Knowing a few tricks for solving the décor problem of the small kitchen

Due to the small area of real estates at the current time and the maldistribution of areas, you may find yourself have a very small kitchen and here is the problem of having the difficulty of arranging the electronic devices and cabinets inside the kitchen. However, all what you should do is to make simple changes on your taste to arrange your kitchen and to try to use some tricks which give your kitchen more space. Before starting in doing anything, you should imagine how the kitchen looks like after finishing. 

How to make your kitchen looks wider by using some simple easy tricks? 

Disposing of the unused tools   

If you have recently moved from one home to another, the most important thing that you should think of is to dispose of the useless things that you did not use within the last years and that occupy spaces with no use. 

Think of how to provide a space vertically      

Recently, it becomes very common to make many shelves on the wall as you can put a large amount of kitchen tools and arrange it above each other or your can hang some tools and make use of many of the unused spaces in your kitchen. 

Using neat cleaning up products 

There is no question that using plastic cleaning up products of several colours that are totally different from the internal colours of the kitchen and electronic devices gives an uncomfortable feeling for the eye. It is a very simple trick. However, it is very effective in the decoration of the kitchen as with small spaces, everything becomes more apparent and effective. 

Mixing between the kitchen, the dinning and the living room

Whatever the size of the kitchen is, you can always make the American kitchen which mixes between the kitchen and the living room. You can also make use of the kitchen bar for eating to be in no need of the dining room. Thanks to the modern ideas of décor, you can now make cabinets in this bar for storing the utensils. You can also make a shelf above this bar and hang the cups or make modern lighting system for increasing the light. 

Make your kitchen shiny 

One of the most important ways of organizing the small kitchen, showing the decoration, and giving the kitchen more space is to use strong lighting system; but not annoying, for giving the feeling of having a large space in your kitchen. The strong light in your kitchen shows also how your kitchen is incredible; particularly if you change your kitchen from closed to a modern American one.    

The way of showing the kitchen utensils           

One of the most important tricks of décor and of giving a beautiful look to your kitchen is to make some of the shelves at one of the corners and to use kitchen utensils of colours matching with the walls and lights. The colour of the shelf itself gives your kitchen an elegant and unique look. 

Make your kitchen alive!

You may be surprised by this phrase. However, you can make your kitchen alive easily and simply by having some plants in your kitchen which is occasionally appropriate to the warmth and humidity of your kitchen and as the kitchen in the shade. If you have now some difficulties in keeping the plants alive, you can easily have some artificial plants that no one can note that it is not natural. You can renew the look of your kitchen by putting these plants on the shelf or on the counter of the kitchen. 

All these ideas and tricks may help you make a very simple and inexpensive décor to your kitchen, in addition to providing more space for storing the kitchen utensils and glasses and the most important is to give your kitchen a modern, vital and suitable look; particularly if you make your kitchen your dinning room and a part of the living room decoration. 

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