a starting price of EGP 7,000 per square meter. 

Alex Way Compound 

Alex Way Compound lies in New Sidi Bush District in Alexandria at an excellent location near Maamora, Al Montazah, and Mostafa Kamel Street and is considered one of the best and cheapest compounds in Alexandria.

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Project Services

The project offers services including security, private garages, a mall, luxurious interfaces, swimming pools, and an entertainment club. 

Prices of Alex Way Compound

Alex Way Compound offers residential units at areas ranging between 120 square meters and 180 square meters and a starting price of EGP 360,000. 

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