Find out why Alexandria is best place for commercial investment

Alexandria is considered the best place for commercial investment because of its commercial factors of success. Another reason is its widely famous commercial streets whether inside and outside Egypt.

In this article, we will provide you with the keys that will help you determine your appropriate destination for finding shops for sale in Alexandria.

Elements of Alexandria commercial success

Alexandria is the best place for commercial investment and the ideal city if you are thinking of a successful business. Most importantly, It has all factors for commercial success, including:

A summer resort for Egyptians

Alexandria is an attractive city for domestic tourism, as it is the first resort for Egyptians from all governorates. This will provide you with free advertisement through the word of mouth from all visitors whether Egyptians or foreigners.

A summer resorts for foreigners

If you aspire for a global commercial project, Alexandria is the appropriate starting point.

It is the preferred city for foreign communities in Egypt, especially those from the Mediterranean region, who have that historical ties with Alexandria since the Greeks and Italians settled and lived in Alexandria.

So these foreigners will hear about your business while they are in their own countries without paying a pence for this publicity.

Touristic destination

Alexandria is a touristic city all over the four seasons of the year. It is fantastic in winter more than in summer.

It also has many museums, monuments and cultural places, which makes it a destination of all times. This will be reflected on your project and increase its clients.

A large residential city

Population density is one of the most important characteristics of Alexandria, as it is a crowded city.

Even in times when tourism is limited, Alexandria is sufficient for you with its people and its foreign communities living in.

A society with multiple tastes and types

if you already have a commercial activity outside Alexandria and you want to spread and expand it into other governorates or outside Egypt, Alexandria is the perfect place to do that.

You can learn more about the reaction of people from different governorates and even foreign nationalities that already there or are visiting the governorate during that month of the year.

Hence, Alexandria will be your starting point to evaluate and review the service or the activity that you undertake before opening other branches.

Alexandria’s most famous and important commercial streets

Here are the most important commercial streets of Alexandria:

Khaled Bin Al-Waleed street

Khaled Ibn Al-Walid Street is located in Miami, east of Alexandria. It starts from the Corniche road to the end of the street in Sidi Bishr, one of the most prestigious places in Alexandria.

One of its most important features is that it overlooks the Corniche, it is a sleepless street all over the year. It is considered one of the most important commercial destinations that vacationers, visitors and sons of Alexandria go shopping and buy their supplies.

Gamal Abdel Nasser Street

Another street in that magical and attractive area, Miami. It is the second largest street in the governorate, with a width of 70 meters. It has many popular commercial activities such as: the largest mall in the city «City Mall»Fathallah markets and Technology Mall.

Rental rates in this area are considered the highest in the city, yet Gamal Abdel Nasser street and Khaled Ibn Al Walid street are among the most important commercial streets in Alexandria.

If you are considering a business that depends on shopping and meeting the needs of the residents, then both are the most suitable places for that activities.

There are available shops for rent in Alexandria, especially in the streets of Gamal Abdel Nasser and Khaled Ibn El Walid, so you have to reserve your shop in these streets.

Suez Canal Street in Muharram Bek

The Suez Canal Street extends from the Al-Qabbani Highway to the Nile Corniche.

The street passes through a number of Alexandria landmarks such as:

  • Alexandria Stadium.
  • Alexandria University.
  • Fever Hospital.
  • Clock Square.
  •  It has the tram station.

The street is very suitable for commercial and industrial activity. Muharram Bek is considered as an industrial city as there are a number of industries in it such as spinning and weaving (which produces 40% of Egypt’s production of weaving), chemical products, metal and leather industries.

The street has a high commercial traffic, as it is more than a wonderful location if you want a project with a permanent and stable client in Alexandria.

Low rental prices are one of the most important features of the street.

Downtown/ City center

We cannot speak about Alexandria’s famous commercial streets without mentioning the city center, as it is the most diverse area in Alexandria.

It is so convenient to open projects such as tourist restaurants, cafes, accessory stores and other projects that require high population density.

There are many tourist places in the city center such as:

  • Roman Theater.
  • The statue of Muhammad Ali.
  • Prophet Daniel Street.
  • Cavafy Museum and others.

This will guarantee that you will get a lot of visitors throughout the year, especially since these areas are archaeological and their visits are not related to summer unlike the Corniche.

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