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Kitchen is considered to be the soul of our home, so it tops our priorities when designing. Therefore, decorators have given a lot of attention to design trends and latest styles of the kitchens to meet all the needs of customers. Today, Aqarmap will give us a quick glance over the latest kitchen décor in 2019-2020.

Open shelves and dispensing upper units

This is one of the most important tricks to solve the problem of the decor of your kitchenette, as well as getting rid of the structures and things that are not used in your kitchen. Moreover, open shelves add a touch of beauty to the kitchen, as you can add decorative pieces and flower vases to create a delightful design.

Different color for upper units

It is common for the whole kitchen to have one unified color, until recently a remarkable trend has been made: to change the color of the upper units other than the color of lower units, such as: Choosing the wooden design for the upper unit, and the gray color for the lower unit.

New and bold styles

Some of the oldest decorative styles have been recently repeated, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, such as industrial and rural style. One of the most important of these styles is the industrial style, which is characterized by its simplicity and employing most of the basic elements, such as decorative units within the design, like: water pipes, basins, marble, and lighting units.

New and innovative colors

New colors have emerged and topped the latest global trends in designing kitchens, such as navy blue, pale green, pastel colors, different grades of gray and coffee. Moreover, very simple country-style designs have emerged which attracts several customers.

Plaid ceramics

Several customers used to choose plaid and colored ceramics for kitchens, until recently new trends appeared, which are inspired by the Moroccan, Andalusian and retro style. Moreover, some resort today to cover the distance between the upper and lower units with ceramics, or to the ceiling when dispensing the upper units.

Paints are a wonderful alternative

We often think that ceramic is the only solution for kitchen walls, but the appearance of paint as an alternative solution today is the latest decoration for kitchens and bathrooms, as it can also be treated against heat and stains, so that it can be easily cleaned.

Modern and practical kitchen materials

Wooden kitchens have been known among customers for its beauty and practicality, but it have several drawbacks, such as insects and moisture. Such drawbacks prompt some of customers to resort to alumital kitchens, but it does not suit the taste of all customers. On the other hand, another raw materials manufactured and processed from synthetic wood have appeared, such as: HPL, acrylic, and others. These materials are easy to clean, have a long life span, have multiple colors, and have reasonable and varying prices until you find what suits you.

Kitchen countertops

Marble and granite are the most common materials among kitchen countertops, but today Korean artificial marble and others have appeared at a lower cost, while they have several disadvantages, such as the appearance of stains and being easily to break.

Moreover, wooden countertops are back on top again. They are made especially at high temperatures until they are properly treated to withstand high temperatures and to avoid the appearance of stains.

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