Most Important Areas in Nasr City and Their Features

Discover the most important areas and districts of Nasr City, and their advantages of living and working.

Nasr City Background

Nasr City is located in the east of Cairo between  Heliopolis, Al-Mokattam, and New Cairo. It is also considered an extension to  Heliopolis district; which is comparatively one of the affluent and modern areas; as it’s characterized by:

  • Being near to central Cairo
  • The strong lively trade because of the exuberance of shops and markets
  •  Availability of health services and different kinds of schools
  • Over crowdedness is its only defect

Life in Nasr City varies according to social levels; between poor, middle, and high classes. The city is reachable through many ways like: Ring road, Nasr road, Al Shaheed axis, or by Metro at Stadium and fairground stations.

The most famous landmarks of the district:

  • Important installations: Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics- Central Agency for Organization and Administration- Accountability State Authority
  • Ministerial  headquarters: Ministry of Planning- Ministry of Finance- Ministry of Higher Education
  • A number of sports clubs: Egyptian Railways- The Arab Contractors- Al Zhour- Al Ahly
  • Sports arenas: Cairo Stadium- Olympic committee- Indoor Halls Complex- Swimming Pools Complex- Athletics Complex
  • Famous Malls: Genena Mall- City Stars- City Center

Nasr City is characterized by the diversity of living standards including middle, upper-middle, and high standards. The city is divided into east side and west side. Each of them includes many areas, Here are the most important of all:-

  • Abbas Al Akkad

It’s one of busiest shopping streets and intersects with Mustafa AL Nahas St., and Zaker Hussein St.,. Abbas Al Akkad links between Embassies Neighborhood and Al Nasr road. The area is distinguished by the existence of a plenty of stores- restaurants- cafes,  and Wonderland  Mall.  Moreover, it has the international park that is considered one of its most famous landmarks.


  • Makram Ebeid

It’s one of Nasr City’s main well-known streets. It has “a plenty of furniture stores-  most famous  Ceramic supplies- Sanitary ware stores”.  City Stars Mall and Kids Park are its most famous landmarks.

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  • The First Area   

It’s the most famous and affluent area in Nasr City that it’s called “The Golden Square”. It’s the first destination of tourists and companies as it’s characterized by the existence of imposing and upper-middle buildings.  Heavy traffic is its only defect.

  • Zahraa Madinet Nasr

This is the latest constructed area, on a land for the armed forces,  in Nasr City. it’s located near to New Cairo and has a diversity of social standards from low to middle and upper-middles classes, along with being one of most economic areas in Nasr City.

  • Mustafa  Al-Nahas 

Mustafa AL-Nahas is one of Nasr City’s most famous streets that links between its most well-known main streets which are: Abbas  AL Akkad- Makram Ebeid- Hassan Al-Mamoun. It further links between extension of Ramses St., and Zahraa Madinet Nasr. This area is known for its wide roads and the existence of numerous of services like: stores, and cafes. Awalad Ragab supermarkets and Al Manhal Language School are its most famous landmarks.

  • The Tenth District 

This area is located between Ahmed Al Zomor St., and the extension of Hassan Al Mamoun St.,. It’s considered one of the most inhabited areas and has diverse levels of residential standards between economic and middles classes. It’s characterized by: ” the existence of a plenty of car markets- vehicle workshops- new buildings”. Heavy traffic in some places is its only defect.

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  • The Seventh District

It’s located between the Sixth District and Mustafa AL Nahas St.,. it’s figured to be one of Nasr City’s oldest areas. It includes many landmarks; among them:  Wonder Land Amusement Park, Nasr City Court, and  Police Hospital. It’s most well-known streets are: The Extension of Abbas Al Akkad St., Zaker Hussein, and  Al Tayaran St.,. Moreover, its nearness of Nasr City Center adds to it another privilege.

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