El Waha Neighborhood enjoy distinctive residence in the eastern gate of Cairo

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About El Waha Neighborhood

El Waha Neighborhood, a new neighborhood in Greater Cairo, contains wonderful elements and distinctive features that made it a new residential neighborhood that attract residents from everywhere. It is located in Nasr City, one of the most famous neighborhoods in Greater Cairo, next to Military Court in the Tenth District, Al Wafaa w Al Amal city, and a number of famous mosques, such as: the mosque of El Salam, Masaken Al Dobbat in Zahraa Nasr City, and the Courts Complex. El Waha Neighborhood is considered to be one of the gates of Greater Cairo; it represents the eastern gate of the capital.

It is located in the eastern side of Nasr City, and contains 10 areas, such as: ​​Rabaa El Adawiya, Golf Area, International Garden, 7th district, and Mostafa El Nahhas, making it a pure and dynamic neighborhood that attracts individuals looking for apartments for sale in Nasr City. The neighborhood is also characterized by its huge space which extends to ​​more than 100,000 square meters, with an estimated housing units of more than 1700 units designed to the highest level. This wonderful neighborhood is very close to a number of Nasr City famous streets, such as: El Warsha Street, a number of schools. Such as: Saqr Quraish School, and a number of restaurants, shops, cafes and shopping centers.

El Waha Location

El Waha Neighborhood is strategically located 10 minutes away from New Cairo, and close to most important streets of Nasr City, such as: Mostafa El Nahhas Street, the axis of Field Marshal Tantawi and the 10th district. It is also close to main roads, such as: the axis of Field Marshal Ali Fahmy, Ahmed Al-Zomor Street and the extension of Hassan Al-Maamoun Street.

Services and Features of the Neighborhood

El Waha Neighborhood is characterized by its public services, as well as it is location within Nasr City. The neighborhood is relatively modern and well-planned, and containing a very diverse social, economic and luxurious living standards, as well as a number of important landmarks, such as: City Stars, Al-Azhar University, International Garden, El Waha Park, Cairo Stadium, Exhibition Land, shopping malls, schools, universities, and institutes, making El Waha Neighborhood  one of the most popular neighborhoods in Nasr City, which attracts individuals looking for apartments for sale in Nasr City and apartments for rent in El Waha Neighborhood.

Residential Units in the Neighborhood

El Waha Neighborhood contains a number of residential units belonging to Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development, about 1700 apartments of spaces starting from 105 square meters to 285 square meters, most of which consists of 2 bedrooms, kitchen, reception, and 2 bathrooms. These units are characterized by good urban planning and organization. The majority of roads are paved and wide. Most of the Neighborhood’s buildings consist of 10 floors, while the majority of units are located next to services, such as an international school, a medical complex, and shopping centers. There are also a number of residential neighborhoods. Compounds in El Waha Neighborhood, which contains a number of villas for sale and others for rent, of spaces up to ​​700 square meters.

El Waha Neighborhood Compounds

El Waha Neighborhood contains a number of compounds and wonderful residential projects, which serve a large number of individuals. It also has a huge number of services rarely found in other Nasr City compounds, such as: the Rabwa El Waha neighborhood, which is featured with its quiet lifestyle and sophistication. In addition to, Capital East Compound, which offers residential units of spaces ranging from 88 square meters to 150 square meters. It also contains Duplexes of spaces up to 300 m2. Duplex apartments contain some features similar to villas, such as: wide terrace, garden and private covered car parking. Al Mostakbal Compound is also a luxury compound in the neighborhood. It offers a number of wonderful services, such as: educational centers, international and government schools, and a large Chinese university, as well as its residential units. Adding to that, the Neighborhood also contains other compounds, such as: Safwa Compound, Primera and City Towers.

Prices of Units in the Neighborhood

The prices of units in El Waha neighborhood are somewhat low compared to other neighborhoods in the region. They are also characterized by their large spaces and good partitioning, unlike units in other areas. The average price of apartments in El Waha neighborhood starts from EGP 500,000, and the price per meter square starts from EGP 7000, according to latest prices of the first quarter of this year.

* It is worth mentioning that real estate prices are always changing, and we are keen to update the price list of neighborhoods to keep the consumer informed about the changes in the real estate market. We also measure the demand indicators through Aqarmap index.

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