Discover Hadayek El Fedaa Complex, Sheikh Zayed

The Exceptional Hadayek El Fedaa Compound in Sheikh Zayed by El Fedaa Association


Hadayek El Fedaa Complex, Sheikh Zayed is one of the projects that greatly proves the commitment and seriousness of its owner and developer; El Fedaa Company. 

The Company actually belongs to El Fedaa Association, which is owned by retired shock officers. 

Hadayek El Fedaa compound In Sheikh Zayed is an exceptional project in a very elegant and vibrant area and is divided into different housing units to suit your needs.

Types and areas of units in the compound vary to suit the different needs and tastes of customers, as there are apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas. Designs of buildings and units enjoy a simple yet attractive modern look, and green spaces and water bodies add more charm and beauty to them.

El Fedaa company in Hadayek El Fedaa took into account the needs of customers and citizens, so it provided units with private gardens and different areas, ranging from 135 to 500 square meters.


Background on the Real Estate Developer 

The developer of the project is El Fedaa Company, which is one of the affiliated companies to the Egyptian Armed Forces. This gives more credibility to and confidence in the projects entrusted to it. 

The company has previous series of successes with a number of already established projects, including:

– 3 compounds inside the Fifth Settlement, which are Hadayek El Fedaa 1, Hadayek El Fedaa 2, Hadayek El Fedaa 3

– Hadayek El Fedaa Compound, the 6th of October City

– White Bay Village, Ras Sidr

The company has achieved many successes in a variety of Egyptian new cities to prove its excellence in the field of real estate and constructions.


Luxuries and Services in Hadayek El Fedaa Complex

El Feda Association in Hadayek El Fedaa compound provided all services that make life more comfortable, luxurious, enjoyable and safe for customers. 

The compound includes:

  • A number of sports and social clubs
  • 24-hour security service and extensive deployment of security personnel
  • A 5-star hotel that offers the highest level of service for guests
  • A shopping mall that contains a large number of stores with the most famous and international brands, restaurants, cafes and a cinema

Hadayek El Fedaa Complex is also characterized by other services including : 

  • Swimming pools of different sizes and depths
  • Areas for kids to develop their mental and physical skills
  • Allocated areas for sitting and enjoying calmness, smelling fresh air, reading, etc.
  • Parking garages under each residential building
  • Designated vehicles for movement within the compound
  • A large gym equipped with the latest sports equipment
  • Master Antenna Television System (MATV)
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Electric elevators
  • Alarms in the event of a fire 
  • Landscape throughout the compound
  • An integrated team for the maintenance of facilities and units in case of any malfunctions
  • A large medical center and a number of pharmacies


Advantages of Residing in Hadayek El Fedaa Project

El Fedaa Company has chosen a very suitable location to establish its residential project on it, which is in Sheikh Zayed City. 

So, Hadayek El Fedaa Compound has a very privileged location in the center of Cairo and close to the 26th of July Corridor, the Ring Road and Wahat Road. 

Also, it is close to the Financial and Business District, the Diplomatic District, and only a few minutes away from the Bin Zayed South Axis and the important Regional Ring Road.

As for the housing units, their entire area does not exceed 22% of the project’s total area. The owner has focused on privacy and avoiding crowdedness, so the remaining percentage of the area has been used in making vast landscapes.


Types of Units 

units vary between apartments, twin houses, villas, and duplexes. 

The apartments in Hadayek El Fedaa: 

  • The apartments with an area ranging from 200 to 381 square meters. 

The twin house and villas in Hadayek El Fedaa:

  • Area starts from 268 square meters for twin house,
  • There are villas in a very privileged location ,designed according to your needs


Payment Systems for Units in Hadayek El Fedaa

you can get a housing unit as you wish and pay 10% of the total unit price and the rest would be paid in installments over 7 years. In addition, the project offers a competitive meter price with the unit price in Sheikh Zayed


Location of Hadayek El Fedaa Project in Sheikh Zayed

Hadayek El Fedaa Complex is located in Sheikh Zayed City, one of the most prestigious residential cities in the Giza region and a great destination for all lovers of tranquility and relaxation away from crowdedness. 

In Sheikh Zayed, you will find all services and facilities meeting all your needs.

You will also find a healthy life, security, safety and green spaces between units, so you will live in a European atmosphere in the heart of an Egyptian city.

 Besides, you will find the most wonderful housing units with great and attracting views over the 26th of July Corridor, the Ring Road and Wahat Road. 

Moreover, there are many means of transportation to any destination you need and to Cairo and its surrounding cities.


Why Should You Reside in Hadayek El Fedaa Compound in Sheikh Zayed?

Sheikh Zayed City is distinguished by privileged, lively and upscale location, as it is very near to many important places.

It is about 20 km away from Lebanon Square in the Mohandessin district, and 28 km away from Tahrir Square in central Cairo. 

The City is bordered by the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road, the extension of the 26th of July Corridor and the 6th of October City.

The city is about 220 meters raised from the sea level and its area is ​​about 9,500 acres.

The number of populations of Sheikh Zayed City is now about 150 thousand people. From Sheikh Zayed, you can easily go to Mohandessin, Zamalek, Al-Haram, and any other place in Cairo or Giza through the 26th of July Corridor and the Ring Road. 

There is also a great deal of services in the city, such as schools, educational institutions, and big malls. The City is also near Carrefour, Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia which are located in the heart of October City.

Sheikh Zayed City is carefully designed and planned; it is completely far from randomness, as the heights of buildings do not exceed 6 floors. The city also has entry and exit gates with security personnel and surveillance cameras, which ensures the safety and security of inhabitants.


Compounds and the Overall Planning of Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed is divided into 20 districts, each of which is divided into 4 neighborhoods; each neighborhood has its own services such as a mosque, a market, and a service center. 

There are average-level neighborhoods such as the first, third, eleventh and thirteenth neighborhoods. However, there are above-average neighborhoods such as the fourth neighborhood and a part of the second neighborhood. 

Also, there are upscale neighborhoods such as the seventh and eighth neighborhoods, and parts of the ninth, which are high-economic neighborhoods.

So, you will find many compounds and residential projects that provide various housing units such as apartments, duplexes, townhouses and villas by various prices in Sheikh Zayed. As a matter of fact, compounds guarantee you privacy, upscale housing, green spaces and gardens. 

Moreover, compounds include great services and luxuries in addition to its proximity to the most important private and international schools, private universities and prestigious hospitals in New Cairo and its neighborhoods. Therefore, you or your family will not need to leave the city.

Start searching for apartments, duplexes, townhouses and villas by various prices in Sheikh Zayed.

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