10 simple and easy ideas to organize and arrange your kitchen

In this article, examine 10 simple and easy ideas that help you organize and arrange your kitchen in a way that makes you finish cooking in the shortest time.

 Whatever the size of the kitchen is, it should be kept organized and clean to help the lady of the house feel relief.

No doubt that your lady spends long hours in their kitchens every day.

So, you need new ideas and some decorating touches that help you keep your kitchen organized and also delightful, and consequently, you will be able to apply your ideas and prepare your delicious dishes.

If you want to add nice touches to your kitchen, here are some great ideas about organizing and arranging your kitchen:

Spices and dry food

  • Check the spices available in your kitchen, and get rid of those you have for a long time
  • Wash the jars before filling them with spices to maintain their good appearance
  • You can make use of empty glass bottles, after well washing, for preserving spices
  • Flour, pasta, all types of cereals, and dry beans can be preserved in vertical plastic food containers, and then you can put them in one place. This step helps you get rid of their plastic sacs and the mess they cause
  •  Make labels by yourself, or buy them from store, and put them on spices jars and bottles to be easily differentiated

Detergents, cleaning products, and west bins

  • Make use of the space under the dish washing basin by making storage shelves at the upper part of it.
  • Collect all bottles of kitchen cleaning products and soap bottles in one big basket, and then put this basket on the shelves under the basin to be easily reached when you are in front of it
  • Under the shelves, put a suitable and well closed waste bin, where you collect all waste at the end of the day

Cutlery, knifes, and kitchen utensils

  • Wipe and clean the drawers very well, and then put in them cutlery and kitchen utensils, and separate between them using drawer dividers

Cookware and dishes

  • Store frying pans and cookers near to the stove to be within easy reach, and put each set above each other in order to save more space
  • Add shelves in cookware cupboard to create a space where you can put some dishes vertically
  • You can put small stainless steel or plastic dish rack on the dish washing basin, where you can put extra dishes and glasses
  • To make it easier for you, put daily used utensils, like dishes and glasses, on the lower shelves to be within your reach

Plastic bowls and dishes

  • Collect plastic bowls and boxes and put them inside each other in its cupboard away from any source of heat
  • Use file folders, available in bookstores, for preserving plastic caps, for not to loose them and to avoid mess

Making use of spaces and walls

  • Make use of kitchen’s vertical space by installing shelves that help store items instead of kitchen cupboard marble
  • You can put small flower pots in the kitchen to give a lovely view 
  • Make use of the space above the stove, by installing one shelve or many shelves where you can put permanently used spices to be at your hand reach
  • For towels, gloves, and aprons, you can hang them on one of kitchen cupboard sides

Storage bins and organizers

  • Organizers have been widely used and now are available in reasonable prices. You can use these organizers and baskets for storing similar items together. You can also use them for storing vegetables like onion, garlic, and other food supplies
  • Organizers can be also used for arranging trays, pot caps, and plastic lids, for not to cause mess or loose them

Kitchen floor

  • Decrease the number of items touching the floor, in order to reduce things that hinder your movement 
  • Put a washable rug on the part on which you stand most of the time, like in front of the kitchen sink or the stove
  • You may also put a small retractable table, so you can do some cooking stuff, like cutting, while you are sitting down and achieving more comfort for yourself

 Kitchen decorations and lighting

  • Strong lighting should be well distributed in all kitchen parts, so you can clearly see all its details, especially while cooking
  • If you want to increase the level of lighting, you can use lighting tapes under kitchen cupboard and above the stove
  • Add more bright colors to enhance delight in your kitchen, as you can use towels and utensils in beaming colors, and you may put flower pots that add a spirit of joy and optimism, and gives your kitchen an attractive view

Old and unused objects

  • Get rid of unused, unimportant, and expired objects
  • Find ideas for about how to use recyclable items

Finally, simple and costless steps can make your kitchen arranged, organized, and clean.

Thus, as long as your kitchen is organized and arranged, by low costs and using some of the ideas mentioned above, cooking shall be more enjoyable and you will be more creative.

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