Live luxurious life at Azailya Sodic East in New Heliopolis 

In this article, Aqarmap offers you more information about Azailya Sodic East, including its developer, prices, features and services.

About the Real Estate Developer

SODIC is one of the leading real estate developers in the Egyptian market. In addition to its nearly 20-year experience and  its proud track record of accomplishments during this period,  its specializes in distinct urban communities on the outskirts of Cairo.

The company plans to become the first real estate developer in Egypt to gain the trust of customers and economic entities at the same time. It aims to accomplish this stage by introducing a new concept of real estate investment that uses the latest means of technology of urban communities.

SODIC’s most prominent projects

The company has a long history of achievements, whether residential or commercial complexes. It’s previous business in residential complexes includes:

while its commercial projects include:

  • SODIC portal in Sheikh Zayed

  • SODIC Westown Medical Centre in El Sheikh Zayed.

  • EDNC SODIC in New Cairo.

About SODIC East  

It is one of the most important projects set up in the new Heliopolis. Moreover,  it is one of the finest and most attractive compounds there.

SODIC East has 12 gates. Thus, if you’re looking for an apartment or penthouse, so SODIC East is your first choice.

SODIC East design

It is designed to cover 650 feddans. The company allocated 18 percent of the area for buildings and the rest goes for entertainment and services. The company assigned 42 feddans for establishing a sports club and 26 feddans for establishing wide park. All buildings of SODIC East overlook  green areas.

SODIC East location

The project located near El Shorouk City and has two main entrances, which allow you to move freely and move through the entrance at the Cairo-Suez road or the second entrance at Cairo-Ismailia road.

The unique location of the compound makes it easy to reach the centre of Cairo or to head to the new regional ring road. Moreover, SODIC East is close to El Shorouk City, The New Administrative Capital and Madinaty City.

SODIC East Services

The compound offers a modern society with all the comforts and requirements of modern life, through a group of recreational services. It has the latest Landscape areas.

In addition to the green areas and gardens, it encompasses sports club covering an area of 42 feddans, swimming pools, a social and cultural club, a gym and a spa.

SODIC East also allocated barbecue areas and party areas.

The designers of SODIC East did not forget the comfort and pleasure of the children, so they dedicate them a private garden. 

As for other services, the compound also has the latest electric elevators, power generators, private garage, security and guarding, Club House, medical and clinics centers. The compound encompasses a mosque, a gas station, and other services that make SODIC East an attractive city for a modern and integrated life you can live and enjoy.

SODIC East units

SODIC East was concerned with meeting the different needs of customers in terms of space and design. The areas ranged from 120 m2 to 245 m2, and their design ranged from 2 rooms to 5 rooms, and can be chosen from one of the following models:

  • 120 meter apartment which includes 2 rooms. The project offers 212 apartments of this type.

  • 140-meter apartment with 3 bedrooms. The compound includes 104 apartments of this type.

  • 3-room apartment with an area of 160 m2, and the compound has 231 apartments with the same specifications.

  • 3-room apartment and a room for the nanny with an area of 180 m2. The compound has 193 apartments with the same specifications.

  • There are 40 apartments with an area of 210 m2 consisting of three rooms, a living room and a room for a nanny.

Prices and payment systems

The most important characteristic of SODIC is that it determined the prices of all housing units accurately, so you can choose an  apartment for sale in Azailya SODIC East  from among the following multiple options:

Residential apartments

  • 122 m apartments (2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms), prices start from EGP 1,572,000 to 1,666,000.

  • Apartment with garden area of 119 m2 and up to 125 m2, and prices start from EGP 1,725,000 to 1,823,000.

  • Apartment with garden with areas starting from 149 m2 to 162 m2 (2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms), and prices start from EGP 2,071,000 to 2,414,000.

  • 140 m Apartment with garden, including: (two rooms + room for nanny + two bathrooms). Its price is at EGP 2,036,000.

  • Apartment with areas of 156 m2 and up to 163 m2 (3 rooms + 2 bathrooms), and prices start from EGP 2,100,000 and up to 2,163,000.

  • Garden apartments with areas of 179 m2 and even 181 m2 (3 rooms + 2 bathrooms + room for the nanny), and prices start from EGP 2,621,000 to EGP 2,644,000.

  • Apartment with garden of 213 m2 (3 rooms + living room + nanny room + 2 bathrooms), with prices start from EGP 2,840,000 to 2,846,000.


  • A model with an area of 158 m2 (two rooms + two bathrooms), and prices start from EGP 2,204,000 to 2,280,000.

  • Penthouse with areas ranging from 176 m2 to 178 m2 (two rooms + nanny room + two bathrooms), and prices start from EGP 2,534,000 to 2,598,000.

  • Another model with areas from 195 m2 to 200 m2 (3 rooms + 2 bathrooms), and prices start from EGP 3,132,000 to 3,283,000.

  • Penthouse with an area of 249 m2 (3 rooms + living room + 2 bathrooms), priced at EGP 3,718,000.

  • Model with areas of 139 m2 and up to 142 m2 (2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + room for the nanny). Prices start from EGP 1.,800,000 and up to 1,938,000.

Payment Systems

There are two systems:

  • Installment over 7 years, through paying a down payment of 10%, then paying 5% after three months.

  • If you want to install over 8 years, you will pay 5% as a down payment, and 10% after three months, with a monthly installment starting from EGP 9,000.

*Please note that the prices provided in the article are changeable. In Aqarmap, we are keen on updating the neighborhood price list  constantly to keep the consumer up to date in the Real Estate Market and measure demand indicators via Aqarmap Index.

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