Discover Various Apartment Prices in New Cairo

New Cairo is no doubt the most peaceful, liberating district in all of Greater Cairo. A place where luxury surrounds every corner, it’s almost like every Cairo resident’s dream. It’s amazing how all the troubles you’d face living in Cairo vanish once you decide to live in this beautiful district! So, is your dream home in a luxurious, modern urban city surrounded by peaceful landscapes and fresh air? If the answer is yes, then New Cairo is the perfect place for you! 

A Glimpse Inside New Cairo

Not only is it one of Cairo’s biggest districts, it’s easily its most luxurious ever. New Cairo consists of many different districts most famously being Fifth Settlement. It’s unique for the quiet, lush atmosphere that surrounds it, and being beautifully planned and carried out. It also includes several different schools and private colleges. So is New Cairo perfect? Perhaps some of its only downsides are how high unit prices are inside it, and the fact that there are several unfinished streets. This beautiful district is located in East Cairo, and some of its most famous sights include the Police Academy and the American University.

Life inside New Cairo is like no other, and it greatly varies between its different districts. From average, to above average and luxurious areas; you’re guaranteed to find a place that suits you! 

Your Guide To Rent Apartments And To Real Estate Opportunities In New Cairo

 Average Areas and Districts in New Cairo

1- Abo El Hawl 

Lies right by the Petrified Forest, Abo El Hawl is one of the newer residential areas of New Cairo. It mostly consists of three-story buildings, while units usually range between average and economic. The average price of one square meter in Abo El Hawl is about EGP5,000. If an apartment isn’t what you’re looking for, lands in Abo El Hawl start from 250 square meters. 

2- Third Neighborhood

Located next to El Kattameya and Arabella, the Third Neighborhood is one of New Cairo’s most ancient districts. Most of its housing units are average, with several Youth Housing options. The average price of one square meter in the Third Neighborhood is about EGP6,000. 

3- Takseam El Andlos 

This area lies close to the Southern Investors area. It mostly includes 3-story buildings. A great thing about Takseam El Andlos is that it also includes Dar Misr Project’s land, with other average and economic units available. The average price of one square meter in Takseam El Andlos is about EGP6,950 for apartments and EGP5,550 for villas. 

Above-Average Areas and Districts in New Cairo

1- El Kornfol

Located close to El Lotus and the Northern Investors areas. El Kornfol mostly includes ground floor villas or 2-story villas. Services within this area are mediocre, where the average price of one square meter is about EGP6,050 for apartments and EGP11,700 for villas. 

2- El Kattameya

This district is located in Southern-Western New Cairo. Even though El Kattameya includes several famous compounds such as Kattameya Heights. Most of its other residential units are average to economic, such as those in Masaken El Zelzal. The average price of one square meter in El Kattameya is about EGP6,550 for apartments and EGP20,950 for villas. 

3- Lotus

A modern district in New Cairo located in front of the American University, Lotus is also divided into two areas: Northern Lotus and Southern Lotus. Northern Lotus consists of 5 areas, while Southern Lotus consists of 6 areas. Evidently, Southern Lotus is considered a better choice because it’s closer to the AUC, and is surrounded by more services. It also includes several sporting clubs, such as Tayaran Club, Royal, Platinum, and New Cairo. Units in Lotus are usually above-average, where the average price of one square meter is about EGP7,950 for apartments and EGP10,150 for villas. 

Your Guide To Get The Best Villas In New Cairo

Luxurious Areas and Districts in New Cairo

1- Al Narges 

It lies close to the Fifth Settlement, beside Fatma Al-Sharbatly Mosque; giving it quite the good reputation between the different districts of New Cairo. Al Narges provides excellent services. It is divided into 8 areas that include luxurious and above-average units. The average price of one square meter in Al Narges is about EGP8,850 for apartments and EGP15,150 for villas. 

2- South the Academy

You’ll find more villas than apartments inside this luxurious district. It generally consists of 7 areas, namely being «A – B – C – D – E – F – G ». Due to it directly overlooking Cairo Festival City,  «A» is the most expensive area out of all the others. You’ll find many luxurious and above-average units in South the Academy, where the average price of one square meter is about EGP9,600 for apartments and EGP15,250 for villas. 

3- 90th Street

It’s separated into two streets: 90th North and 90th South. 90th South is far more famous; that’s because it includes most of the district’s vital services like the hospitals, restaurants and cafes. Other than that, it’s home to many companies, banks, and elegant villas. The only downside to it is probably traffic jams. 

Some of the most important places in 90th Street include the Air Force Hospital, Cairo Festival Mall, and Dusit Hotel. The average price of one square meter in 90th street is about EGP9,950 for apartments and EGP17,550 for villas. 

4- El Choueifat

This district lies between the Fifth Settlement and the Ring Road. It’s considerably smaller than other districts. El Choueifat is divided into 2 Southern and Northern areas, where all excellently planned and designed. The average price of one square meter in El Choueifat is about EGP10,800 for apartments and EGP19,300 for villas. 

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