Apartments for Rent in 6th of October City

About 6th of October City 

6th of October City is one of the most important new Egyptian cities that was built with the aim of accommodating the increasing population density in Cairo; as well as, creating new job opportunities, due to its various factories and industrial zones. It is located about 40 kilometers from downtown.

Features and Services

The city is characterized by its low temperature, due to its location on a high surface. 6th of October also enjoys clean and healthy air.

The population density and crowding in the city is very low, the city is still new and open to many new projects. A diversity of housing opportunities are always available in the city, as well as it offers many jobs at its new factories and companies, which are emerging every day. 

One of the most important features of the city is its smart design and the organized planning of neighborhoods, streets, and paved roads.

6th of October City is characterized by its wide range of residential projects, which range between middle, upper-middle, and the upper-class levels. 

October is a distinctive city that features many educational and academic institutions and organizations including, schools, universities, and institutes. The city is also heavily involved in media and artistic production due to its hosting of Media Production City studios.

Design and Planning

6th of October City is divided into industrial and economic zones that contain many factories and various commercial projects including, warehouses’ area and Abu Rawash area, which includes many international factories in all fields of different industries such as Juhayna factory, Domty factory, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, and others.

On the other hand, the residential area is divided into major neighborhoods; each neighborhood is divided into several areas. The most famous neighborhoods there including, Al Bustan, Zamalek, Sukkaria, Free Housing Project, Future Housing Project, Zohour District, Project 103, Project 109, Abu Al Wafa Project, Youth Housing Project, Developed Housing, Family Housing Project, National Housing, and many other rental areas in 6th of October City.

The available residential units in 6th of October range from standard apartments to compounds’ apartments, as well as villas of all kinds.

Here are the Best Residential Compounds in 6th of October City 

Paradise Compound

Paradise Compound is a 17-acre compound. It offers 1200 units divided into residential, commercial, and administrative units. It features the most basic services such as a medical center, markets, pharmacies, and schools, as well as entertainment activities, shopping malls, security, private garages, and green landscapes. The compound is located near Al Ashgar neighborhood and media production city.

Trillium compound in October

Trillium is one of the best compounds in 6th of October City; it is located behind the fishing club branch in October. It also features a smart design and well- organized planning. It is surrounded by many lavish green landscapes, man-made lakes, and unique breath-taken views. It also provides 24/7 security services, intercom, entertainment places, garages, and shopping malls. The compound spreads over 35 acres and features many residential units ranging in area from 115 M² to 330 M².

Tiara Compound, 6th of October City

One of the most prestigious compounds in 6th of October; is located 5 minutes away from Juhayna Square and only 7 minutes from Sheikh Zayed City. It provides a wide range of services and residential facilities. Furthermore, it features different types of residential units including, apartments, apartments with gardens, and penthouses. The available areas start from 140 M² to 284 M². 

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