Tiffany Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Tiffany Mall, the New Administrative Capital, is a huge investment project that includes a group of commercial, administrative, and medical units, executed by Pillars Construction for Real Estate Development and Investment, and is characterized by its strategic location overlooking the Sports City, with an area of ​​5426.12 square meters.


Tiffany Mall was designed according to the latest standards of engineering and construction, in a modern style, with a luxurious and distinctive facade.


The mall also provides periodic maintenance work, all services, and means of comfort and luxury for customers and visitors, to attract the largest number of visitors and consumers, which increases the chances of success of various investment projects inside the mall, and the company executing the project was keen to provide convenient and different payment methods for customers.


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Location for Tiffany Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Tiffany Mall is strategically located within the New Administrative Capital, as it is located in plot B2 specifically between the properties of the R2 and R3 areas, with a direct view of the Sports City in MU 23 near the Axis of Hope in the New Administrative Capital.


It is located near the residential project Al Maqsad, which is located in the R3 area and is easily accessible from the Suez and New Cairo Roads, and it is about 20 minutes away from the city of Ain Sokhna.


Why Is It Important to Have Your Project in the New Administrative Capital?


The New Administrative Capital is located 45 kilometers from east Cairo, and it is 15 minutes from Ain Sokhna real estate, and 10 minutes from Al-Rehab, Madinaty, Cairo Airport, New Cairo, and El Shorouk City. With its surrounding new cities and all administrative units in New Cairo, El Shorouk, and Badr.


It forms a wonderful urban bridge that creates an integrated political, economic, cultural, and residential area, opens a new horizon in the field of construction and real estate development, and provides new job opportunities for young people, as it will include 50,000 employees within it. It is also close to all means of transportation and provides all the social, medical services in Tiffany Mall and recreational services that the residents need.


It contains huge residential neighborhoods and high-end government neighborhoods such as the Ministries Neighborhood and the Embassies Neighborhood. 


The New Capital will also include the new Egyptian Parliament, in addition to the establishment of a huge international airport, in addition to providing security and safety through surveillance cameras and permanent 24-hour guarding, making it an integrated city that provides all Comfortable ways of life.

The Developer of the Tiffany Project in New Capital 


Pillarz Developments is the executing company of the Tiffany Mall project within the New Administrative Capital, as it is its first step towards investing in the New Administrative Capital.


It was established in 2016 by a group of senior contractors and engineers, and is working on creating distinct projects, and is unique from other companies by researching the needs of its clients before any launch.


One of the most prominent projects of Pillars Real Estate Company is the Bali project in El Gouna, which was designed to look like an integrated luxury tourist resort that satisfies the desires of every client.


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Reasons To Choose To Invest in Tiffany Mall in the New  Administrative Capital?


  • Wide green areas surrounding the mall
  •  All units in Tiffany Mall have a distinctive view of vast green areas and water bodies
  • The roof is equipped with a sky-lounge area for mall workers to rest and relax
  •  Central kitchen serving all units
  • Business presentation and discussion centers equipped with the latest audio and video display technologies
  • All units run on solar energy to keep the environment clean
  • Engineering designs according to the latest construction and quality standards
  • Services that facilitate your work in Tiffany Mall, the New Administrative Capital
  • There are 4 dedicated and well-equipped meeting rooms
  • Shops in Tiffany Mall that include all the goods and products that the customer needs
  • 24-hour pharmacies
  • There are a number of different bank branches inside the mall and automatic teller machines
  • An integrated gym equipped with the latest equipment
  • 24-hour security and guarding, fire alarms, and surveillance cameras
  • Widescreen showing detailed maps of the site
  • Maintenance and housekeeping services working around the clock
  • Specialized medical laundry
  • Regular garbage collection system to keep the mall clean


Available Types of Units in Tiffany Mall Building


The company executing the project was keen to provide many different units, which creates great opportunities for diversification and investment inside the mall, as it includes shops, administrative offices in Tiffany Mall, and medical clinics, allowing the customer to choose the appropriate unit.


Areas and Designs of Units in Tiffany Mall in the New Capital


The area of ​​Tiffany Mall is 5426.12 square meters, and 70% of this space was allocated for green spaces, while the rest of the space was allocated for construction.


Tiffany Mall has been designed in the New Administrative Capital so that the entrance separates the administrative and commercial units in Tiffany Mall to provide the necessary environment and tranquility. It also includes 8 floors divided as follows:


  • The ground, first and second floors have been allocated to shops in the new capital, restaurants, and cafes, with areas ranging from 120 square meters up to 360 square meters
  • Floors from the third to the seventh are allocated to administrative units, offices, meeting rooms, and clinics, with areas ranging from 95 square meters up to 275 meters square.


Payment Systems in the Tiffany Project


The company that developed the project was keen to provide long-term payment methods to facilitate the customers, where the customer pays 10% of the price in the New Capital and pays the rest of the price over 7 years.


Advantages of Investing in the New Administrative Capital 


The New Administrative Capital provides huge investment opportunities for clients, as it is one of the best places to invest at present, where individuals can own a commercial or administrative unit in the New Administrative Capital and easily set up the project.


The New Capital has been able to attract millions of investors in recent times, to achieve profitable opportunities. Wonderful, due to the increase in the price per square meter in the future, in addition to the fact that the projects in this area are directed to the upper floors, which increases the chances of success of the project.


The capital is also scheduled to include about 40 million people, which increases investment opportunities in all fields easily, as each company offers many different payment methods that allow customers to purchase the unit in the way that suits them.


The distinguished geographical location of the Administrative Capital increases the chances of successful investments in it, as it is located on the borders of Badr City between Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ain Sokhna. 


It is about 10 minutes after New Cairo and the best compounds in Mostakbal City, and it is about 60 kilometers away from Ain Sokhna. This is why its location is known for being easily accessible and vital.


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