Azzar compound 5th Settlement: what you need to know

learn about Azzar compound in the Fifth settlement

The Developer of Azzar Compound in 5th Settlement 

The Azzar compound in the fifth settlement was developed by Ready group for real estate development, which was launched with this project. The company took no much time to prove itself as an upcoming competitor in the real estate market. 

The company has worked on this project in collaboration with Dorra which has an experience of more than 80 years in the real estate market and it has a number of excellent projects including The Address East, The Heights and Zayed 2000 compounds. 

The company also has a number of projects across the world including 20 towers in Dubai and a number of high quality projects in Sheikh Zayed city. The overall area of the projects covers around 35 percent of the area of the whole city. 

This makes it clear that the two companies have put all their effort into making Azzar, a new residential idea that offers comfort and luxurious life in new ways for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

A brief about Azzar Compound 

Azzar compound in the Fifth Settlement is one of the best compounds in the New Cairo city and was developed by Ready group for real estate investment. The company worked on utilizing the latest technologies and designs to establish a unique compound that offers a high quality of life at the best district in New Cairo, the fifth settlement. 

The compound is fully fenced and offers a full range of services and entertainment activities in addition to a wide green areas. The company has spread the services and the green areas to make all the residents enjoy them. 

The compound also simulates the units in California in the United States with crystal lagoons and green areas around them. The Azzar fifth settlement compound has an area of around 25 feddans with 80 percent of it for green areas. The rest of the area is divided on the units of the project that include villas, townhouses, twinhouses and apartments. 

The project offers high quality and unique designs while taking care of every entertainment aspect related to the residence in it. It can be also considered a small integrated city where people will enjoy their stay.

Location of Azzar Compound

The compound is located in the fifth settlement which is the best district of New Cairo that has most of the services including the malls and the famous Teseen road that the Azzar compound lies near it. 

Azzar also lies near the American university which is one of the most important landmarks in the city while being  near a number of main roads including Sokhna road and Zaafarana Hurghada road. The compound lies near a number of successful compounds including Mivida, Palm Hills and Mountain View. 

Services of Azzar Compound

The Azzar project in the fifth settlement is wholly designed to offer the residents all what they need. The project was built on an area of 25 feddans with most of it for green areas, swimming pools and services that spread all around. 

Landscapes and parks surround also the residential units offering them great views. The compound also has a commercial area that has the best and most famous brands and stores in addition to restaurants and cafes. 

The company has also ensured that there is a number of social and medical clubs with advanced sports and medical equipment. 

The project has also a kids entertainment area, 24/7 security services, security cameras all over the compound and maintenance services. There is also a beach simulation for the residents which is a unique feature and also public places to enjoy meetings and fun times. 

Units of Azzar Fifth Settlement Compound 

The compound offers various units that suit various needs and styles as it offers villas, townhouses and twinhouses with various areas, locations and views. The price of each unit is determined according to these factors and the units are divided into: 

  • Townhouses in Azzar compound with areas between 247 and 287 square meters. 
  • Twinhouses with areas between 291 and 305 square meters. 
  • Villas with areas between 439 and 500 square meters. 

Payment Plans of Azzar Compound Fifth Settlement

Azzar compound offers various payment plans to suit more people as it offers half finished units with 5 percent down payment and up to 6 year installments. There is also a number of other plans for people willing to pay the unit price over a less period. 

The offered villas come with different designs and areas and the buyer is free to choose his suitable unit. The twinhouses and townhouses also come with varieties of spaces to suit everyone. 

*Please note that all prices in the article are subject to change according to various factors and we at Aqarmap are constantly updating our prices guide for districts to keep customers informed about the continuous updates in the real estate market in addition to our Aqarmap Real Estate Index.

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