Three of the most luxurious compounds in Alexandria

Are you searching for a new home? I recommend Alexandria to be your first option as it includes a lot of exclusive modern communities that are known for being unique, luxurious, safe and quiet.

In this article, we will address three of the most luxurious compounds in Alexandria for you to get a place at. 

Hayat Marseilia Compound

Hayat Marseilia Compound is located in Street 45, at the heart of Alexandria, near the International Coastal Road and it is minutes away from Montaza Palace and Corniche. So, we guarantee you a splendid sea view and a variety of entertainment units in one place. 

“We Marseilia group construct to build life” is not just Hayat Marseilia’s motto; that’s what Marseilia previous projects really prove, in terms of its large experience in real estate and touristic development. For example, it includes Marseilia Beach, and BlueBay Asia El Sokhna. 

Space and services

The compound spans over 10 feddans, and it includes residential units vary in spaces, starting from 100 M² to 225 M². It also includes 16 storey-towers in which each tower includes 9 floors and a ground floor with a garden. 

What makes that compound very exceptional is that it offers all types of services, such as: 

  • Shopping mall, which includes a lot of international brands. 
  • Home cleaning service and other special services like dry clean, and the most technologically updated services to collect trash and get rid of waste safely.
  • Garage for each storey tower. 
  • 24 hour Security services.
  • Sports and social club, in addition to a gym.
  • Medical center that cover all fields to provide residents with the best service. 

Palm Hills Alexandria Compound

Palm Hills Compound is considered one of the most luxurious compounds in Alexandria; it’s a whole city which is strategically located minutes away from Carrefour City Center, Coastal Road and Shooting Club.

Giving that it is one of Palm Hills Developments’ projects, it’s definitely a safe and great choice to get your residential unit over there. Palm Hills Developments is one of the most leading real estate companies that is known by its luxurious and efficient real estate projects, in Egypt and abroad, like Palm Hills Katameya and Palm Hills October.

Space and services

The compound spans over an area of 160 acres. It contains different distinctive models of units, such as: villas, Twin Houses, apartments, and duplex, while spaces start from 130 M².

The compound offers all the following types of services: 

  • Shopping mall that includes international brands, a variety of restaurants and cafes.
  • International school for the compound residents.
  • Smart Home systems, in which there is an app you can use and read all the project’s details through it.
  • Running and bikes tracks.
  • Beautiful water bodies and green areas.

Lotus Gardens Compound

Lotus Gardens Compound is one of the most luxurious projects in Alexandria. It is located in Smouha, and it is 5 minutes away from Smouha Club.

Its residential units overlook El Nasr Street and Hilton Plaza Street, and it contains all what you need of services, as well as distinctive designs and apartments of different spaces.

The compound is one of Lotus Gardens Company’s projects, which also includes another residential project in New Miami, it is called Panorama City.

Space and services

The compound is located upon an area of 700 M², and will contain the largest shopping mall in Smouha, along with villas, duplex apartments, and residential units in 14 buildings, each of which contains 10 floors.

What makes that compound one of the most luxurious projects in Alexandria, is that it includes all types of facilities, such as: 

  • Shopping mall, hyper market, restaurants and stores that provide all kind of supplies. 
  • Large underground garage, which fit 600 cars, and built along the whole compound’s area.
  •  Beautiful green areas for happy family time.
  • Gym.
  • High Security Systems

Alexandria is an unusual city, which always amazes you every time you visit it. Get your own spectacular residential unit in Alexandria, and enjoy its magic and its irresistible luxury.

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