Your guide to rent an apartment in the 5th Settlement

The 5th Settlement is a neighborhood in New Cairo city. It is, in fact, the most well-known one, the biggest in space and the most dynamic, that is why so many people believe that the 5th Settlement and New Cairo are the same things. A lot of people prefer living in the 5th Settlement, as it has a plenty of services, a luxurious style, and a calm atmosphere.

In this article, we will know more about this neighborhood and how to get the best apartment for renting in the 5th Settlement.

Services available in the 5th Settlement

The neighborhood contains different types of services, so that, its residents don’t need to go for shopping outside it. Also, it is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods, despite its low population, compared to other crowded places in Cairo.

As for educational services, there are a lot of public and international schools, most notably: the International School of Choueifat, American International School in Egypt, British International School and many others. There are a lot of universities as well, like the American University in Cairo (AUC) and Canadian International College (CIC).

There are many luxurious hospitals and clinics, aside from the 90th Street that has all the well-known companies, banks, and large stores. The neighborhood also contains a number of places of worshippers to meet the number of residents.

Services in the 5th Settlement are also available and accessible all the time for its residents.

Transportation means to the 5th Settlement

The 5th Settlement is located on the Ring Road, so it is linked to many places inside and outside Cairo governorate. There are public a number of means of transportation reaching the neighborhood (especially, El Katameya and Arabella).

There are also microbus lines that reach a lot of important places in Cairo, such as: Al Sayeda Aisha Square and Zahraa Masr El Kadima (the nearest metro station).

Main landmarks of the 5th Settlement

The modern neighborhood’s landmarks are represented in high and modern buildings, as well as various entertainment services it provides. 90th Street is a symbol for the newly developed modern life, due to the distinctive design of its buildings.

There are a lot of malls as well that make the 5th Settlement special, such as Cairo Festival City, Down Town Mall, Point 90 Mall, and other famous places.

Features of the 5th Settlement

The 5th Settlement has a lot of features; first, it has various services to meet all tastes of customers. Second, the well designing and organizing of its spaces and roads, and last but not least, there are different classes of units starting from Youth Housing projects to luxurious residential units.

It is also featured with green landscapes, which provide beauty and pure air to the whole neighborhood.

Best apartments to rent in 5th Settlement

The neighborhood contains a lot of distinctive regions and districts, in which you can get the best apartment to rent in the 5th Settlement. You can choose the right place for you, based on your budget and the space of the unit you will rent. 

The best districts which contain apartments for renting in the 5th Settlement are Al Narges neighborhood, El Banafseg neighborhood, Investors Area (The northern and the southern), Academy neighborhood and Beit El Watan.

Moreover, there are a lot of distinctive compounds in the 5th Settlement, like the Mivida compound, Mountain View, Hyde Park, El Patio, and many others.

Price of apartments for renting in 5th settlement

A residential unit’s prices vary in the 5th settlement according to its space and type. In average, the prices of rental apartment start from EGP 4,000 to EGP 10,000 in some areas, while villas are different according to the space and design.

* It is worth mentioning that real estate prices are always changing, and we are keen on Aqarmap to update the price list of neighborhoods to keep the consumer informed about the changes in the real estate market. We also measure the demand indicators through Aqarmap index.

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