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Life in Greater Cairo leaves us longing for peace everyday, and it’s only natural. Even though it’s filled with far more opportunities and privileges than other governorates, it’s still almost nerve-wrecking sometimes. If you’ve ever wished to live in a peaceful, quiet environment while also getting the chance to enjoy all the opportunities in Greater Cairo, then Sheikh Zayed is definitely the place you’ve been searching for! This fairly modern city of Giza is guaranteed to give you the life you’ve dreamed of. 

Things you need to know about Sheikh Zayed

It’s one of the cities of Giza established back in 1995 and stretching over about 10,000 feddans. A great thing about this city is that you’ll find it completely utilized and facilitated; which is why more and more people are choosing to live there. Nowadays, almost 300,000 residents live in the city. 

El-Sheikh Zayed’s Location

The city lies close to 6th of October city and the Pyramids Plateau, an evidently strategic location. By its borders you’ll find the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. Sheikh Zayed is only 28 kilometers away from the heart of Cairo. It can be easily reached through the 26th of July Axis? Living in this magnificent city means you’ll stay connected to every part of Greater Cairo.

Everything You Need To Know About The Compounds In El Sheikh Zayed

The Inner Areas in Sheikh Zayed

Once you’ve decided to live in Sheikh Zayed, you’ll need to start learning more about its 20 different districts. They’re all designed to provide varying units for different people of different social levels; from average and above average to privileged. Each district is guaranteed to provide its residents with complete services and unique facilities. 

Most important districts of Sheikh Zayed and their prices

The city includes many different units of apartments and villas, along with several very unique residential compounds. Upon searching for a place in Sheikh Zayed, you’ll be met with many options. For example:

  • If you’re looking for a fairly average unit: we suggest you look for apartments in District 11, District 13, District 16, and District 3. Within these areas, prices usually range between EGP4,500 and EGP5,500 per meter.  
  • If you’re looking for an above-average unit: you’ll surely find what you’re looking for among District 5, District 10, District 9. District 1, District 8, District 7, and District 12. Prices in Sheikh Zayed within these areas usually range between EGP6,500 and EGP7,900 per meter. 
  • If you’re looking for a luxurious unit: you’ll find plenty of luxurious apartments in El Thawra El Khadra, and District 4. Within these two districts unit prices range between EGP11,300 and EGP13,250 per meter. 
  • And if you’re looking for villas: you can easily find many of them in District 10, El Thawra El Khadra, District 8 and many other places in El-Sheikh Zayed. One square meter in a villa usually starts from EGP6,000 and may reach EGP17,000. 

 Unique Services and Privileges

For many reasons, we promise you you’ll find life Sheikh Zayed much more convenient compared to other cities. Some of the services and facilities within the city include:

  • Commercial services: residents enjoy many shops and several malls like Mini Carrefour, Americana Plaza, and Arabia Mall. Other than that, there are numerous famous cafes and cinemas inside the city. 
  • Entertainment services: nothing’s more fun than a day at Africa Park, Egypt’s very first open zoo present right in Sheikh Zayed. As a resident of this beautiful city, you’ll also get to enjoy several famous cafes and cinema theaters. 
  • Educational services: you’ll find many different schools like the Canadian International College, the British International School, the Azhari Institute, and many others. 
  • Sports services: sports clubs such as Sheikh Zayed Sporting Club and Al Ahly Sporting Club really add value to this outstanding city. 
  • Health services: the city includes numerous hospitals both public and private, such as Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, El Zohour Hospital, Rofayda Hospital, Global Care Hospital and many others. 

Exclusive Features Only In Jeera Sheikh Zayed

Important Sights

Upon setting foot in this magnificent city you’ll find numerous amazing sights, some of them include:

  • Overall: there are many important buildings such as the Ministry of Tourism, the Environmental Culture Center, along with many urban communities and private companies such as Juhayna and Edita. 
  • Places of worship: Sheikh Zayed is home to many famous mosques and churches, such as the Islamic Complex Mosque and the Christian Orthodox Church. 


*Please keep in mind that all the prices in this article are subject to change, and we at Aqarmap are constantly updating our Prices Guide to keep our customers and readers informed about the latest updates in the real estate market.


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