Discover more details about Cleopatra Palace Shorouk Compound

In this article, you will discover more details about Cleopatra Palace Shorouk Compound,

On an area of 50 feddans and at a perfect location in Shorouk city, Cleopatra Real Estate developed the project of Cleopatra Palace Shorouk.

The company has ensured that the project is ideal for those who are searching for an integrated society for their families. In this article, we are sharing all the details of the compound and it’s beautiful design, integrated services and various areas in addition to the payment plans. Before diving into the details, we will point to some of the previous projects done by Cleopatra Real Estate, the developer of the project.

Previous projects of Cleopatra Real Estate

Cleopatra developed a number of residential compounds which proved that offer luxurious destinations and societies. These projects include Cleopatra Square in 6th of October city, Cleopatra Plaza in Nasr city, Cleopatra Plaza in Alexandria and Cleopatra Palace, the project we are sharing details of here.


The compound lies opposite to Madinaty directly on Suez road and near the first and second entrances of Shorouk city. The compound also lies near a number of vital cities and districts, including:

New administrative capital: Palace Shorouk is just 5 minutes from the New Administrative Capital.

Fifth Settlement: The compound is just 7 minutes away from the fifth settlement.

Heliopolis: Heliopolis district can be reached in 15 minutes from Palace Shorouk compound.

Nasr City: The city can be reached in 15 minutes from the compound.

Cairo: The capital is considered to be 20 minutes away from the compound.

The compound is also near a number of landmark and main roads, including: the ring road which is just 10 minutes from the compound and Cairo international airport which is also 10 minutes away from the compound. All of these locations make the compound a vital place to live in.

Architectural design  

The compound was designed by an international Italian architect who was responsible for major projects and designed the units with inspiration from the classical Italian architecture.

The designer ensured that the landscapes represent 70 percent of the area of the compound with many beautiful sceneries that are comforting, eye pleasing and luxurious.

Details of areas and buildings

While the Italian architecture inspired compound has buildings that form 30 percent of the whole area of the compound, the company have ensured that the units are various to suit all needs. The units of the compound include:

  • Apartments
  • Twinhouses
  • Townhouses
  • Villas
  • I villas.

The areas of the compound units are various from 185 square meters to 900 meters.

Apartments: ranging from 185 to 285 square meter areas.

Townhouses: ranging from 196 to 533 square meter areas.

Townhouses: ranging from 375 to 555 square meter areas.

Villas: ranging from 600 to 900 square meter areas.

The range of areas offered by the compound can suit nearly anyone. It also offers services and features that are going to be reviewed next.

Features and services 

The compound ensured that it offers all the essential services for the residents in addition to other entertainment services and activities. The services and features offered by the compound include:

  • Entertainment services including playgrounds and kids areas.
  • Medical services including a hospital for the compound residents.
  • Private garages for the maximum security for the cars of the residents.

Payment plans and unit receive 

The compound allows paying only 30 percent of the unit price as an initial payment with installments for up to 4 years. The units are received after only 6 months from paying the initial payment.

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