Learn more about the features of residing in Cleo East Compound

What do you know about the developer of the project?

The Cleo East project is an integrated compound to be set up by Cleopatra Real Estate Development; a company that has a long history in manufacturing ceramics, building materials and decoration. The company successfully competes in the Egyptian market for several decades. Recently, the company decided to make use of its investment successes and work in the field of building housing projects.

An overview about New Cairo city where the project is

New Cairo is one of the modern and upscale cities in the Greater Cairo Governorate. It was established two decades ago to expand the urban space and accommodate the growing numbers of population overwhelming Greater Cairo. The city has prominent commercial activities, as it is home for many big companies and international banks. Also, it is a destination for shopping and entertainment, with its shopping centers, restaurants, and major stores. It is only an hour drive from the center of Cairo, and easily accessible from several roads; mostly the Ring Road.

Location of Cleo East Compound

Cleo East Compound is located in the heart of New Cairo, in the famous 5th Settlement, which makes it close to several important landmarks in New Cairo, such as: Cairo Festival Center, Business District, and the 90th Street.

The Project details

Cleo East Compound is an upscale, healthy and nature-friendly housing project. It has vast green spaces and gardens, in addition to artificial lakes. The compound features a good architectural design that makes use of spaces, and is close to the main roads and streets which connect to the New Cairo and the surrounding cities and regions. So, you will simply drive for minutes to reach any suburb or area in the ​​Greater Cairo. The project units vary between apartments, twin houses and classy villas.

The Compound services

  • Security and guarding service, and video surveillance system.
  • Clubs.
  • Hospitals.
  • Schools and nurseries.
  • Wide green spaces.
  • Parking.

Features of residing in Cleo East Compound

The Compound is located in the New Cairo city, which is characterized by wideness, calmness, and distance from crowdedness and traffic congestion. It also has all basic services. The inhabitant of New Cairo city guarantees a high level of living and close proximity of the elite. The Compound is located near many international schools with a high level of educational, as well as private universities. Besides, there are several hospitals with distinctive service.

* It is worth mentioning that the prices mentioned in this article are subject to change, and we, in Aqarmap, continuously keen on updating the neighborhood price list, so that the customer becomes aware of the changes taking place in the real estate market, as well as we measure the demand indexes via Aqarmap index.

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