What decorating style is appropriate for your personality? 

Choosing a style that is appropriate for your house and fits your own taste, is a difficult step. It is almost the most important step because of its direct impact on your daily life and psychological state. The effect may be positive or negative. However, with research and scrutiny we can choose what helps us live a better life. Now, in Aqarmap, we will provide you with an answer to an important question: What decorating style is appropriate for your personality?

Traditional or conservative character

If you are one of those who maintain customs and traditions, and do not like renewing and breaking stereotypes, you are definitely a traditional or conservative person. The appropriate style for you is classic; besides preserving the classic style in all what is traditional and stereotypical. This style can satisfy most Arab tastes. It also maintains details and make people feel luxurious and elegant.

Quiet or dreamy character

If you are a calm person who does not like crowding details and looking for a dreamy atmosphere that helps you to relax. Modern Style suits you very much, because of its flexibility that suits all tastes and makes your home look like you. The lack of details and the preservation of free or open spaces in modern design is the most important thing that helps to enhance calmness and a sense of comfort.

Optimistic character

If you love what makes you feel optimistic and looking for joy and dream of living a life full of movement and active; the retro style is your right choice, because it uses colors and works of art as an essential element in the design. The retro has no restrictions in terms of design unlike modern and classic styles. There is a free space for designers to use the various details and elements they like, as well as different times and ages as well.

Organized character

If you are looking for a style that helps you in organizing your stuff, the Scandinavian style gives you the opportunity to design your home with fewer, but smarter pieces of furniture, and help you store and organize while maintaining vitality and movement.

Environment friendly character

If you are environmentally friendly and looking to minimize wasted resources and use healthy materials that are not harmful to the environment, here’s Green Minimal or Simplified Green Style. It is a style that combines simplicity and preserving the environment together. This style depends on reducing decorations, using fewer pieces of furniture, light colors, and the use of light wood. But when you choose an environmentally friendly feature for it, you can choose materials that are not harmful to the environment and recyclable.

Practical character

If you love recycling and using things cleverly, and you love everything that is old, the industrial model respects your desires and re-employs any item in your home with smart and beautiful decoration. The industrial style respects the nature of every material, such as concrete, wood, or brick. So, practical people, who are not interested in decorative results with high expectations, will like it.

Simple character

Who does not like simplicity and everything related to the family ?! Country style is characterized by simplicity and calmness and its linkage to the memories of the warm family. With this style, you will find  what brings inside you old memories of your childhood and your family. It has a large share of warmth and a beautiful feeling that is associated with the family atmosphere; therefore, we advise you to choose it if you like this atmosphere. It allows you to choose your home furniture very freely, and add what associates you with beautiful memories.

Hesitant character

You may be hesitant and with a changing mood, and tend to make different choices. Also, if you do not belong to a specific style. The selective style is best suited for you, as it opens the door for you to choose what is preferred and appropriate to your taste without being bound by specific criteria or features that restrict your freedom. The eclectic style combines modern or contemporary, Scandinavian and retro styles as well. Moreover, there is no objection to a classic touch, which makes it very suitable if you are a reluctant figure.

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