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Quick facts about Sahl Hasheesh villages 

Sahl Hasheesh Resort is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Hurghada, located on Red Sea coast. It’s 25 km away from Southern Hurghada. Moreover, it’s one of the giant touristic projects that serve the elite. It’s a small city that includes about 6 of Red Sea’s best main tourist resorts, and more than 14 hotels and villages. In addition, the city includes a number of entertainment and gathering places, and a higher bridge of about 250 m length inside the sea. Most importantly, Sahl Hasheesh is a tourist destination for the rich; since it has irresistible attractions and exciting tourist areas; like golf clubs, Sunken City, and yacht marina.

Sahl Hashesh’s most famous hotels are: Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Citadel, Dessole, and Palm Beach Apart. The city, occupying about 12 km, is characterized by being surrounded by Res Sea mountains from all directions, with a marvelous view of the blue sea from east, whose space reaches 41 km2.

Sahl Hashesh’s most significant resorts and villages

Veranda Compound

Veranda Compound in Sahl Hasheesh is one of the best tourist projects. It’s a summer residential compound located directly on the distinctive bay of Sahl Hasheesh. The name of the project ‘Veranda’ means “the big balcony” in Spanish, which has been chosen to cope with the compound’s design. The project includes a number of fantastic villas, consisting of 318 residential units, in terms of fully finished chalets and villas, all of which are surrounded by entertaining, sporting, and shopping services.

Al Camar Village in Sahl Hasheesh

Al Camar Village is one of Sahl Hashesh’s most magnificent villages. It has fair weather all the year round because of its height above the sea level by about 30m. Thus, the village has a marvelous view from all its residential units. The village contains various types of units, including apartments, chalets, and penthouses with swimming pools on the roof. The village is only 15km away from Hurghada International Airport.

Bay Village Resort Sahl Hasheesh

It’s a famous touristic residential resort in Sahl Hasheesh extending along 11,000 M2. It includes 9 residential complexes with 185 residential units; overlooking swimming pools, service area, and a shopping center. The project consists of 3 stages, with an investment cost of almost EGP 200,000,000.

Tawaya Resort Sahl Hasheesh 

It’s one of the most luxurious resorts in Sahl Hasheesh, located between a number of natural landmarks which the resort’s units overlook. Tawaya Resort includes 140 residential units, provided with most valuable hotel services, in addition to resort’s complete services that meet all needs. 

Amaros Sahl Hasheesh

It’s one of Red Sea’s best resorts, and it’s a part of famous International Gomran Resort. It represents a very special stage of this project, including twin house villas in Al Wajeha Al Bahriya Neighborhood in Sahl Hashesh. The resort is privileged by its splendid Nubian style, combined with bright colors that bring the feeling of comfort and independency.

Pyramids Resort Sahl Hasheesh

This resort is directly located on the Red sea coast, having a private beach and affording excellent swimming pools. It’s about 13km away from Hurghada International Airport, and it includes a water park and kids park. The resort contains a number of residential units with various types and areas to satisfy all tastes of the elite members, in addition to resort’s valuable entertaining, shopping, and sporting services.

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