Your guide to buy an apartment in the 5th Settlement

The 5th Settlement is always known for its luxurious and distinctive residential units, as it includes all services that people would ask for, and it has a modern design, which makes green areas and organized wide streets as main features in all of its districts.

In the 5th Settlement, you will find different districts and levels of residential units, starting from Youth Housing projects to luxurious compounds and villas.

So, let’s know more about the five most luxurious districts in the 5th Settlement. 

Al Andalus

It is a quiet and small district located on the east side of the 5th Settlement, near AUC (American University in Cairo). It is characterized by low heights of its buildings (Only three-floor buildings) and its low population. So, it’s a special place for those who like quietness and comfort.

It is also surrounded by many of the well-known compounds in the 5th Settlement and it was designed on a big area of green landscapes and public parks, which make the district beautiful and looking like a big garden surrounding the residential units inside it.


The district was designed to look like a lotus flower located between the northern and the southern 90th Street. What makes it distinctive the most is that it is located near almost everything; it is near all main roads in the 5th Settlement, such as AUC, Future University, sports clubs, and shopping malls.

Investors district (The northern and the southern)

This district spans over a large space that includes a lot of various neighborhoods and compounds, as well as malls, such as Point 90 Mall.

The prices of units in this district vary due to having different residential communities, which makes it a great opportunity to choose the suitable price for you, and of course, it is one of the distinctive districts that is located on both the northern and the southern sides of the 90th Street, which is considered as the center point of the 5th Settlement.

Al Choueifat

It is located near the International School of Choueifat, which is known by its luxurious style and elegance.  It is also a small and elegant district that is divided into the northern and the southern Choueifat, and it is situated near the Ring Road. Moreover, residential units in this district are either luxurious villas or apartments. 

El Banafseg 

It is one of the most luxurious districts in the 5th Settlement. It is located near the northern 90th Street, and it is distinguished by its well designing and luxurious housing, especially the area of distinctive villas.

It has also large green areas surrounding the residential units, and a lot of educational and entertainment services, most notably Cairo Higher Institute for Engineering, Computer Science and Management.

The 5th Settlement is renowned of having luxurious residential units, whether it is in the areas designed by the government or the compounds surrounding it, or located inside it. 

You can choose the most suitable unit for you in the 5th Settlement, and enjoy the quietness and elegance of the area. 

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