Alexandria.. excellent destination for successful project 

In this article, Aqarmap compares the best districts in Alexandria to establish your commercial project in.

In this article, Aqarmap compares the best districts in Alexandria to own or rent stores. Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt and the destination of many people for summer vacations. The city is loved by all Egyptians and it has a great history with many landmarks all over the city. 

The commercial profits sew rise in the city in summers when people come to the city from all over Egypt to enjoy vacations and spend the night in its streets which are full of commercial services to buy gifts and other needs including clothes, food and souvenirs. 

Alexandria is one of the best places that can be considered for commercial investment beside being one of the most beautiful and entertaining cities on the coast of the Mediterranean. 

There are many vital districts in Alexandria that are perfect for buying or renting commercial stores, such as: Mansheya, Al Ibrahimia, Al Attareen and Khaled Ibn Al Waleed street. 

The best districts for buying and renting commercial stores 

Al Ibrahimia 

This district got its name from Ibrahim Basha, the son of Mohamed Ali, the famous king of Egypt and the first leader of the new Egyptian army. It has its fame from its history and its uniqueness. It was the first destination of the Greeks in Egypt and it is full of stores, cafes and bakeries. These stores still hold names of people who lived in it for a long time ago. 

The district has commercial stores and also shopping centres including Mina centre, Carpet City mall, Samar mall and many others in the district that  is considered a visit and a shopping hub in Alexandria. The investment opportunities in the district are very high due to the location of the district in the city center.


Mansheya  market is the largest commercial market in Alexandria. It has many small markets that have great history back to the Ottoman age like Zanket El Setat market. Many people go to the market to buy and sell items and to live the beauty of the ancient streets. 

The market encompasses markets of Libya and Akkadeen, which is one of the most famous commercial areas in Alexandria. It also includes Al-Khit market, which is a small market located near the Zanket El Setat  market. Moreover, there is Al-Turk market that is famous for containing furniture and wood products.

Khaled Ibn Al Waleed street 

The street lies in Miami district. It is one of the most famous commercial streets in Alexandria. It includes a lot of stores, restaurants and cafes that thrive in summer. 

The commercial stores in this street vary in areas as they start from 3 or 4 square meters to 200 square meters. It has shops for sale and for rent as well, as it is a vital area for real estate investment.

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