Know about Al Guezira Compound in Sheikh Zayed City

Al Guezira Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Al Guezira Compound is one of the famous residential communities in Sheikh Zayed City and is characterized by being dedicated to villas only, which come with high-end designs that fit the luxurious life in Sheikh Zayed City and its luxurious neighborhoods.


The location of the compound is close to the most important landmarks of Sheikh Zayed and the main roads, such as the 26th of July axis, the central axis, Hyper One, and Cairo University Mall of Arabia.


Al Guezira Compound contains about 100 villas distributed over the entire area of ​​the compound, which is estimated at 25 acres, and they are designed in the style of tourist resorts, surrounded by green spaces, and attached to a swimming pool.


In the middle of Al Guezira Compound is a large club under the name Al-Jazira Club, which is a private club in the compound, which includes a large swimming pool, a social building, a cafe, a restaurant, seating areas, and large green spaces for exercising.


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Location of Al Guezira Compound in Sheikh Zayed


Al Guezira Compound is located in the fourth district of Sheikh Zayed City on Al-Safa Street directly opposite the Seventh District, Al-Bustan Square, and Al-Shabab Road.


The fourth district is one of the best neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed City. It is one of the neighborhoods that represent the entrance to the city. It was designed to include a group of high-end residential projects for family homes and private villas. It is also characterized by the spread of green spaces around the units, its division, and its quiet inner streets.


More Information about Sheikh Zayed City


Sheikh Zayed City is one of the high-end cities, which for years has been the city that everyone dreams of living in due to its good division, the quality of its services, the spread of security, and its proximity to all basic and recreational services.


Sheikh Zayed City is located on the 26th of July axis, directly next to the 6th of October City, about 20 km from the Mohandessin area and about 30 km from the center of Cairo.


Sheikh Zayed City includes about 20 residential neighborhoods, and according to its building codes, green spaces represent about 40% of its total area, so parks are spread over it and everyone notices its mild weather, especially in the summer due to its height above sea level.


Among the famous landmarks of Sheikh, Zayed City are Beverly Hills Resorts, Hyper One Mall, Mall of Arabia, Central Park, Police Mosque, and Al Ahly Club branch in the city.


The Real Estate Developer of Guezira Compound


Al Guezira Compound has been implemented by many real estate development and investment companies in the land allocation system, and these companies were keen on implementing the general plan of the project and adhering to the construction percentage that does not exceed 60% of the total area of ​​the project.


Al Guezira Compound is divided into several areas as if they are islands isolated by green spaces from the rest of the areas and they are all connected through a group of internal roads that connect them all to the sports club located in the middle of the project.


Features and Services of Al Guezira Compound in Sheikh Zayed


Al Guezira Compound combines life amidst green spaces, water bodies, and tranquility, with proximity to services and vital areas in Cairo, as it is one of the few projects covered by this area of ​​gardens and trees.

Al Guezira Compound is also distinguished by its wonderful location in the fourth district of Sheikh Zayed City, directly on the Safa axis, Al Bustan Square, and many of the city’s famous landmarks.


In addition to the availability of all services next to the compound or inside the commercial mall of the compound and Sheikh Zayed, which has an area of ​​about 3 acres and includes shops and branches of the most famous international and local brands.


The villas in Al Guezira Compound are characterized by the classic design of family homes, which are in the middle of a large area of ​​trees and green space, and some villas have a private swimming pool and a garage.


One of the most important features of Al Guezira Compound is that it is a safe community for you and your family. You can check on them all the time, as there are all that they need from schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, sports stadiums, and a social club.


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Types of Units in Al Guezira Compound in Sheikh Zayed City


Al Guezira Compound includes a group of the most luxurious and wonderful residential villas, and these villas vary, there are classic standalone villas, there are twin houses, and there are townhouses


  • Some luxurious palaces are characterized by large areas, gardens, and a swimming pool, in addition to some villas that are suitable for independent luxury apartments.
  • The units of the Al-Jazira Compound project are suitable for family and youth housing, whether inside homes or apartments that suit university students and families who prefer to move and live next to schools and universities for their children.


Areas and Designs of Units in Al Guezira Compound


The areas of villas in Al Guezira Compound start from 500 m² up to 1500 m² as a total area, including the building, the garden, the swimming pool, and the garage.


On the other hand, in Al Guezira Compound, there are apartments within the villas with smaller spaces, where the space of these units starts from 90 m² up to 150 m², with many options, whether living on the roof or on the ground floor, where the apartment has a private entrance.

Al Guezira Compound units are available in many designs and finishing levels. 


There are standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses, and each of these types has its distinctive design.


Standalone villas are more like a home, and consist of a ground floor and two or three high floors, and feature a private garden and a swimming pool.


As for the twin houses and townhouses, they are the units that are attached to another unit with the same design and a shared garden.


As for the apartments within the villas, they are the units that can be separated from the rest of the villa. Many people prefer this type to combine life in a villa with life in a private apartment.


Price of Units in the Al Guezira Compound Project


The prices of units in Al Guezira Compound in Sheikh Zayed vary according to the type of finishing, area, and design, where the price per square meter in stand-alone villas starts from EGP 36,000 and reaches EGP 50,000 for finished units, fully finished super lux.

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