Investment Opportunities in Business District in New Capital

Business District in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital offers various investment opportunities especially through its Business District. These opportunities are obvious in the “Grand Square Mall and Financial Hub Mall”.

If you are of businessman and looking for new investment opportunities to expand your business. Then, the Business District is one of the best places that any investor should seize.

Moreover, the New Administrative Capital contains many enormous national projects, including the Business District.

Also, the strategy for developing the financial and business district in the new administrative capital is shared with the state’s strategy to increase the flow of investments within the country.

Therefore, the state will do its utmost to enhance the Business District financially to boost investment; which will be unprecedented investment opportunity.

Grand Square Mall

One of the real estate companies hat started constructing in Business District is Pyramids Real Estate Development by building Grand Square Mall. The mall is one of the largest commercial malls, and the most important opportunities to invest in the district.

Most importantly, The company chose the french style to design the Grand Square with, according to the most architectural standards in the world.

It aims to serve all the commercial, medical and administrative purposes that a vital neighborhood like the City of Finance and Business would need.

Grand Square Mall consists of 7 floors:

  • Commercial stores and projects allocate the first three floors
  • The third floor is for clinics
  • The fourth and fifth floors are for administrative offices
  • The sixth and seventh floors are to build a resort hotel with the latest high-end designs and the highest luxurious level.

The mall provides all the necessary services for a successful business, for example:

  • 4 main entrances
  • Elevators
  • Reception places
  • The latest sophisticated for surveillance, fire detection and extinguishing, etc.

Financial Hub Mall

Meanwhile, Financial Hub Mall is one of five giant real estate projects launched by Alsafwa Real Estate Development Company in the New Capital.

The Mall lies in the New Capital, to be one of the strongest commercial real estate. Overall, it provides all services that guarantee the success of your investment project.

The hub overlooks the governmental district, which includes most of government authorities. Certainly, that’s why the mall has a vital location in Business district.

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