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Some pieces of information about Selena Bay Hurghada

Selena Bay Resort is a tourist residential project in Hurghada, executed by Palma Group Company for construction and tourism development. Selena Bay is regarded as one of the most luxurious affluent chalet complexes overlooking the Res Sea. The resort has been designed in a way that makes you feel as if you are in a sea picnic in the countries of the Greek or Romans; as the chalets in Selena Bay have been modeled on the ancient Greek pattern. It means that you have the chance to have an unforgettable summer vacation, as well as enjoying a sea picnic with your family and friends.


Selena Bay is located in Red Sea governorate, in Hurghada. It’s only 5 minutes away from Al Gouna Village, in addition to being in the middle of a group of numerous tourist and commercial projects like Nubian Resort, Three Corners Sunny Beach, The Queen, Caves Beach, and Nevert Bay.

Another privilege in the resort’s location is that the distance between Selena Bay and Cairo is taken in about 4 hours and a half.

Some facts about its real estate developer 

Selena Bay Hurghada has been executed by Palma Group Company for construction and tourism development, a Danish company established since 2003. The company has gained a number of rewards as the best real estate developer in 2008, in addition to constructing residential and commercial facilities, among them are:

  • 5-star tourist hotel
  • Elegant restaurants and cafes
  • Palma Resort Hotel in Hurghada

Services available 

The resort affords manifold means of entertainment and services for visitors and residents, some of them are:

  • A closed residential compound secured by a 24-hour monitoring system
  • Deluxe swimming pools
  • Commercial centers and water-based entertaining activities
  • Private beach
  • Beachside cafes
  • A gym and fitness center
  • Restaurants
  • Aqua park for kids
  • Car park
  • Selena Bay Club
  • Central internet

Units prices and sizes in the resort

Selena Bay Hurghada contains residential units including (apartments, villas, and chalets), all of which are available in different sizes and designs. Here are some of the available sizes of Selena Bay Hurghada units: (52 M2, 46 M2, 90 M2, 93 M2, 125 M2, 155 M2, 290 M2, 400 M2, 450 M2, till 1500 M2).

For prices offered by Selena Bay Hurghada, square meter price for the residential unit in the resort starts from EGP 10,500. Now have a look at some prices offered for units in Selena Bay Hurghada:

(EGP 672,000, EGP 1,116,000, EGP 1,500,000, EGP 1,764,000, EGP 5,800,000,…)

Methods of payment

Selena Bay offers exclusive methods of payment, as contracting is made by paying 5% of unit price, and the rest is made by installments up to 10 years. 

Discover the privileges

  • The first privilege of Selena Bay Hurghada is being an affluent residential and touristic resort. As you can choose between using it as a summer destination, or for housing; as It’s provided with all services necessary for living
  • Selena Bay is near to Al Gouna Village, Hurghada’s most famous  tourist village
  • It’s also surrounded by other deluxe resorts, clubs, and famous cafes
  • All entertainment and technological services are available
  • Uncompetable prices and easy methods of payment are offered by Selena Bay Hurghada, in addition to affording privacy and security that help you have a perfect vacation
  • Selena Bay gives you the opportunity to have a different life among its buildings that have been designed on the model of the magic Greek heritage

*It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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