Distinctive Properties in Bay Village in Sahl Hasheesh 

Bay Village in Sahl Hasheesh


Each of us dreams of owning a modern home in a quiet place overlooking the sea, to which he can escape from the pressures of constant life, and the Sahl Hasheesh region is one of the most popular areas that meet these specifications, as it is famous for the presence of a group of tourist resorts and luxury hotels.


Sahl Hasheesh area is located near Hurghada city, specifically, 25 kilometers away, and the area is characterized by its direct views of the sea, sandy beaches, and a wonderful natural environment, and the Sahl Hasheesh area shines with many tourist resorts that a large number of Arab and foreign tourists resort to, the most famous of which are: Palm Beach Resort and Hotel The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Pyramisa Dessole Hotel, and Citadel Azur Hotel. And Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh and Bay Village, which we will discuss below.


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Details of Apartments and Villas in Bay village


The Bay Village project includes many residential units in Hurghada city totaling 185 units, and the project area is about 11,000 square meters, the construction area of ​​which occupies about 21,400 square meters, and the project is divided into 9 huge complexes, where the Bay village was divided into 3 main and sub-stages of construction. 


Prime Location of Bay Village in Sahl Hasheesh


The Bay village project is located in one of the most prestigious locations in Sahl Hasheesh, as the project is located near the Tawaya project that Ma Architects created, which is one of the most luxurious tourist complexes in Sahl Hasheesh, and Bay village is also located near the Bay Condos project.


The Real Estate Developer of Bay Village in Sahl Hasheesh


Sahl Hasheesh Tourism Investment Company is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate, especially tourism projects, as Sahl Hasheesh Company owns 2 of the largest and most prestigious tourism projects, namely Bay village and Bay Condos in Sahl Hasheesh, and the area of ​​Bay condos is about 2,525 square meters with a total of 60 housing units and investments reaching EGP 52,000,000.


Available Services in Bay Village in Sahl Hasheesh 


Recreation Services


  • The project is located in the first row on the sea, sparkling with a charming sandy beach of apartments in Sahl Hasheesh, where customers can enjoy swimming and spend quality time on the sea, sunny weather, and fresh air.


  • The project has many swimming pools of various sizes, which have been carefully designed to be with distinctive styles that make you enjoy your time.


  • Places for walking, running, and cycling have been allocated in dedicated terraces, in addition to a large gymnasium containing sports equipment at the highest level.


  • There are many saunas, jacuzzis, massages, and spas to enjoy sessions of relaxation and relaxation, re-energize and revitalize blood circulation and enjoy sessions of meditation and yoga to relieve any stress.


Entertainment Services


  • Amusement parks for children’s games with many diverse activities that give the child a wonderful time with his family and the rest of the children in the project, and there is also an Aqua Park for adults and children
  • Daily beach parties provide entertaining and artistic parties and spend a nice time in the evening with friends and family
  • Places for barbecues and barbecues for fans of that type of party, in addition to places for family gatherings, birthdays, events, and watching exclusive matches and movies in a distinctive atmosphere
  • The Bay village project includes many green areas that reduce the temperatures in the summer, constantly purify the air, and create a charming natural environment
  • A group of restaurants and cafes that have a distinct view of the sea, the swimming pools, or the open gardens, which offer delicious meals, various dishes, and cold and hot drinks


Security Services


The project offers residents who live in it a distinctive level of security to maintain the security and safety of the compound and the properties of its residents through:


  • Assign a security team throughout the project and use wireless devices to communicate quickly between them and report any cases of riots, theft, fires
  • Installing a number of surveillance cameras, alarms, and fire extinguishers in every location of the project


Commercial and Hotel Services


  • The Bay village project includes a number of commercial shops in Hurghada city for selling goods, products, gifts, accessories, and the latest fashion from international fashion houses, in addition to shops for selling food commodities and household necessities, and others selling tools for swimming and diving


  • The project provides hotel services to its residents, as there is a specialized team to clean the compound and the residential units in it, and there is a maintenance team to solve technical problems and breakdowns as soon as they are reported


Medical Services 


The project includes medical care units to provide medical service in Hurghada city to the residents of the compound at any time 24 hours a day, in addition to many pharmacies.


Types and Areas of Residential Units in Bay village


The great diversity in the form of housing units in any residential or tourism project is always the main reason for attracting a large number of residents to it, due to the great opportunity that each customer finds in obtaining his preferred type and the appropriate space.


Bay village Sahl Hasheesh project was able to meet the needs of each client by providing a number of housing units that reached 185 units, varying between apartments in Bay village, chalets, duplexes, townhouses, and standalone villas.


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Advantages of Owning A Residential Unit in A Tourism Project


Many seek to think of owning a residential unit in one of the villages and residential resorts in Hurghada city to make the best use of it as a profitable investment project in summer and winter, where the unit can be offered for rent and benefit from it, as well as used as a place to spend an enjoyable trip with friends and family.

Prices change every day, especially in tourist places, so you can invest your money in a real estate unit whose price increases every day instead of leaving the money to remain the same value over the years.

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