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If you intend to work in Cairo and need to rent an apartment near your work place, it would be better for you to consider a district close to your work place and is provided with good transportation means.

In order to choose the best area in Cairo and its suburbs, you need to strictly study and search for all what you need in the area where you are going to stay and live. In addition, define your budget and whether you are going to purchase, possess, or rent the unit. Here are the best five districts that apply the needs of those who are looking for a residence to “rent in Cairo”…

Down Town 

Down Town consists of a number of small districts in the center of old Cairo and its outskirts.

It’s located in the center of Cairo and surrounded by a numerous ancient and famous districts like El Ataba, Abdein, Qasr Al Ainy, and Bab AL-Louq.

Down Town’s urban planning has adopted the European style, and their inhabitants are characterized by cultural and social sophistication. Moreover; it’s known with its streets’ good planning and trade activity. Talaat Harb street is considered one of most famous trade streets in Down Town, while Tahrir Square is one of Egypt’s main landmarks and it’s a center for tourism companies.

A huge number of public transportation means, like metro and others, are available in the city; which is the factor that facilitates accessibility to city’s all outskirts. In addition, it includes numerous hotels and restaurants of different standards.

Down Town is one of Cairo’s high-end cities. It has many landmarks like The Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square, Talaat Harb Square, and The American University. The city is accessible through sixth October bridge, Ramses St., and many other roads.

The city includes many condominiums and small hotels. It also has different standards of living; starting from middle, upper-middle, to high classes.

Renting rates vary depending on unit’s location, floor, number of rooms, and level of finishing.

El-Giza district 

El-Giza district, located near Al Manial, is one of the prestigious districts of Giza Governorate, which overlooks Nile Corniche.

The district is privileged by its quietness, elegance, and fine weather because of its location on the Nile. It also includes Cairo University, the oldest university in Cairo, and the grand zoo.

The high-end district of El-Giza includes many hotels and night clubs. It also has many landmarks, including: The Zoo, Orman Garden, El Nahda Square, Four Seasons Hotel Cairo, and Om El Masryeen Hospital.

El-Giza district is located between Cairo governorate and Giza governorate and near Down Town, Dokki, Giza Square, and AL-Haram St.,. the district is easily accessible through Abbas Bridge, Cairo University Bridge, and alBaḥr alAazam St.,. By metro, you can reach El- Giza district at Cairo University station.

Living standards vary in El-Giza district between middle and upper-middle classes; the factor that causes a variation in renting rates.

Zamalek district  

It’s one of high-rank neighborhoods in west Cairo, located on an island in the middle of Nile river called Gazira. Zamalek is a Turkish word means log cabins or shacks, as it was just a muddy island in Nile river representing a point of departure for fishermen.

Zamalek district is known ,since the early 1900s, as one of Cairo’s most high-rank and quietest districts, and it’s the residence for wealthy people. Moreover; it’s famous for its real estate’s high rates and high living standards. The district is well secured because it contains a number of international embassies.

As any other district, Zamalek witnesses traffic crowding in peak times, and car parks become hardly accessible. Zamalek’s landmarks are Cairo Tower, Gazira Sporting club, Al Ahly Sporting Club, Opera House, and El Sawy Cultural Wheel.

The district lies in an strategic location between two governorates; Cairo and Giza. Thus, it’s easily accessible through a number of bridges; the most famous of them are The Sixth of October, 15th of May, and Zamalek.

Living standards in Zamalek district is somehow high; thus, renting rates are also high.

Al Maadi

Al Maadi, one of most important and oldest Cairo governorate’s districts. It is located in south Cairo and divided in to three main areas: Old Maadi, Zahraa Al Maadi, and New Maadi. Each area differs from the other in terms of living standards, while “Old Maadi” is the most high-rank and expensive residential area in Cairo governorate.

Al Maadi is characterized by the variation of social standards, quietness, its nearness from Cairo center, high-rankness, accessibility easiness by public transportation, and availability of a number of universities and schools.

However; there are some low-income areas in Al Maadi, and it’s not easy to find car parks there because of trade activity wideness in its main streets.

AL Maadi has various living standards; as it includes low-income, middle, upper-middles, and very high-rank areas. Its high-rank areas attract so many foreigners as it also has foreign embassies.

Wadi Degla Protectorate, Petrified Forest Protectorate, and Wadi Degla Sporting Club are Al Maadi’s most famous landmarks. It’s easily accessible through Al Nasr Road, Nile Corniche, and The Ring Road. It includes more than 1 metro stations ( Thakanat Al Maadi- Al Maadi- and Hadayeq Al Maadi).

In Al Maadi, living standards vary starting from low-income, middle, upper-middle, to high-rank classes, making rental rates different and suitable for all categories..

Nasr City

It’s relatively one of Cairo’s new districts that has been founded as an expansion to Masr Al Jadidah district. Nasr City is considered one of Cairo’s biggest districts in terms of area. It’s located in east Cairo in the middle of Masr Al Jadidah, Mokkatam, and New Cairo districts.

Nasr City district is known to be recent, well-planned, owns a trade activity, and near to Cairo and the new cities.

Nevertheless, this trade activity leads to crowding in some places. In addition, it’s not easy to find car parks.

Living standards vary in Nasr City; starting from low-income, middle, upper-middle, to high-rank classes.

The district is privileged by the availability of a number of trade areas and famous landmarks like: City Stars Mall, Abbas Al Akkad St., Al Azhar University, child park, and The International Park. Nasr City is easily accessible through more than one way via public transportation means.

Nasr City’s  most important entrances are AL Nasr Road, Al Shaheed axis, and The Ring Road. It’s also reachable by metro at (Stadium station and Land of Exhibitions station).

Nasr City is divided into several areas and small neighborhoods where renting rates vary depending on services availability and nearness to down town.

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