Know possible options in 3 compounds in 6th October City.

In this article, Aqarmap provides you more information about 3 compounds in 6th of October city.

Have you ever thought about leaving the capital and moving to a quiet and healthy city that provides you privacy?  Let’s discover in this article some of the possible options in 3 compounds in 6th October City.

6th of October in brief

The 6th October City is one of the most successful industrial cities in Egypt. In addition, it is one of the most urbanized new cities. Most of its districts are characterized by good architectural organization. Moreover, it is famous for many big educational bodies. It has a lot of famous shopping centers such as October market, Media Production City; which is now one of the largest media organizations in Egypt.

6th October .. Distinctive Climate and Good Location

The city was named after the victory of the sixth of October and was planned in the era of the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat. The 6th of October city is located 38 km away from Cairo governorate, west of the Nile, and follows Giza governorate. It has a lower air temperature compared to Cairo  due to its rise above the sea level.

The area of ​​the city of October is approximately 400 square kilometers, and it is inhabited by about half a million people. The standard of living in the city vary between simple, medium and luxurious. It has a distinct division; as the industrial and commercial areas are separated from the residential areas to ensure a high level of comfort and tranquility to the city’s residents. All of these are the most important characteristics of the city.

The city is distinguished by its location on major roads such as: The Ring Road, 26th of July axis, Alexandria Desert Rd., Al-Wahat, Fayoum, and the New Regional Ring Road.

In this article, we will provide you with basic information about 3 of the finest compounds in 6 October City, as follows:

Alma October Compound

Compound location:

Alma Compound is located in a very special area, near Sheikh Zayed City, and it is also close to vital places such as: Capital Park, Americana Plaza and Green Center. It is also close to important service centers such as: hospitals, banks, government bodies. In addition, It lies near the headquarters of the Central Authority in Sheikh Zayed.

Compound Features:

  • Alma October is one of the finest 3 compounds in October.

  • Designs of Houses and villas come at the finest shape.

  • There are amenities that customers search for, such as: clubs, swimming pools, a lot of restaurants and cafes, shops, and sports walkway.

  • Security and guard all over the day.

  • Medical centers and pharmacies.

Compound area:

The area of the compound is 35 feddans and it offers residential units with various areas.

As for payment plans, the company that owns the compound provides facilities regarding payment methods as follows:

  • Equal installments are paid over 4 years after paying 10% as first down payment upon contract, 15% after 3 months, and 10% of the unit price upon receipt.

  • There are additional amounts for maintenance service 5% of unit value.

  • Provided that the amount of membership is paid at the sports club.

Mountain View October

Compound location:

It is located in the best area in 6th of October city, as it is located next to the shooting club, Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt. The compound is close to the educational, recreational and health facilities. It is also about 5 minutes from Juhayna Square.

Compound area:

The compound lies on a very large area of 500 feddans. It encompasses different residential units, including: apartments, duplexes, villas and townhouses. Private and public green spaces and artificial lakes allocate a large part of the compound.

Compound Features:

  • There are large green spaces, which give a sense of comfort and calmness.

  • Artificial lakes that are surrounded by a sport walk or running track.

  • Shopping mall

  • An international school

  • There are equipped medical centers.


The areas within the compound range to suit a large number of customer categories as follows:

  • The apartments range from 100 meters to 240 meters, and contain (3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a large reception, and a bathroom). The number of rooms increases with the increase the apartment area.

  • Townhouse area ranges from 260 square meters to 350 square meters.

  • The Twin House area ranges from 250 square meters to 300 square meters.

  • The area of the villas range from 350 square meters to 500 square meters.

  • Duplex area ranges from 175 square meters to 280 square meters.

Pyramids Hills Compound

Compound location:

It is located in the most lively area in 6th October City; near Lebanon Square and Shooting Square. the compound is also next to the Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound, and close to Sheikh Zayed City.

Compound area:

Pyramids Hills Compound area is about 93 feddans.

Compound Features:

  • The compound has green areas surrounding all residential units.

  • Availability of service facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies and banks.

  • Availability of entertainment places for adults and children.

  • There are security and guard all over the day.

Units area inside the compound:

The units areas in Pyramids Hills Compound vary to suit different categories of customers, as follows:

  • Apartments area starts at 180 square meters consisting of 2 bedrooms.

  • Townhouse area starts from 287 square meters.

  • Twin house with distinct areas starting from 325 square meters.

* It is worth mentioning  that real estate prices are subject to change, and we in Aqarmap are keen to update the neighborhood price list continuously so that the consumer is aware of the changes taking place in the real estate market, as well as we measure demand indicators via the Aqarmap index.


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