Hurghada Resorts .. Your choice for a warm winter holiday

Hurghada Resorts .. A warm holiday

In this article, you will learn how to spend a distinctive half-year holiday in Hurghada resorts as Hurghada is considered as one of the best tourist places for spending the holidays of both winter and summer due to its normal climate, the sunrise, the quality of the hotel and entertaining services, its great view to the beaches of the Red Sea of the clean blue water, the amazing coral reefs, coloured finishes and distinctive resorts which give you the best tourist services to spend a quick winter holiday, but a great and distinctive one.

Hurghada best resorts

Desert Rose Resort

Desert Rose Resort is considered as one of the best tourist villages of Hurghada as it offers a direct view to the Red Sea coast, in addition to a beach special to the resort at the middle of which there are café and entertaining activities for enjoying your time.

The resort is only 15 minutes away from the airport and only 25 minutes away from the city centre.

Services of the resort 

Olympic swimming pool, swimming pools for children, Aquapark, gyms, international restaurants, Safari, medical services and rooms equipped with hotel services of high quality.

Marriott Hurghada Resort

Marriott Hurghada Resort is located 10 minutes away from the airport and 8 kilometres away from the city centre. And it is near Marina Hurghada tourist walkway.

Marriott Hurghada Resort is considered as the best choice for spending a winter holiday as it provides services suitable for winter such as the hot swimming pool and barbeques at night.

Resort Services

The resort is characterized by providing a health club offering services of massage, sauna and gym for practising different sports like Tennis and Squash.

The resort also provides a spacious courtyard for relaxation under the sunlight and an island special for the resort to which the rooms are overlooking.

Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort

Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort is located about 25 kilometres near the city centre. It is also a few minutes away from the famous Senzo Mall Hurghada and 15 minutes away from the airport.

Resort services and features  

Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort is characterized by having a private beach, swimming pools; some of which are hot, and some of its suites have private swimming pools.

The resort provides gym, sauna, Turkish steam room, sportive rooms for tennis, ping-pong and other sports.

The resort offers also choices of food for those who are vegetarians, in addition to offering Indian foods.

The resort provides services for the disabled people, shuttle services and vehicles and transportation services to the airport.

Cleopatra Makadi Hurghada Resort

Cleopatra Makadi Hurghada Resort is located 30 kilometres away from Hurghada Airport and it is characterized by having a direct view of the beach.

It also has 8 private swimming pools containing gardens, great palm trees, modern and trendy designs for the resort which make it a great chance for relaxing and enjoying a distinctive winter holiday.

Resort services

Cleopatra Makadi Hurghada Resort provides distinctive hotel services; such as spa, entertaining shows, tennis and golf courts, beauty centre, aqua sports, services for disabled people and babysitting.

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