Know more about The Tenth District in Nasr City

Expats and newlyweds prefer to live in The Tenth District because its rental prices are reasonable. 

The Tenth District in Nasr City is one of the east districts of Nasr City. It is famous for its high population density, heavy traffic, and the spread of the commercial activities. 

Hay Shark “East District” is generally considered the eastern gate of Cairo governorate, and it’s known for its high population density that has reached almost 800,000 people. 

Nasr City, on the whole, is privileged by elegance and delicateness, the abundance of commercial, entertaining, and sporting landmarks, and its wide and paved streets.

However, it has the disadvantage of congestion, due to its activeness caused by the spread of many residential, administrative, and commercial units.

Thus, many people look for apartments for sale in Nasr City. In addition, The Tenth District is one of Nasr City’s most demanded districts by many people; as it includes residential units that suit middle and upper-middle classes. Moreover, it’s characterized by the availability of various services, in terms of commercial, service, and entertainment centers, as well as its nearness to Nasr City’s most important landmarks.

The Tenth District Location

The Tenth District is located between Hassan Maamoun extension and Ahmed Al Zomor Street, in the east district of Nasr City. 

The district is adjacent to a number of famous areas, as: The Seventh District, The Eighth District, Rabaa Al Adawiyah, and Zahraa Madinat Nasr.

The Tenth District is near to a number of important axises, like: Al-Mosher Tantawy Axis and The Ring Road.

It’s also near Nasr City’s compounds, like: Asmarat Heights and Al Waha Nasr City.

The district is 10 minutes away from The Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, and 15 minutes away from Downtown.

It’s reachable through Mostafa Al Nahas, Al Nasr Road, The Ring Road, and Sixth of October Bridge. 

Units of The Tenth District in Nasr City

The Tenth District affords a number of various residential, commercial, and administrative units. 

Demand on these units by individuals increases due to the area’s activeness and the reasonability of units’ prices for all clients. 

Units areas start from 50 M2 to 250 M2; most of them consist of two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a reception.

In general, The Tenth District units’ prices are lower than Nasr City’s other districts’ prices.

The Tenth district is divided into a number of neighborhoods like: Al Waha Neighborhood, Sakr Koresh Neighborhood, Ahmed Al Zomor Street, Hassan Maamoun extension. 

Upper-middle classes prefer to live in apartments of Al Waha Neighborhood Nasr City; due to its elegance and nearness to New Cairo.

People who look for commercial units prefer to select from stores for sale in Sakr Koresh; as it’s near to service areas which have a number of shopping areas, car market, restaurants, stores, and automotive workshops.

Some people also prefer to live in Nasr city compounds near to The Tenth District, like: Asmarat Heights Compound.

Landmarks and services of The Tenth District

The Tenth District includes a number of services, and it’s only minutes away from significant landmarks located in and near to it like:

  • Nasr City’s most important streets, like: Hassan Maamoun ( which includes Al Ahly Club of Egypt, The Educational Authority, and a number of famous commercial markets), Makram Ebeid, Abbas AL Akkad (one of the most famous commercial streets in Nasr City), Mostafa Al Nahas, Youssef Abbas, and Al Nasr Road.
  • A number of famous malls, as: City Center, Serag City Mall, Sun City Mall, Genena Mall, and City starts.
  • A number of significant hospitals, like: Health Insurance Hospital and Dr. Gamal Mady Abu El Azayem Hospital.
  • Egyptian Petroleum Services Company.
  • It’s also adjacent to many entertaining places, such as: the international park.
  • Educational activities, like: Al Azhar University.
  • The Tenth District is also characterized by the spread of green areas and gardens throughout the district.

Units’ prices in The Tenth district

  • Residential units’ prices average in The Tenth District is almost EGP300,000
  • Square meter price for residential units, for the first quarter of this year, starts from almost EGP4,800
  • Commercial meter price starts from almost EGP11,000

It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

More about Nasr City

Nasr City is one of Greater Cairo’s most significant cities. It’s characterized by elegance and delicateness, and it’s suitability for high classes in society. 

It has been established to be an extension to Masr El-Gedida district.

Population density of the district reaches about 1,000,000 populations; distributed on two areas ” Hay Gharb”West”- Hay Shark “East “”.

Thus, high housing rate lies in Hay Shark (East District ) Nasr City which consists of:

  • The Tenth District
  • Rabaa Al Adawiyah
  • The Sixth Area
  • The Ninth Area
  • The Tenth Area
  • The Eleventh Area
  • The First Area
  • The Fifth Area
  • The Sixth Area
  • The Seventh Area
  • The Eighth Area

These districts include various residential units, entertaining places, commercial activities, and different authorities and companies.

Nasr City is also famous for its numerous main streets visited  by many individuals from different areas like: Abbas AL Akkad, Makram Ebeid, Mostafa Al Nahas, Al Tayaran Street, and Al Nasr Road.

It also includes a number of famous malls like: City Center, City Stars, and Serag City Mall, in addition to a number of famous commercial stores, restaurants, cafes, and various educational, health, and sporting activities.

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