Youth housing projects in Alexandria

After the success of housing projects in many places, the government launched a number of them in several governorates. One of these governorates is Alexandria. Minister of Housing and Utilities announced the launch of a group of finished housing units in Alexandria and other governorates. This launch came under the title (The costal and Canal cities Development Initiative).

Overall, Alexandria has witnessed a boom in the provision of housing units of the free social housing projects. Alexandria Governorate issued figures and statistics issued, indicating that 13,392 apartments were provided from 2014 to 2020.

Most important housing projects in Alexandria

Bashayer Al-Khair project in Gheit Al-Anab, which is the largest national project in Alexandria. It is also the first qualitative leap that aims at developing slums and transforming them into civilized development areas.

The developers constructed three phases of the project so far. They contain all the main services (hospital, bank, shops, nursery, and educational garden). They also include humanitarian center for people with special abilities, and other important basic services. In addition, there are centers for developing the capabilities of citizens and teaching them professional crafts like trade and plumbing.

New Borg El Arab city project

It lies opposite to the industrial city west of Alexandria, which encompasses three phases:

  • The first phase includes 285 buildings, totaling 6,192 housing units.
  • The second phase includes the construction of 166 buildings, totaling  2,984 housing units, as well.
  • In addition to the third phase. It brings the total to the construction of 558 residential buildings with a total of 13,000 units.

The housing unit is 90 square meters, and the units include all services and facilities. To clarify, it’s ready to live in.

The government offer these units according to the allocation system, i.e. the priority of the reservation, not the lottery. The citizen gets the housing unit either by paying the full amount or on installments according to the banking conditions.

Other projects in Alexandria

The Ministry also announced other projects in Alexandria, which are “Tosson Towers”. The towers lies in Abu Qir area in the east of Alexandria. They also exist at Kilo 26 area and Umm Zoghio area, in addition to in the west of Alexandria. These projects come with the aim of distributing apartments to low-income people.

The areas of these units range between 63 and 65 square meters. Thus, the unit price is EGP 110,000 in Tosson Towers. Also, the price in each of Kilo 26 area and the Umm Zgyo area is EGP 65,000. There are payment facilities.

After you got to know the most important areas of youth and free housing projects in Alexandria, we offer you the most important conditions for applying for a housing unit:

  • The applicant must be Egyptian.
  • His monthly income should not exceed EGP 3,500 in the case of a single person. It also should not exceed EGP 4,750 in the case of a married person.
  • The applicant, his wife or one of his minor children, should not have any housing units.
  • Not to have previously obtained a housing cooperative support or loan.
  • Not exceeding 51 years and not less than 21 years.
  • He must be from Alexandria governorate.
  • Most importantly, if one of the spouses loses one of the conditions, it causes the other refusal.

* It is worth noting that the prices mentioned in the article are subject to change. We are keen on Aqarmap to constantly update the neighborhood price list. That’s to keep the consumer aware of the latest updates in the real estate market. We measure demand indicators via the Aqarmap index, as well.

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