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The New Administrative Capital, which is scheduled to be completed in mid-2020, is located east of Cairo. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced the establishment of the project at the conference “Supporting and Developing the Egyptian Economy” in 2015.

The New Capital is set to be the new administrative and economic capital of Egypt, and will be also a smart city that uses all means of modern technology.

The city covers an area of ​​490 square kilometers. The first phase of construction covers 168 square kilometers and will take at least 5 years.

Location of the New Administrative Capital

The New Capital is located 45 kilometers east of Cairo in the area between the Greater Cairo and the Suez Canal region, near the regional road and Cairo-Suez road. It is planned to be the headquarters for the parliament, the presidency and key ministries, in addition to foreign embassies.

Area of the New Capital

New Capital is about the same size of Singapore, and it nearly four times the area of Washington D.C.

Residential neighborhoods

The new capital includes 25 residential neighborhoods, 1.1 million units, 40,000 hotel rooms and more than 10,000 kilometers of roads. The Ministry of Housing aims to build 25,000 housing units in each residential district. The unit areas range from 100 square meters to 180 square meters or more for villas and others.

Number of companies working in building the New Capital are 4 major companies, namely: Arab Contractors, Talaat Moustafa, Orascom Construction-Hassan Allam consortium, and Concord, in addition to other companies that contribute to the implementation of the rest of the work. The project seeks to attract 7 million people in the first phase alone.

Real-estate prices in the New Capital

Average price* per meter:

  • About EGP 9,400 for apartments.
  • About EGP 16,800 pounds for villas.

The New Capital has many excellent compounds to suit all needs and capabilities.

Most important services being delivered in the New Capital

Public transportation:

A train will be constructed to travel between new cities. It will run from the 10th of Ramadan City to Suez Road next to the Regional Ring Road and then to the New Capital.

The monorail, which is considered the latest modern type of trains running on a single rail or a beam. Its route will start from Nasr City – the stadium metro station, while the regular train will run from Adly Mansour metro station in Salam city, along the Ismailia desert road to the regional ring road through Suez, then to the New Capital.

Top governmental and residential institutions in the New Capital:

The new capital will be the headquarters for Presidency, Parliament, Cabinet, ministries, Cultural Center, and Opera, as well as the smart village and the banking district. Moreover, it will contain approximately 50,000 housing units, 2,000 high-end villas, 60 schools and 8 universities to attract more than 7 million people.

Residential investment:

More than 20 feddans have been allocated for residential investment. A number of Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners have invested in lands, and about 20% of the price was paid as deposit, while 20% will be paid in installments up to 4 years.

New Capital Airport:

The main building is built on an area of ​​5,000 square meters, with a capacity of 300 passengers per hour. It has 45 buildings and a 50-meter air control tower. The airport has a 3,650 meter long corridor with a width of 60 meters. The airport is designed to endure large E4 aircraft, and it also has 8 parking lots, in addition to a parking area for 500 cars and 20 buses. The airport is equipped with the latest systems of security, management, international thermal control and X-rays. It is also designed to receive charter flights.

These features make the New Capital an attractive city for housing and trade.

Additional services of the New Capital

  • The city will have its own financial district, where the Central Bank and the Stock Exchange will be based. The government also has requested from commercial and investment banks to relocate their headquarters to the New Capital.
  • The Minister of Higher Education said that the New Capital would host at least six international universities from the United States, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Bulgaria and France, as well as the International Capital University, which is a public university.
  • A 35 kilometer green belt will be planted around the city center.
  • The city will have fitness paths, a major park, a recreational park for mountaineering enthusiasts, pedestrian and bike trails, horse-riding arena, a water park for sailing and kayaking, a floating forest and an artificial river.
  • A new zoo with aquariums, theaters for dolphin shows, botanical gardens and a woodland will be created.
  • The city will also host a theme park with a 250 meter long roller Ferris wheel, surpassing the world’s tallest one in Las Vegas, which is168 meters long.
  • Moreover, the city will have a sports stadium, sports fields, a Roman amphitheater, an astronomical observatory, a science and technology museum and an art museum.

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