Your guide to Nasr City Districts’ prices

In this article, Aqarmap addresses the most important districts in Nasr City along with its top distinguished features. Nasr City is an active commercial area that contains several important companies and streets, and it is a perfect choice for setting up an administrative headquarters for your company.

A summary about Nasr City

Nasr City is one of the largest neighborhoods of Greater Cairo in terms of area. It is located east of Cairo, and it is relatively modern, as it was originally established as an extension of the Heliopolis district. It is divided into two districts: “Sharq District – Gharb District”

Most important features of the district

Nasr City is characterized by good division and commercial activity. It includes different commercial centers and vital streets, such as City Stars mall, Abbas Al-Akkad street, Al-Azhar University, Child Garden, and International Park. However, there are disadvantages to this area as it is overcrowded most of the time and in most of its districts due to having important vital bodies and institutions, as well as there is an expansion of the commercial activity, and most of the time, you will fail to park cars due to congestion. Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development have implemented several distinctive residential projects there.

The neighborhood can be also reached from more than one area via Al-Nasr Road, Al-Shahid Axis, or Ring Road. It can also be reached via the underground, as well as the diversity of means of transportation that take you to Nasr City from anywhere, or from Nasr City itself, where all types of transportation are varied. Moreover, the social level in Nasr City varies from a popular, middle class, upper-middle-class, to high-class categories based on their location. In this article, we will review together the prices of areas in Nasr City, to choose what is most appropriate for you.

Rabaa Al-Adawiya

  • It is one of the most famous and finest areas in Nasr City, which contains medium and upper-middle classes housing with an average price per square meter starting from EGP 8.450.
  • It is bordered to the north by Salah Salem Road, to the south by Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street, to the east by the very famous Abbas Al-Akkad Street, and to the west by Al-Tayaran Street, as well as containing a number of gardens and parks.
  • It contains various types of services, such as: Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque, Genena Mall, TIBA Outlet Mall, and various branches of banks, hotel services, and international companies.
  • One of its disadvantages is severe traffic congestion.

Al Tayaran Street

  • It is one of the main streets in Nasr City, which starts from the Autostrad Road to Free Zone in Nasr City, with an average price per square meter starting from EGP 8.050.
  • It contains famous landmarks, such as Sonesta Hotel, Egyptian Squash Federation, Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque, and Al-Burj Restaurant.
  • Real estate levels in the street vary from economic to upper-middle class.

Abbas Al Akkad Street

  • It is one of the most distinctive commercial streets in Greater Cairo, which links Al Nasr Road (Autostrad Road) to Embassies’ District, and it intersects with Mustafa Al-Nahhas and Zakir Hussain Streets.
  • The average price per square meter starts from EGP 7.450.
  • It includes services of various types, such as shops, restaurants, and commercial companies, as well as Wonderland Mall and International Park.
  • One of its disadvantages is severe traffic congestion.

Makram Ebeid

  • It is the second most famous and important streets of Nasr City after Abbas Al Akkad Street, and it is less crowded than Abbas Al Akkad Street.
  • The average price per square meter starts from EGP 6.900.
  • It contains services of various types, such as: Child Garden, which provide the street with a beautiful landscape. Makram Ebeid Street is known for including most famous ceramic and sanitary ware shops.

Embassies District

  • It is a residential neighborhood that contains upper-middle-class housing units, with an average price per square meter starting from EGP 6,750.
  • It is located east of Nasr City.
  • Most of the residential buildings in the district consist of 10 floors, each floor of which contains 4 apartments.
  • The district is distinguished by its proximity to Nasr City’s free zone, the Coca-Cola factories and Field Marshal Tantawi Axis, as well as the lack of congestion compared to the rest of Nasr City districts.

Al-Sarag Mall area

  • It is a high-end commercial area of high population density, which is located between Mostafa Al-Nahhas and Makram Ebeid Streets. It is famous for including Al-Sarrag Mall, Computer Market and Omar Effendi. 
  • The average square meter price starts from EGP 6,250.
  • Most of housing units in the area is for middle class category, and it also contains some economic and upper middle class housing units. 

Al-Ahly club area

  • It is the area surrounding Al Ahly Club, which contains various types of shops and restaurants, and the average price of a square meter in this area starts from EGP 4,950.
  • It contains medium and upper-middle-class housing units.
  • One of its disadvantages is traffic congestion.

The Tenth District

  • It is one of the highest population density districts in Nasr City. It is located between Ahmed Al-Zomor Street and the extension of Hassan Al-Mamoun Street.
  • The average price per square meter in this area starts from EGP 4,200.
  • It consists of a group of residential blocks that vary between medium and economic classes.
  • One of its disadvantages is severe traffic congestion, like most areas of Nasr City.
  • It is famous for containing the car market, many plumber workshops, and new buildings.

Zahraa Madinet Nasr

  • It is an integrated residential district, which was established on the lands of the armed force in the far east of Nasr City, close to the Ring Road.
  • The average price per square meter in this area starts from EGP 3,650.
  • It is located on both sides of Al-Mithaq Street, which is the main street that connects the district to the 7th District and Al-Tayaran Street.
  • It is the most recent district to be built in Nasr City, near New Cairo City.
  • The district consists of several areas which vary in terms of social level, as there are medium and upper middle class areas, such as the 4000 acres area belonging to ​​the armed Forces, as well as “Al Mukhalef” area, which is considered one of the slum areas.

Ezbet El-Haggana

  • It is a slum area in Nasr City, which was once owned by the armed forces, as it was used as barracks for the Camel Corps – i.e. camel riders – of the army (which is the secret behind the current designation).
  • The average price per square meter in this area starts from EGP 2.150.
  • Its location attracted construction workers, domestic workers, and other groups of the working class. Also, the low level of rents in El Haggana and is easily reached from the remaining areas of Greater Cairo resulted in attracting new residents, which led to the growing number of residents in the area.

* It is worth mentioning that real estate prices are always changing, and we are keen on Aqarmap to update the price list of neighborhoods to keep the consumer informed about the changes in the real estate market. We also measure the demand indicators through Aqarmap index.

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