Know about Loft New Capital

Detailed description for residence advantages at The Loft compound

Project Identification

The Loft Compound is a new residential complex at The New Administrative Capital implemented by The Living Yards company. The compound is far from the 5th Settlement 25KMs away and 10 minutes from the Green River. It also characterized by its distinguishing location that located between Expo City and the Diplomatic district, and far from the Administrative Capital and the Presidential Palace 15 minutes away.

The total space which The Loft Compound covers is 23 acres, and the architecture designs style or pattern of Compound buildings is characterized by swanky. It reflects its luxury. The residential units are designed according to the modern British architecture engineering.

Units division

Units divide into residences with solo room up to 5 rooms, for apartments, all of them look out on the parks and the open green spaces The Loft New Capital contains many prepared facilities to enjoy living within the Compound, like Trade Zone, BBQ party places, picnics, special area for kids, bicycle path, running path, swimming pools, lagoons, and sports club.

Pattern of division for the residential units within the Compound 

  • Studio
  • Apartments
  • Penthouse
  • Duplex apartments

Residential units spaces start from 78m2 up to 379m2,  meter price starts from 9200 EGP, with different divisions on demand.  Price average  varies within The New Administrative Capital according to supply and demand.


with balcony + 1 room + 1 bathroom

Space from 78 to 92 m2

Price: 861,000 EGP


with balcony + 2 rooms +2 bathroom

Space from 123 to 140 m2

Price: 1,130,000 EGP


with balcony + 3 rooms + 2 bathrooms

+ 1 additional room + roof

Space starts from 265 m2

Price: 2,698,000 EGP


with 2 floors 3 rooms + 3 bathrooms + 1 additional room

+ roof + balcony + 1 husbandry room + garden

Space from 338 to 379 m2

Price: 3,341,000 EGP


  • Green spaces
  • Swimming pools
  • Artificial lakes
  • Social club
  • Gym & Spa
  • Security and guard
  • Walking and bicycle paths
  • Restaurants & Cafes area
  • Sports Playgrounds area
  • Spaces for grill and parties
  • Parking
  • Trade services area
  • Special area for kids

 Facilities and payment systems

0 % advance, payment for 6 years

10 % advance, payment for 7 years
25%, advance, payment for 10 years

About The Living Yards company which implemented the project

It is a real estate developer with new engineering vision, planning to present unique definition to real estate market under addressed as “the practical welfare”. It is a mixt of practical designing which keeps luxury.

The Living Yards cooperated with Dar Al Mimar in designing The Loft Compound, that have been working since 25 years, and participated with its wide experience in presenting the architecture and engineering services for the project starting from landscapes, the architecture design, the internal body, works of the electricity mechanical engineering, works of infrastructure and roads, finishing by supervising on building works. Dar Al Mimar achieved the award of adherence to quality standards at Quality Assurance Conference of London in 2015.


The new shape in presenting the traditional services for residential units became presented by different definition through “The Loft Compound”. The prices are good and the location is unique and distinguished either within the New Administrative Capital or through its nearly from the main roads with distance from traditional life crowding and  visual pollution and noise.

The project is a good and suitable choice for a better new start specially that the surrounding area to the Compound has a very good future. It also considered a medium term investment and befits all different social groups with what it presents from different residential units. The appropriate advantage is the privacy that every unit provides and likewise closes from the public services at the same time.

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