How to have small but beautiful bedroom?

Small space can become a hindrance to achieving your dreams, especially if it is the small space of your private bedroom. But the decoration solved the crisis of spaces, and offered a lot of various solutions. Now, in Aqarmap, we offer you an adequate answer to an important question, which is: How do you make your small bedroom beautiful?

Take care of the walls

Walls are one of the most important decor elements in any space, especially in small spaces. In a small bedroom, you can make use of the walls through fixed cupboards or shelves. Also, you can add a special wallpaper that decorates the room and makes it more beautiful. Most of the colors of the room should be light, with choosing a different color for a wall or two in order to maintain harmony.


The role of mirrors is not only limited to seeing ourselves and taking care of our appearance. They also have a great role in overcoming the crisis of small space; they play an effective and distinctive role by creating visual illusion that makes us feel that the space is larger, and increases the sense of comfort within the small space. In the bedroom, we can use a larger dressing mirror, or use a separate mirror unit, as today appeared in the world of decoration as the latest trend of 2020, which is the binding of cupboards with mirrors, which increases the effect of the role you play.

Bedroom lighting

Lighting has a very important role in the bedroom, by creating a balanced and comfortable space in terms of clear vision, or creating a romantic atmosphere that adds a distinctive beauty to your bedroom. The lighting varies between direct and indirect, natural and industrial, functional and decorative. This diversity achieves an important goal that we need from lighting: changing the shape of the design more than once to make the room more beautiful.


Everything from the heart of nature is beautiful; plants, rose, wood and other elements that we might call natural materials. Plants are one of the most important decorative elements that can completely transform the design 180 degrees. You may be surprised by its positive, beautiful and completely inexpensive effect, but some overlook it, because it is difficult to take care of it. There is also the difficulty of owning it inside the house, with our needs for a balcony or a window. However, there are plants that suit shade and indoors. There are also artificial plants that decorate the house and make it beautiful in a way that simulates nature, and makes it distinct without a big budget.

Smart Furniture

Choosing to add smart furniture that has a direct impact on the small bedroom in terms of functionality and beauty; it in turn helps you store all your things, protects your room from chaos, and adds new features to you for accessories and women’s bags for example. In addition to that, those elements are mostly distinguished by their beautiful and modern shape that decorates your little bedroom and makes it beautiful.

Finally, Eliminate

The principle of dispensing may make your small bedroom beautiful without effort. The accumulation of carpets creates a chaotic scene that annoys the eye, and is uncomfortable to humans; it makes us alienate from the room and feel its more annoying, but with the weekly or monthly periodic inventory and gradually dispensing of what we do not use or need. The bedroom is a safe and comfortable space that helps you relax.

Sort your clothes and books, separate what you use on a daily basis, then the least, and so on, and adopt the principle: If more than two months have passed without the use of the object, it is in excess of your need and you can go without it.

We hope you have benefited from this article, and have found what you are looking for; the small bedroom may be more beautiful with simple touches, but it needs intelligence and a desire for change.

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